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Tim and his crew have done an amazing job and they have explained the process from start to finish. We will definitely work with them again and recommend them to our other customers. 
Don C. of Portland, OR
Wednesday, November 8th
Previously finished basement has water issues seeping through the drywall and along the flooring. To address this we installed ThermalDry radiant insulation on the walls, WaterGaurd along the interior parameter, a SuperSump Plus, and our finishing department will come out to re-finish the space.  
Linda R. of Salem, OR
Thursday, September 8th
Elizabeth R. of Albany, OR
Tuesday, April 19th
Andrew came in with such a "can-do" attitude! I needed that in the midst of addressing a lot of problems and challenges. He was a pleasure to work with.
Shari S. of Portland, OR
Monday, January 15th
Marcus is very professional, presents well, answers questions like and expert.
Andrew G. of Banks, WA
Monday, December 18th
Eric was great he showed up on time and was very helpful!
Joe B. of Brothers, OR
Friday, January 5th
I was very appreciative of the professionalism and honesty of John's Waterproofing and specifically CarolAnn
Mitch F. of Ashwood, OR
Friday, January 5th
The cost came in drastically lower than another well known company and I feel I will be receiving work that is just as high quality and has a lot more experience.
Tina M. of Centerville, WA
Thursday, January 11th
Eric was great. He gave us a list of vendors for the needed prep and outlined what has top be done before he can have the work started. We were more than pleased with his recommendations.
Paul L. of Wahkiacus, WA
Friday, January 5th
Eric was great. Friendly, knowledgeable and thorough.
Jack B. of Dallesport, WA
Thursday, January 4th
We encountered a serious water problem in our daylight basement that a new sump system wasn't fixing. We asked John's Waterproofing to look at it, and they recommended their drainage system to fix what was thought to be a "cold joint" problem; water seepage between the foundation and the wall. We agreed; they began the work and quickly they discovered that wasn't it at all; the water was coming down the inside wall from outside. They quickly stopped tearing out drywall, and we weren't charged anything. We did contract with them to move an existing sump pump system and install a more substantial moisture barrier in the crawlspace, a job they did well. All of the workers were very courteous and industrious, and we feel we got our money's worth for the work they did. I'd hire them again, definitely.
David B. of The Dalles, OR
Wednesday, July 12th
I was very impressed with the thoroughness that Bob Beachboard showed. For example, he was the only person who came to my house who used a moisture meter on the walls. Like the others, he thought I didn't have an immediate problem, but that I should keep an eye on things so that they don't get worse.
Rhonda B. of Culver, OR
Thursday, December 28th
Very efficient and knowledgeable. Second foreman very good.
Gary L. of Terrabonne, OR
Monday, July 17th
Although at this point I do not need any further work I would like to comment on my service rep. He was friendly, polite, and very efficient. I feel he is an asset to John’s Waterproofing Company.
Dave O. of Mosier, OR
Friday, December 22nd
Testimonial Photo by Matt  B.
We used John's Waterproofing to waterproof our basement. They put in a drainage channel around the perimeter of the basement and they put in a sump pump with a battery backup. They put in an air dehumidifier and put up whitewall sheeting on the walls. It was excellent. They did most of it in one day. They were very professional and very clean. They made sure that nothing was damaged. They broke up a lot of the concrete so there was a lot of dust and they made sure they ventilated the basement. They didn't get any dust in the house. They took a lot of time to show me how to operate the sump pump and the dehumidifier. We don’t know if it was a lot or a little to pay.
Matt B. of Redmond, OR
Monday, July 7th
Jack did a great job of understanding and addressing what needed to be done
Cooper S. of Bingen, WA
Thursday, January 4th
AJ was awesome. He explained the work in simple detail and was very professional. I would definitely have gone with John's if I didn't need additional construction.
Keith F. of Underwood, WA
Thursday, December 28th
 Hands down a great company, staff and employees are awesome hard working and self starters.
Devin E. of Warm Springs, OR
Tuesday, November 28th
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