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Before and After Pictures from Clackamas County
Crawl Space Completion; Milwaukie, OR

Crawl Space Completion; Milwaukie, OR

Before After
Crawl Space Completion; Milwaukie, OR Crawl Space Completion; Milwaukie, OR

The customer is selling home and needs crawl space finished before sold

Waterproofing a Portland, Basement

Waterproofing a Portland, Basement

Before After
Waterproofing a Portland, Basement Waterproofing a Portland, Basement

a Unique trench was dug in this basement to direct the water to the pump. 

Brightwall and Waterproofing System in Portland, OR

Brightwall and Waterproofing System in Portland, OR

Before After
Brightwall and Waterproofing System in  Portland, OR Brightwall and Waterproofing System in  Portland, OR

When you pair brightwall without waterproofing system you get a dry nice looking basement!

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Innovation and Excellence Award
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2019 Build Awards- Outstanding Service in Waterproofing
We are delighted to announce that John's Waterproofing Company are recipients within the 2019 BUILD Awards! Build Magazine's first program... [Read more]
The 2017 Impact Award
We received the Impact award this year (2017) at the annual basement system dealer’s convention. This award means so much... [Read more]
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John's Waterproofing serving Clackamas County, OR

This dude is just ten kinds of awesome. Much like your entire company, he's simply great....
Happy Customers Surrounding Clackamas County, OR
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Reviews From Clackamas County
Testimonials From Clackamas County
I wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit my home in SE Portland recently to meet with the contractors working on my remodel.
Testimonial by Nick V. from Portland , OR
The crew did such a great job of protect my home
Testimonial by Jolin M. from Portland, OR
I cannot speak highly enough about Caleb and his people skills.
Testimonial by Marsha P. from Milwaukie, OR

Expert basement waterproofing, basement finishing, crawl space repair, & plumbing company in Clackamas County, OR

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, but we also strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Basement Systems dealer in Clackamas, OR.

Services we offer in Clackamas County:

  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing solutions.
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems.
  • Basement finishing and remodeling services.
  • Crawl space sealing with CleanSpace vapor barrier.
  • Quick & efficient plumbing services
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
Case Studies From Clackamas County
This homes foundation was too high for us to cut into without cmpromising the foundatin. Fortunately we have a solution for that.
This customer kept complaining of leaks in their basement despite the fact they have a french drain. A quick drain cut showed the problem. Sediment...
Our customer inherited this house but initially had no idea the problem he had inherited the house. This large home has a massive and very tight...
Job Stories From Clackamas County, OR
Proactive Service Makes the Difference
Our service department routinely completes Proactive services. Any good mechanic will tell you that regular maintenance will keep your vehicle healthy and in better shape for longer than if you wait until it breaks. This last week one of our guys was out in Happy Valley providing one such service. In this situation the pump was in great shape. We flushed the pump to the street and also discussed the advantages of having a battery back up.
Having a full service department is part of what makes us different
Keeping Cement Dry in Oregon City, OR

One of the constants in Oregon is rain. In order to work, our guys have to get creative on occasion. Yesterday our service technician Harry sent me their solution to working outside! The guys used our plastic sheeting (which we normally use for covering floors to not get muddy) and some plywood to create a dry cover for them to install a trench drain system. 


Keeping Cement Dry in Oregon City, OR - Photo 1Keeping Cement Dry in Oregon City, OR - Photo 2Keeping Cement Dry in Oregon City, OR - Photo 3Keeping Cement Dry in Oregon City, OR - Photo 4
Snow can mean trouble!

Government camp home got a nasty winter, once the winter started to melt off the homeowner noticed water intrusion coming into the basement and garage that’s where we came in and helped the basement and garage drainage tie together to make this homeowners problem disappear, many people may not connect the dots on snow melt potentially becoming a water issue in their homes. That’s why during the winter it’s important to winterize your home an always be prepared for any ice or snow to become water and to know what that may end up affecting. This homeowner learned his lesson the hard way. It is always good to be proactive when it comes to protecting your home and family.

Snow can mean trouble! - Photo 1
Leaky Basement Walls in Estacada, OR

This homeowner was interested in selling his home and wanted to ensure that his basement would no longer have water intrusion. Water was entering through pores within the concrete walls, creating an unhealthy, damp, and unusable space. After inspection, our inspector, Larry suggested installing our patented WaterGuard System, a new vapor barrier, and a Super Sump pump.

