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Before and After Pictures from Salem
Existing Lake Oswego Sump Pump

Existing Lake Oswego Sump Pump

Before After
Existing Lake Oswego Sump Pump Existing Lake Oswego Sump Pump

When this customer called our office they said they needed their sump pump serviced because they didn't think it was working properly. Our inspector came out and after seeing their "sump pump" recommended our Triple Safe Sump pump with battery back up. In addition to that, they also installed a full CleanSpace system. 

Spray foam and Cleanspace job in Salem, OR Crawlspace

Spray foam and Cleanspace job in Salem, OR Crawlspace

Before After
Spray foam and Cleanspace job in Salem, OR Crawlspace Spray foam and Cleanspace job in Salem, OR Crawlspace

When you combine Cleanspace and Spray foam insulation you will get a dry energy efficient crawlspace and a comfortable;e home for years to come! 

Encapsulating a Crawlspace in Salem, OR

Encapsulating a Crawlspace in Salem, OR

Before After
Encapsulating a Crawlspace in Salem, OR Encapsulating a Crawlspace in Salem, OR

This crawl space was covered with mud and water. The insulation was hanging down and the vapor barrier was torn in many areas. We waterproofed the crawl space by installing Cleanspace, a Triplesafe sump pump, and a Sanidry Sedona Dehumidifier. We then insulated the crawlspace by installing Terrablock and spray foam insulation. Keeping this crawl space dry and healthy for years to come.

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Innovation and Excellence Award
We just got this email! We have now reviewed all of the information on the companies and individuals taking part... [Read more]
2019 Build Awards- Outstanding Service in Waterproofing
We are delighted to announce that John's Waterproofing Company are recipients within the 2019 BUILD Awards! Build Magazine's first program... [Read more]
The 2017 Impact Award
We received the Impact award this year (2017) at the annual basement system dealer’s convention. This award means so much... [Read more]
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Trusted Local Basement and Crawl Space Repair Contractor in Salem, OR

They spent hours on their hands and knees in semi frozen mud and were still in a great mood. ...
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Reviews From Salem
Testimonials From Salem
We first called TerraFirma but the salesman said we could dig out the entire exterior, add a membrane, drains etc for about $24,000. When I pressed for other...
Testimonial by Dan P. from Salem, OR
The “crew”, actually made us laugh, with their singing and chatting to one another. We have “never” experienced people enjoying their...
Testimonial by Paul and Rosemary W. from Keizer, OR
If we are ever asked to recommend a company to provide services of the nature of those performed by your company, we would not hesitate to suggest that a call...
Testimonial by John H. from Salem, OR

Professional Basement Waterproofing and Sump Pumps in Salem, OR

John's Waterproofing is committed to customer service and is proud to serve our area. We have a certified team of technicians that are ready to help you find the best solution using quality products from the best manufacturers in the business. We want to work with you so that you can have the best results for your home!

Waterproof basement floor matting installation in Salem, OR

Having problems with a wet basement? Don't settle for a musty, dirty basement and trust the professionals at John's Waterproofing to turn it into a clean, dry space! Our certified technicians have the years of experience needed to install quality products that will give you the long-lasting results you want. We offer a variety of wall panels, vapor barriers, and floor matting to make your basement a comfortable, healthy space again. Not sure if you have a waterproofing problem? Here are some of the major indicators:

  • Wet or damp basement floor
  • Leaking or damp basement walls
  • Pooling or standing water
  • Crystaline deposit on concrete surfaces
  • Musty odors
  • Condensation
  • Sump pump issues
  • Leaky basement windows

Expert Crawl Space and Mold Damage Repair in Salem, OR

Because of their location in the home, crawl spaces are an area of the home that seems to accumulate damage almost unnoticed. When there is water damage, debris, or mold growth in your crawl space, it causes more serious problems for other areas of your home like your foundations. By installing vapor barriers and thermal insulation with our crawl space encapsulation system you can seal moisture and bugs out while keeping the space clean, dry, and energy-efficient. 

Major signs of crawl space problem

  • Sagging floors
  • Condensation
  • Mold
  • Wood rot
  • Foundation cracks

Does your crawl space have a musty smell and humidity? Then it might be a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and wood rot. Mold can be damaging to wood over long periods of time and be a costly project to fix. Don't take chances on the health of your home and call the professionals at John's Waterproofing. We catch mold problems in their early stages and repair them so that they don't turn into a larger, more expensive problem. 

Excellent Basement Refinishing in Salem, OR

Finished basement walls in Salem, OR

Whether or not you're thinking of refinishing your basement, waterproof walls, floors, and ceilings are a great place to start. Our EverLast waterproof wall panels are 197% stronger than drywall and don't require painting, making them a quick, easy, and beautiful addition to your basement. Additionally, they are resistant to mold and mildew growth. Avoid major problems later down the road and keep your basement dry and clean with basement refinishing and waterproofing products from John's Waterproofing!

