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Expert basement waterproofing, basement finishing, crawl space repair, & plumbing company in Columbia County, OR

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, but we also strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Basement Systems dealer in Columbia, OR.

Services we offer in Columbia County:

  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing solutions.
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems.
  • Basement finishing and remodeling services.
  • Crawl space sealing with CleanSpace vapor barrier.
  • Quick & efficient plumbing services
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
Job Stories From Columbia County, OR
Clean Space Encapsulation in Warren, OR

This homeowner was experiencing standing water and falling insulation in his crawlspace. The lack of effective insulation leads to a drafty home and larger energy bills. Our inspector, Bryan, advised the installation of our patented Clean Space system, replacement of falling insulation with Spray Foam Insulation, and  Smart Sump pump.

Manuel and his team immediately set out to waterproof and insulate Mike's crawlspace. They began by removing the old, ineffective insulation, and replaced it with Spray Foam Insulation which doubly acts as insulation and waterproofing. Spray Foam creates a powerful airtight seal that provides more benefits than normal fiberglass insulation. The team then installed Clean Space, our patented vapor barrier system that transforms crawlspaces into cleaner, drier, healthier, and more energy-efficient spaces. The Smart Sump pump was then installed to keep all underground water from entering the crawlspace.

After our systems were in place, Mike was able to enjoy a healthier, more energy efficient home without the threat of water intrusion.

Columbia Creek Basement Waterproofing

This home in Columbia Creek had leaky basement walls that were creating a wet, unusable space. Our inspector AJ suggested installing our patented Waterguard system coupled with our Thermal Dry Wall System, as well as a Triple Safe sump pump. 


Manuel and his team quickly set to work to waterproof Tanner's basement. The team installed the Waterguard system which is a perimeter drain that collects water from the leaky walls and directs the runoff water to the Triple Safe sump pump that automatically adjusts to meet pumping requirements for water. The Thermal Dry Wall System that was installed also works with the Waterguard system by draining the seepage into the perimeter drain. The system improves comfort and energy efficiency by reflecting heat back into the basement space.


Tanner no longer distresses about moisture from the outside environment affecting the foundation of his house.

Columbia Creek Basement Waterproofing - Photo 1Columbia Creek Basement Waterproofing - Photo 2Columbia Creek Basement Waterproofing - Photo 3Columbia Creek Basement Waterproofing - Photo 4
No More Water for Crawl Space in Rainier, OR

Our crews went out to a home in Rainier, Oregon after receiving a call from a homeowner who had water intrusion in their crawl space. Our team removed all old debris from the crawl space before installing CleanSpace encapsulation system on the floor and walls. With CleanSpace, no moisture or water vapor will be coming into the crawlspace which means no new mold or wood rot. A SmartSump sump pump was also installed. The SmartSump is designed specifically for crawl spaces, with the liner and lid forming a tight seal around the CleanSpace liner. The SmartSump also has a built-in WaterWatch alarm system, alerting the homeowner in the event of a plumbing leak before any damage is done. Our crew put in a SaniDry CX dehumidifier in the crawlspace to dry and filter the air in the crawl space. Air from the crawl space travels up into the rest of the house, therefore having healthier air in the crawl space means healthier air for the rest of the house. A CleanSpace Vent Cover was also installed over the vent in the crawl space. Having a vented crawl space keeps the cold, hot or humid air outside from getting into the crawl space and the rest of the house. Getting this insulated vent cover will help the homeowner lower their energy costs. Now, this Rainier home is dryer and healthier for years to come. 

Dry Basement in Vernonia, Oregon

A homeowner from Vernonia, Oregon had called with complaints of water in their basement after there was a decent amount of rainfall. Our crews went out there to fix the problem. They installed ThermalDry Wall on all the walls of the basement. In addition to adding a clean-looking finish to the basement, ThermalDry will intercept any moisture or water that tries to come in through the walls and channels it down to the wall and floor joints where our crew also installed WaterGuard piping system. WaterGuard takes the water and leads it directly into the sump pump. A TripleSafe sump pump was put in the basement. The TripleSafe has three separate pumps so that in the event of a plumbing leak, or power outage the sump pump will be prepared. There's also a built-in WaterWatch alarm system so that the homeowner will be alerted to the problem so that it can get fixed before any damage is done. Now the homeowners will be able to enjoy their dry basement for years to come. 

Foundation Cracking in Clatskanie, Oregon

This homeowner called us because after 40 years of living in their home the foundation was beginning to crack and that water was beginning to come into these small cracks down in the crawlspace. Worried about their home's structural integrity, they needed to find a solution. Our inspector completed a thorough inspection and discovered that much of this water came from the slope of their driveway. 