Manuel and his team quickly set out to waterproof Scott's basement and make it dry for the new homeowners. They installed WaterGuard, our patented drain system which collects water from basement walls and drains it to the Super Sump pump that was also installed. The Super Sump was connected with an Ultra Sump back up battery which ensures that should the power go out, the Sump pump will continue to work. 

Once our systems were in place, Scott no longer had to worry about water entering his basement. And he could enter the sale of his home confident that his basement will be dry and healthy for many years to come!

Waterguard System in Rhododendron, OR Basement

Our crews recently went on a job in Rhododendron for a customer who was complaining of water entering into his basement through the walls and cracks in the floor. Our inspector, Marcus suggested installing our patented WaterGuard drainage system and Bright Wall paneling.

Brad and his team quickly went to work to waterproof David's basement and make the space usable again. The team installed our Bright Wall paneling, a semi-rigid, white plastic panels that attach to foundation walls. Bright Wall is designed to work with the Waterguard waterproofing system by directing wall seepage into the perimeter drain and channeling it to the sump pump. WaterGuard is our patented non-clogging system designed to keep the basement dry. It effectively collects wall and floor seepage before it reaches the basement floor. 

Once our systems were in place, David no longer has to worry about having a wet basement, and will have a dry, healthy, and usable space for years to come!

Waterguard System in Rhododendron, OR Basement - Photo 1Waterguard System in Rhododendron, OR Basement - Photo 2Waterguard System in Rhododendron, OR Basement - Photo 3Waterguard System in Rhododendron, OR Basement - Photo 4Waterguard System in Rhododendron, OR Basement - Photo 5
CleanSpace in Brightwood, Oregon gets a facelift

This crawlspace was wet, cold and damp and the homeowner was suffering more and more every day with allergies that she believed were due to the mold in her home in the bathroom and a spot in her room. A peek in the crawlspace revealed that there was a considerable amount of mold in the space. 

Our crews had to first call and have the mold remediated and the water removed from the space. Once this work was done, our crews were able to come in and get the crawlspace properly sealed. 

The job began with removing the bad insulation and vapor barrier, then clearing the space. We installed a sump pump to ensure that they wouldn't have further issues with water, and then encapsulated the space with our CleanSpace Vapor Barrier. The entire job was finished with a Sanidry dehumidifer to regulate the air for a healthier home. 

Smart Jack Stabilizer in Marylhurst, OR

This homeowner called John's Waterproofing because she had creaking/sagging floors and wall and window cracks. Our inspector, Kevin, determined that these problems were being caused by rotting posts. The posts were rotting because there was water in the crawlspace and the wood posts were absorbing the extra vapor. Kevin suggested installing our patented Cleanspace encapsulation system as well as replacing the rotting posts with Smart Jack Stabilizing piers. 


Kevin and the team quickly set out to fix the problems in Tracie's crawlspace and started by replacing the old posts with Smart Jack stabilizing piers, which are adjustable steel piers that are designed to stop settling and can raise sagging floors to their proper level. They can easily be adjusted should there be future settling. They also installed our patented CleanSpace system to ensure that water, moisture, or insects/pests would get into the crawlspace and continue to cause structural damage. Cleanspace is a 7 different layer, 20 mil thick polyethylene composition that is also energy efficient.


Tracie is very happy with her new system and can trust that her floors won't sag and that water intrusion will no longer be an issue.

Smart Jack Stabilizer in Marylhurst, OR - Photo 1
Thermal Dry Floors in West Linn, OR Basement

These homeowners were tired of their cold, unfinished basement floor and wanted something that would look great and protect their space from water issues. Luckily, John's Waterproofing had the perfect solution! Our inspector, Jack suggested installing Thermal Dry carpeted basement flooring.


Thermal Dry Floor systems are designed specifically for basements. Basement floors are likely to be wet at some point from either a plumbing leak or a surprise groundwater leak in a heavy rain. The bottom of Thermal Dry flooring has raised pegs to create an airspace under the floor. This feature keeps water vapor from getting trapped underneath the finished floor that can cause odors and mold. Thermal Dry floors are inorganic and will not rot or buckle like wood subfloors. 


Kyle and Jen are now very happy with their beautiful new floors, and look forward to having usable space without concern of water issues.

