John's Waterproofing Q&A

Can you finish an old damp basement?

Yes we sure can! We have a number of products that will keep your basement dry while looking incredible!

How do I fix my wet crawlspace vancouver wa?

There are a number of ways to temporarily fix a wet crawlspace, but only one right way. Give us a call and we will send someone out to your home for free, to do an inspection and tell you exactly how the issue can be resolved.

How to get rid of mold in crawl space?

Mold needs two things to grow, organic material and moisture. By taking those things away, the mold will have no way to grow. Your indoor relative humidity levels should be between 50-30 % to prevent mold growth. This is where our crawlspace encapsulation system comes in handy. With our Cleanspace being made with a treated, non organic material it takes away the organic material factor that the mold needs to feed of off to live. then we have our Sanidry dehumidifiers that will take moisture out of the air while filtering it causing clean dry air to be pushed back in to the crawlspace and eliminating the moisture factor that the mold needs to grow. For a further explanation call and set up an appointment for one of our inspectors to come out and they can give you a detailed presentation on how we accomplish this!

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