Our inspector then suggested to them they install a downspout extension in order to move water further from the foundation of their home. We installed a french drain outside the home within the driveway so that the water could be caught and taken away from the home. 

In order to prevent any further damage, our crew filled the small cracks with Xypex and installed a sump pump in the crawlspace in order to collect the water currently in the crawlspace and any of the water that could possibly come in the future. 

Cleanspace Installation in Scappoose, OR

This homeowner had standing water in her crawlspace and found John's Waterproofing through the internet. She set up an inspection with Vince and he came out to her house to take a look. From what he saw, he suggested that we install our Cleanspace encapsulation system, spray foam insulation, and a Triple Safe sump pump. 

Pam agreed to our suggestions, so Ramon and his team quickly began the waterproofing process. We removed the old 3 mil vapor barrier and installed Cleanspace. Cleanspace is a 20 mil thick, 7 different layer polyethylene composition. It has a 25-year warranty and is patented against all moisture, mold, mildew, insects, and pests. Our spray foam specialist, Demetrius, then came in to install spray foam insulation on the walls above the cleanspace. These two products work together to form a solid barrier of insulation and waterproofing. Finally, we installed a Triple Safe sump pump which is a three-pump system designed to handle all pumping requirements and work even when the power goes out.

Pam is satisfied with her new waterproofing system and no longer worries about water issues.

Cleanspace Installation in Scappoose, OR - Photo 1
Brightening this basement in Scappoose Oregon

Leonard A. had been struggling with water in is the basement. At first, it was just a small puddle of water in the corner, then a small leak from the corner of the basement window and a little more each year. The issue had gotten so bad that he was no longer able to use that space in any way. He has been searching the internet for ways to dry out his basement when he came across John's Waterproofing website and saw all of the pictures of basements we had fixed. He knew it was time to get it fixed once and for all. 

He called our office and set up a free inspection with Marcus Williams. After looking over the basement Marcus decided it was best to have Ramon and his crew come out and install our patented water guard system and Bright wall panels to bring a more finished look to the space. After the team was finished Leonard was of the moon excited and told the crew all about the plans he had on how he would use that space moving forward. 

Insulation Issues, Scapoose, OR

Katy who lives in Scappoose, Oregon called because she is severely allergic to mold and was concerned about the mold issue she knew was happening. She had already found out there was moisture in her crawl space. And sure enough, when our Design Specialist, Vitaliy went out to see her there definitely were puddles of water, moisture-damaged posts and wet, sagging insulation. 

Here at John's Waterproofing Company breathing clean dry air is a top priority. Being accredited with the American Lung Association, we understand the importance of clean air and our customer's wellness means a lot to us.

In just a few short days our top-notch crew was able to go out to Katy's house, clean out all debris, moisture, and took out all of the insulation and did repairs and moisture control to the posts. We installed a TripleSafe sump pump, CleanSpace encapsulation, SaniDry Dehumidifier, and Spray Foam Insulation. This encapsulation guarantees a dry crawl space environment which is also low maintenance and very energy efficient. 

Katy can rest assured that the air coming into her house from her crawl space is dry and mold-free. She is breathing much easier and healthier and we were glad to help. Katy also knows we are just a phone call away and will be out once a year to maintain the health and efficiency of her crawl space. 

Crawl Space, Scappoose, OR

Katy in Scappoose, Oregon is severely allergic to mold and while she was searching the internet for ways to her maintain a healthier, allergen-free lifestyle she came across the John's Waterproofing website and saw that our company is accredited with the American Lung Association so she gave us a call to see what waterproofing was all about. Kayla, in our call canter, explained to Katy that half of the air on the first floor of her home came from underneath her house and that waterproofing encapsulated crawl spaces, eliminating dust, mold, and allergens from entering the home. Katy was intrigued and soon after our Design Specialist Vitaliy was out to her house to take a look. He went underneath her house, took pictures of the water damage and debris that was down there. Vitaliy thoroughly explained what our company did and the benefits of encapsulating her crawl space and they both agreed this would be the best option. 

Shortly after, Foreman Tim and his crew were out to Katy's house, cleaned out the crawl space including removing the water-filled, sagging insulation and then installed a SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier to stop any further moisture. Installed a SaniDry XP sump pump that pumps out any continued water from the crawls space and replaced the insulation with Spray Foam insulation. Katy now has a clean, dry crawl space that runs efficiently and is guaranteed to provide her with allergen-free for may years. We were thrilled to help provide Katy with this peace of mind and we definitely appreciate our customers. 

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