Waterguard in Lake Oswego, OR Basement

This homeowner had heard of John's Waterproofing before and was interested in the basement waterproofing systems that we have to offer. They also had some concern over the excess water in their basement. Our inspector, Travis inspected their basement and recommended installing Thermal Dry walls, our patented Waterguard perimeter drain, and a Super Sump pump.

Sheryl happily agreed, so Delfino and his team quickly began working to waterproof the basement. They first installed Thermal Dry walls, a flexible material that is installed over the basement walls. It is designed to reflect heat back into the basement space, improving comfort and energy efficiency. Thermal Dry walls work perfectly with the Waterguard perimeter drain by directing wall seepage into the drain. Waterguard is installed in the footing of the basement and collects the walls and floor seepage. It then channels the water into the Super Sump pump. The Super Sump pump runs smoothly and quietly to pump out all water from the basement. 

Not that our systems are in place, Sheryl is glad that she no longer has excess water in her basement and can enjoy a new, usable space.

Waterguard in Lake Oswego, OR Basement - Photo 1Waterguard in Lake Oswego, OR Basement - Photo 2
Paraseal in Canby, OR Crawlspace

This home had water coming into the crawlspace, and this concerned the homeowner. He called John's Waterproofing and our inspector, Bob came out to take a look. After seeing the crawlspace, he recommended that we install a Super Sump sump pump and Paraseal. 

Ramon and his team quickly installed a Super Sump sump pump, which has a built-in alarm system for when water levels rise too high. They also added Paraseal, which is an exterior membrane that prevents water from getting into the crawlspace. Now that our systems are in place, Greg has fewer worries about the negative effects of having water in the crawlspace.

Waterguard in Clackamas, OR Basement

These homeowners called John's Waterproofing because they had water entering their basement. Our inspector, Daniel came out and recommended that we install our patented Waterguard drain system and a Super Sump pump. Once the homeowners agreed to the suggestions, Manuel and his team immediately started work in their basement. They installed our Waterguard system that is placed in the perimeter footing of the basement floor. Waterguard collects wall and floor seepage and directs it to the Super Sump pump. The Super Sump pump pumps up to 2,650 gallons of water per hour and comes with a built-in alarm system for if water levels get too high.

Jake and Chrysten are glad that their basement will no longer have water issues and make unusable space.

Cleanspace in Wilsonville, OR Crawlspace

Derek called John's Waterproofing because his crawlspace had water in it. Our wonderful inspector, Jack came out to take a look and based on Derek's situation, he recommended installing our patented Cleanspace encapsulation system, a Super Sump pump, and a Lawnscape outlet. Once our suggestions were approved, Juan and his team quickly set out to waterproof Derek's crawlspace. 

They began by installing our Cleanspace encapsulation system that comes with a 25-year warranty and is patented against moisture, mold and mildew growth, and acts as insulation. It is installed over the floor and walls of the crawlspace in order to keep out negative exterior elements. The team also installed a Super Sump pump which fits perfectly with the Cleanspace system and is designed to alert the homeowner if water levels get too high. We connected the Super Sump line to a Lawnscape outlet. Lawnscape outlets recieve the crawlspace water and are installed on the exterior of the house to keep the excess water from affecting the foundation. Lawnscape outlets come in three different versions for whatever the need may be.

Now that our systems are in place, Derek can rest assured knowing that water problems will not be an issue in his crawlspace for years to come!

Cleanspace Encapsulation in Gladstone, OR Crawlspace

Toni saw one of our service trucks out and about working on another home and knew that his crawlspace needed attention. He called John's Waterproofing to set up an inspection with our inspector Eric. Eric noticed that there was a lot of water intrusion and mold that needed to be addressed. He suggested installing our patented Cleanspace encapsulation system, a Triple Safe sump pump, and Mold-X.

Toni happily agreed, so Demetrius and his team went to work. They first had the mold removed so it was safe to continue our process and proceeded to put in an application of Mold-X to prevent mold from coming back. We then installed our Cleanspace encapsulation system that is patented against water and moisture intrusion, mold and mildew growth, and insects/pests. When installed by John's Waterproofing, Cleanspace has a 25-year warranty. We also placed a Triple Safe sump pump that works perfectly with the Cleanspace. The Triple Safe is a three-pump system designed to meet all pumping requirements. It will even continue to work when the power goes out with its third backup battery pump.

Toni is satisfied with his new system and no longer has to worry about future crawlspace repair necessities. 

Cleanspace Encapsulation in Gladstone, OR Crawlspace - Photo 1Cleanspace Encapsulation in Gladstone, OR Crawlspace - Photo 2
Molalla, OR Crawlspace Encapsulation

This homeowner was interested in having their crawlspace inspected because they hadn't gone in there in a long time. They didn't know if there were any problems but trusted that our team at John's Waterproofing could help them and let them know of any concerns that might be present. Our inspector, Carolann found that there was, in fact, a lot of water intrusion, and water was pooling in the crawlspace. She suggested that we install our patented Cleanspace encapsulation system, a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier, and a Triple Safe sump pump.

Phil was grateful that he was now aware of the looming problems in his crawlspace and quickly agreed to Carolann's suggestions. Gordon, Demetrius, and the team immediately began working on waterproofing Phil's crawlspace. They installed Cleanspace, a 20 mil thick, 7 layer polyethylene composition that is placed on the floors and walls of the crawlspace to completely encapsulate it. It is patented to keep out all moisture, mold and mildew growth, make the crawlspace more energy efficient, and comes with a 25-year warranty when installed by John's Waterproofing. Once the Cleanspace was installed, Demetrius came in and applied Spray Foam insulation against the walls of the crawlspace. Both the cleanspace and the spray foam act as insulation, and together they create maximum energy efficiency. The team also installed a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier that cleans, filters and removes moisture from the air. It is the quietest and most energy efficient dehumidifier. The dehumidifier self-drains into the Triple Safe sump pump which is a three-pump system designed to remove the excess water.

Phil is thankful for our team at John's Waterproofing for taking care of all concerns in his crawlspace. He now has a highly energy efficient, clean and dry crawlspace. 

Molalla, OR Crawlspace Encapsulation - Photo 1Molalla, OR Crawlspace Encapsulation - Photo 2
Crawlspace Encapsulation in West Linn

Our crews recently went on a job in West Linn. The customer called about there being lots of water in their crawlspace and a damaged vapor barrier. The house had an old french drain that was not keeping up with the amount of water coming. So we sent out one of our members to inspect the crawlspace and come up with a plan. 

Eric who went out to inspect this customer's crawlspace recommended doing a crawlspace encapsulation with our CleanSpace System. We would install a TripleSafe sump pump that has three pumps to cover getting all water out and our patented WaterWatch Alarm that goes off if water rises above the range to prevent damage. Along with our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier with a duet filter that removes mold spores, dust, and dust mite droppings. We would also install vent covers and encapsulate with our cleanspace barrier with spray foam around the perimeter of the home. 

Our customer was very happy with the solution and now can have peace of mind that water will not take over their crawlspace again. 

Crawlspace Encapsulation in West Linn - Photo 1Crawlspace Encapsulation in West Linn - Photo 2
Musty Crawlspace

This customer called because he had a musty smell in his house that he couldn't get to go away. Upon further investigating that smell he started to wonder if it was coming from beneath his house. So he gave us a call to have one of our inspectors come out and take a look at what was going on. Our inspector found sagging old fiberglass insulation with a torn vapor barrier. Water and debris had been getting in the crawlspace causing mud, dirt, and moisture damage to the posts and beams. Causing a musty smell to move up thru the house. We recommended doing a crawlspace encapsulation to prevent future water problems from happening. We cleaned out the crawlspace and sealed the vents, the crew then laid down our terra block that is a foam insulation that is 3/4" foam underneath the cleanspace that completely seals in the crawlspace. Along with the cleanspace we installed our smart sump pump that is specifically made for the crawlspace. This customer was so happy to know he doesn't have to worry about musty smells or breathing in poor air from his crawlspace. He can relax knowing he has a dry crawlspace for years to come. 

Home for Sale Crawl Space; Oregon City, OR

The soon to be buyers of the home were in the inspection phase, and were told it would be a good idea to have a waterproofing company come out and do an inspection. Upon finding water building up along the walls and vapor barrier in the crawl space.

Carolann did find some water buildup, but not enough to cause much worry. So Gordon and Nathan C went and cleaned out the old vapor barrier and installed new 10 mil vapor barrier. To prevent any future problems they installed the SaniDry Sedona to regulate humidity buildup. They also replaced the crawlspace entryway to keep the area sealed tight.

The buyers were extremely happy with the outcome, and were glad to know they could have it done before the move in date.

Unhealthy Crawl Space; Wilsonville, OR

Denise and her roommate, Carl, called due to them constantly being sick. Vincent went out and found mold growth in the crawlspace, which can make the air quality very poor and carriers allergens into the home. 

Cleaning up the space was first priority, due to water building up in the fiberglass insulation. Which was causing the black mold growth. After completely cleaning out the space, the crew installed the TerraBlock, and had to isolate the piers. So that when they laid down the CleanSpace, they can put it under the posts to seal the space completely. 

For extra precaution, the crew made sure to install the SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier, and the TripleSafe sump pump. Ensuring that the humidity levels would be regulated. And that any water to get in, would be discharged out. 

The customers were happy and saw results immediately. They were able to breath with ease again. Encapsulating the space, reassured the customers that it had eliminated added allergens from the crawl space. 

Replacement Vapor Barrier; West Linn, OR

The customer called because they needed better drainage for their space and their back yard. Due to the water building up in the yard and trickling into the crawl space. 

Our crew went out an found that there was also mold growth, along with some flooding issues. They went to work by first pulling out all of the old vapor barriers and draining the water. Lupe had the crew flatten out as much as the ground as possible before installing the new 6 mil Vapor Barrier. They also installed the SmartSump pump to help catch and expel the water from the space with ease. 

Connecting it to a discharge line, that is hidden meticulously under the yard. To then have it filtered out and off the property without being seen. Giving the homeowner the reassurance that they won't have anything protruding from the crawl space. They also won't have to worry about flooding occurring from the yard into the crawlspace. 

Property Management Calling for Crawl Space; West Linn

Customer called to have one of her homes on a senior retirement park. She had called us because one of her friends referred us, and she liked the job we did. Her home had water starting to come in from the soil itself. And that the insulation had some water damage to it.

Making this job easier for everyone, they first dried out the crawl space. So that when they laid down the vapor barrier the moisture didn't continue to build and cause more damage. After the crawl space completed the dry out they started the process of laying down the 6 mil Vapor Barrier. They also put the SuperSump pump into place to start the process of filtering out the water from the crawl space. 

The property manager was enthralled that the job matched and excelled with the job previously done for her friend. 

Patio Collecting Water, Causing Foundation Problems; Beaverton, OR

Tom had called for water that was traveling from under his patio into his crawl space. He had suspected that there was water damage occurring in the foundation due to this. Thankfully he had found us in time, as there was minimal damage but it was happening. Just as he had thought. 

Tyler came out and cleaned everything up, due to the built up water the old insulation was trashed. To help water filter, without it being intrusive to the crawl space, they laid down CleanSpaceDrain Matt. Overtop they laid down 6 mil vapor barrier, to completely seal the water into the soil. 

The crew also made sure to patch up the spot that was eroded by the water, under the patio, to create a tight seal. Leaving a joyous customer with knowing that the water would no longer seep in from any other crevices. 

Crawlspace; West Linn, OR

The customer wanted to invest in getting their crawlspace encapsulated. There was no damage done to the crawlspace, other than moist insulation. After removing the old fiberglass insulation they started the process of encapsulating the crawlspace. 

They started with isolating the piers, which is when we pull the moist soil out from the affected area, to make them stable once again. They then laid down a CleanSpace Drain Mat, which lays under the CleanSpace and allows the water to still move freely in the soil, without damaging or getting into the encapsulated area. 

Finishing off the crawlspace, they replaced the vents with metal covers. And installed a SaniDry Sedona to regulate the temperatures and humidity levels. To help prevent any more problems from arising they sealed it with Spray Foam Insulation. Giving the homeowners reassurance that mold growth and water intrusion would not be a problem during the spring when it starts to rain. 

Soaking Wet Crawlspace in Wilsonville, OR

Imagine constantly having a runny nose year round and your home always having an underlying musty smell. That is what these homeowners had been dealing with for a few years. She was reading the newspaper when she came across our article about the air you breathe in your home and how up to 50% of it comes from your crawlspace. She called us to have a free inspection of her crawlspace to see what it looked like and if there were any issues. 

Once our inspector got out and looked at the crawl space there were definitely some issues. In parts of the crawl space, there were more than two inches of water. The mud under the old worn vapor barrier was thick wet mud creating a huge mess. The inspector recommended a full encapsulation system of the crawlspace. Our crews started with installing a TripleSafe sump pump that is a three pump system to give optimal support. They then sealed the vents completely shut to ensure that nothing can come in or out. Having your crawl space properly sealed is so important because when the air from outside comes in it never goes back out. It raises the humidity and rises up thru the home, allowing you to breathe in mold and other contaminants. We use a 20 mil thick woven fiver vapor barrier called CleanSpace. It attaches at the sill plate and completely covers the crawlspace. Due to the high humidity level in the crawlspace, we also installed our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier that filters the moisture, mold spores, and allergens out of the crawlspace, leaving the home with cleaner air. After all the products are installed and in place, we use spray foam insulation along the outside walls of the home. It offers more coverage and helps keep the air in from escaping your HVAC systems. 

The homeowner was so relieved to finally have her crawlspace taken care of, and over time even noticed warmer floors. After a couple of months she no longer continuously had a runny nose and neither her roommate. She was more than happy with the job and recommends it to all of her neighbors and friends. 

Wet and moldy Crawlspace in Lake Oswego, OR

This customer called with concerns for their crawl space continuously being wet even with the sump pump they made. The foundation was leaking water and the fiberglass insulation was absorbing all the moisture causing mold and sagging. The homeowner called us for a free inspection to help relieve some of these issues. 

When our inspector went out he found mold under the fiberglass insulation, and one some areas of the foundation. The soil was mud and the old black plastic vapor barrier was torn and puddled with water. Continuously exposing your crawlspace to these conditions takes a toll on your foundation and the air quality of your home. Our inspector recommended a crawl space encapsulation system to keep the water, moisture, and mold out of the crawl space for good. 

Our crew went in and did a complete dry out first to remove all the moisture and dampness out. After the crawl space was dried they treated the mold with a product we use called Mold X. It kills the mold and removes the mold stains from the wood. Once we had the mold and moisture taken care of we put in a drainage system with our TripleSafe sump pump. It is a three-level pump the will run depending on the volume of water that is flowing in. When doing an encapsulation we use our CleanSpace vapor barrier, it is a 20 mils thick woven fiber barrier that is rip-resistant. To make sure your crawl space is completely sealed we put the vapor barrier all the way up to the sill plate of the home along with running the barrier under your posts and piers. Once the crawl space is encapsulated we installed our SaniDry XP dehumidifier that will filter out moisture, mold spores, and other allergens. Leaving your home with cleaner air and preventing moisture and mold from the crawl space. Lastly, our after everything is in place and set our crew uses a spray foam insulation around the parameter of the crawlspace. Completely encapsulating the space and leaving you with a dry and healthy crawl space. 

The homeowner was so thrilled to have such a burden lifted and know that the foundation of her home was protected. She couldn't believe the transformation of the crawl space and it was the same space. 

Escaping Air in Lake Oswego, OR

This customer called and made an appointment to learn more information about encapsulating your crawl space. They hadn't been in their crawl space in years and didn't know the conditions. When our design specialist went down he found mold and rotting posts due to moisture exposure in the crawl space. The homeowner also complained that the heating bill was so high every winter and they couldn't figure out why because the insulation was still wrapped around the HVAC tubing. Our design specialist recommended a crawl space encapsulation and to replace the rotting posts. 

Our crew went out and cleaned out the old vapor barrier and insulation from the crawl space and treated the mold with Mold X2 cleaner. After the crawlspace was ready we installed our SmartJack posts that are made of steel and can be adjusted as settling occurs. When having your crawl space encapsulated we use a 20 mil thick vapor barrier called CleanSpace, it has a protective barrier to stop mold and completely seals the crawl space. To help make sure water and moisture stop we installed a TripleSafe sump pump in this crawl space. It is has a three-pump design to run the pumps according to the water flow. The crew installed our SaniDry Sedona that is perfect for crawl spaces and helps remove moisture, mold spores, and other allergens from the air. 

The homeowner was so happy with their crawl space after the job was complete. They could not believe it was the same crawl space.  Over time they will see a 15-35% energy savings due to the air from their HVAC system not leaking its air out of the crawl space vents. 

DIY Sump Pump Fail in Oregon City, OR

We know that sometimes DIY projects seem like the best choice for home repairs and there are several people cheering it on. Unfortunately, a DIY sump pump is an area to stay away from because there is so much more to it then laying a sump pump in a bucket in the crawl space. These homeowners had a DIY sump pump and still had consistent water in their crawl space which caused sagging insulation, and rotting posts. They decided to give us a call after their efforts were not protecting their home's foundation. 

Our design specialist went out and reassured the homeowners that things will get fixed and we would do a crawl space encapsulation for the best protection. Our crew went out and cleaned out the old vapor barrier and sagging insulation. We then lay our Terra Block insulation on the ground that goes under our CleanSpace vapor barrier. The CleanSpace vapor barrier is 20 mils thick and seals the crawl space. With the amount of water this crawl space had, we also went with one of our bigger sumps pumps the TripleSafe that has a three-level pump system that runs the number of pumps based on the level of water flowing in. It also comes with an alarm that will sound if the water level in your crawl space becomes too high. 

This customer was so pleased that the job only took four days and now has the proper protection from water in the crawl space. 

Crawl space in Molalla, OR

We have a customer, Marta, who called us because her crawl space hadn't been looked at for many years and she wondered what might be going on underneath her house. Mart had noticed that the floors on the first floor of her home were cold and just wanted to make sure there were no issues in her crawl space. Half of the air that comes into the first floor of your home actually comes from the air that is underneath your house. 

Our Design Specialist, Daniel, went out to Marta's home and went under her house to take a look. Daniel found there were some issues including fallen insulation, vents no properly taken care of and saw that her existing sump pump wasn't working as efficiently as it should be. Between Daniel and Marta, they decided to do a full encapsulation of her crawl space was going to be the best option for her and the most energy-efficient overall.

Shorty, thereafter, our crew here from John's Waterproofing Company went and removed all of the old and fallen insulation, debris that had accumulated isolated posts and installed new vent covers as well as doing a full encapsulation of the crawl space and installing a new SaniDry Sedona sump pump.

Marta is thrilled to have the issues taken care of, and that she has her warm floors back all while saving about 33% on her energy usage. We, here at John's Waterproofing Company strive at delivering excellent customer service and were glad to be of service. 

Waterproofing Crawl Space in Lake Oswego, OR

Jayne called our office because she was interested in having her crawl space waterproofed. Jayne was concerned about water being in her crawl space and causing any structural damage. So she was interested in finding out what her options were before any issues became worse. 

Our company, John's Waterproofing Company, has been in business since 1974 so Jayne knew she was calling a company who were well versed in what we do. We quickly got Joyne on the schedule and sent our senior Design Specialist Vinny B. out to take a look. Sure enough, there was some evidence of some water damage. 

In just a few days Fernando H. and his crew went out and cleaned out all of the old material in the crawl space and did some minor repairs that were needed. Next, they installed a SaniDr Dehumidifier to ensure there would be no moisture and did a full encapsulation of the crawl space using CleanSpace vapor barrier and spray foam.

Jayne now a clean crawl space that is dry, which also helps her save on energy.

Crawl Space to CleanSpace in Wilsonville, OR

John was on the internet trying to find solutions for his wet crawl space when he came across John's Waterproofing. He looked at our website where he found out that waterproofing is our main specialty and that we have been in business since 1974 so he decided to give us a call. After talking with Kayla in our call center he got on the calendar for an inspection with our senior  Design Specialist Vinnie B. Vinnie found that John's equipment was not working properly and suggested a full encapsulation. John agreed and within a few days Ramon M and his crew were out in Wilsonville. They removed all of the old material and equipment, dried out the crawl space and in just a short time they had done a full encapsulation of the crawl space. 

John was so impressed with how quickly Ramon and his crew worked and at how clean they kept the job site that he gave us a stellar review on Google. John also knows that his crawl space is in good health, creating good clean air and is virtually maintenance-free. 

Falling Insulation in Lake Oswego, OR

This customer had falling insulation all over their crawl space and the vapor barrier was not covering the whole crawl space. With these problems, it left their crawl space in despair and a host to a multitude of problems. When your crawl space is not properly sealed moisture, mold, and pests can cause a nightmare for the homeowner. This homeowner decided enough was enough and called us to have an inspection. 

Our inspector went out and found that the crawl space had moisture which was a contributor to the falling insulation. He recommended an encapsulation system be installed to make sure that the health of the home would greatly increase. Our crew went out and cleaned all the debris out and installed a smart drain. We then started to lay the Terra Block down which is insulation designed for the crawl space floor. It goes under the CleanSpace vapor barrier that we use to help seal the crawl space. To help keep humidity levels down we installed our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier that is the perfect size for the crawl space. It removes moisture, mold spores, and other allergens from the air. Giving your home cleaner air for your family to breathe. 

This homeowner was so happy with their job and the musty smell from the crawl space was gone quickly. They were glad they called us when they did so that the elements didn't destroy the foundation of their home. 

Crawl Space in Sandy, OR

Nicole called into our office and made an appointment to have Sean J come out and assess her crawl space that had gotten water in it from the water heater. A bit of a mess had been made and, Sean suggested that she go ahead and have a clean up done and then the installation of CleanSpace. Nicole agreed and so Delfino and his team here at John's Waterproofing came out. They cleaned up the crawl space and installed a new SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier that stops moisture and then installed CleanSpace to the entire crawl space. Nicole is now thrilled that she has a dry crawl space and no longer has to worry about any water damage occurring. And knowing that she will not have to worry for many years.

Crawl Space in West Linn, OR

We have a customer in West Linn, Oregon who had his entire crawl space flood and he had no idea what to do. Good thing he called when he did. We sent our Design Specialist Vinny out and he found that yes, indeed, the crawl space had a few inches of water in it. He explained to Steve, the homeowner, that this was no good for the integrity of Steve's home or good for the quality of air coming into Steve's home. 

We quickly had Lupe take his crew out and they were able to remove the water and insulation that had also become wet and had started to droop. They installed a TripleSafe sump pump which is the most reliable pumping system out there. They did some repair to the support posts and laid down the CleanSpace vapor barrier. 

Steve is thrilled that his crawl space no longer has a virtual river running through it and that he doesn't have to worry any longer. Steve has the piece of mind of efficiently running equipment, clean, dry air and knows that he can always count on John's Waterproofing to take care of all of his waterproofing needs.

Crawl space in Molalla, OR

John called us one day after seeing our trucks out driving. John has pretty severe respiratory issues and wanted to encapsulate his crawlspace. Encapsulating your crawlspace ensures that there is no water or moisture underneath your house which is very helpful in aiding respiratory and allergy-related issues. Half of the air that exists on the first floor of your home comes from underneath your house. Encapsulating your crawl space gives you a dry, clean crawl space with no allergens, mold, or dust mites.

John is breathing easy knowing his crawl space is dry.


CleanSpace in Wilsonville, OR

When Stan and Stephanie found out they had a baby on the way they wanted to make sure they were providing the healthiest environment that they could. They had done some research on bacteria and mold and quickly learned of the benefits of an encapsulated crawl space. Encapsulating your crawl space ensures that only clean, dry air is what is coming into your home. This also eliminates possible dust mites and allergens. 

Daniel was happy to go out and do a free inspection for them. Providing customers with healthy basements and crawl spaces is what John's Waterproofing is known for so we sent Lupe and his crew out to do the encapsulation with the antimicrobial CleanSpace. Next Fernando was out to put in Spray Foam insulation to complete the install. 

Stan and Stephanie were stoked with the results and now have the peace of mind of knowing that their crawl space is not breeding bacteria.

Sinking Floor Fix in Lake Oswego, OR

Andrew and Kari called in one day worried about their kitchen. They noticed that the floor had sunken approximately 2 inches and they were very concerned about more damage happening. Jacob was happy to go out and take a look. After inspecting their crawl space he told them about crawl space encapsulation and post-repair. They agreed that this sounded like a good option for them and shortly after Lupe was out with his crew to get the work started. 

First, the crawl space was cleaned and dried out, including the insulation. Then they did some repairs to the support beams and installed SmartJack supports where needed. A dehumidifier was put in to keep the space dry, a Super Sump was installed along with the CleanSpace vapor barrier. Spray foam insulation was put in and a French Drain was installed outside to ensure that all water was being directed as far away from the home as possible. 

Andrew and Kari were very happy with the work done. So much so that they even gave us a great review. We value our customers and are committed to providing people with dry, healthy crawl spaces and basements which will remain dry and healthy for a very long time.

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