At John's Waterproofing, we put customer service as our first priority because we know that your home is your first priority. We have the tools and the expertise to get your job done right the first time so you can get the quality, long-lasting results your home deserves. Call us today for a free estimate!


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Case Studies From Salem
This homeowner called stating that they believed they may have water under their home and they were concerned about a draft in their daughter's...
Many homeowners experience structural problems from lack of post support, and the posts not being installed properly. In this case, the posts were...
When Robin first inspected this house, he knew there were big problems. Not only was the vapor barrier torn and not covering the ground, improper...
Press Releases From Salem
John's Waterproofing was recognized as a top dealer at this year's Team Basement Systems Convention.
John's Waterproofing was recognized as a top dealer at this year's Team Basement Systems Convention.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Salem, OR
Making a healthy crawlspace in Salem, OR

After seeing our crew trucks at her neighbor home for a few days she asked her neighbor about their experience. Seeing how happy they were with the job and not knowing if she had the same water problem as her neighbors she gave us a call for a free inspection. When our inspector went out he found huge puddles along the perimeter walls of the crawlspace. In some sections having a couple of inches of water sitting. He recommended a crawlspace encapsulation system with drainage. 

Our crews went out and removed the old vapor barrier, fiberglass insulation, and all other organic material.  We installed drainage with our Ultra Sump pump that works really well for a crawlspace. After getting drainage in place our crew laid down our Terrablock that is a 3/4/ inch foam block that works as insulation. It is waterproof and will not come apart when in contact with water. It also gives a cushioned floor for anyone person needing to work in the crawlspace. Our CleanSpace vapor barrier lays over it and is mils thick made of woven fiber plastic. It is made to withstand pests trying to come in and other ailments. Our crew seal the vents shut so that air cannot get in or out. Since this crawlspace was susceptible to moisture we installed our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier that removes moisture from the crawlspace along with dust mites, mold spores, and other allergens. 


This homeowner was so glad she had called just like her neighbors. The water was gone and she now had a healthy crawlspace protecting the foundation of her home. 

Finished Basement Sprouted a Leak; Salem, OR

The Burnhams called due to their finished basement sprouting a leak and destroying their flooring and walls. Daniel found that it was a simple job to fix. They needed a drainage system and fast. 

They had to demolish quite a few walls so that they could install the Thermal Drywall inside the walls for a thermal break. So that when condensation started to buildup it had somewhere else to go. To create a perfect duo with this product, we also suggested they install WaterGuard. Which is a type of drain, that sits under the concrete along the basement walls. 

The WaterGuard will then drain the water to the SuperSump pump and be expelled off the property completely. Making it a quick and easy fix for the customers, and the crews. Giving the customer the satisfaction of having their basement back. 

Unusable to Storage Savvy Basement; Salem, OR

Customer called to have their partially finished basement waterproofed and finally completed. 

Lupe and his crew first dug out the trench for the WaterGuard. Ensuring that when they laid it into place the flanges were flush to the wall. So that if water were to start seeping out from the walls, it will go directly into the WaterGuard. To then be pushed through the SuperSump pump they installed. To connect and complete the waterproofing system, they then connected the WaterGuard and SuperSump pump. Lastly, they installed the Discharge Pipeline to discretely take the water out of the space. 

To help give the basement a clean and welcoming environment, they had us come out to assist. Manuel H and his crew went out and installed the BrightWall panels. Which work best when paired with the WaterGuard. As it sits a quarter of an inch away from where the flanges sit. To give the water space to still trickle into the waterproofing system with ease. 

The customer was very pleased to see that it was a great start for turning the unusable space into a great storage location. 

Bright Wall Finishing; Salem, OR

The customer had called for us to take his drab basement and make it fab. They wanted something to brighten the space and to waterproof it. 

Our crew went out and started the process by digging a trench along the parameter of the basement. In the trench they placed the WaterGuard to collect the water. Which carries it to the Super Sump pump. To then be discharged from the basement entirely. To complete the basement waterproofing system they installed BrightWall paneling to cover all the concrete walls. With a quarter of an inch between the panels and the wall, it creates a channel to the WaterGuard

The customer was happy to find that the crew had also put all of their shelving back into place. Without being asked, and making sure to not damage anything while moving the storage back into place. 

Moisture Buildup in Crawlspace; Salem, OR

Terri and Bill had had AirServ come and inspect their basement for the moisture that was starting to build in the crawl space. He recommend they call us to get our opinion upon finding water buildup on the walls themselves along with the vapor barrier having small puddles. 

Daniel went out and found that the crawlspace wasn't in the worst of shapes, but it definitely needed work done. So Luis G went down and dried out the space so that his crew to set out to work. They tore out all the insulation due to it being wet, and all of the old vapor barrier. To replace the barrier they installed Terra Block, a 3/4" foam insulation liner. On top of that they installed the 20 mil seven-ply liner. Encasing the entire space to ensure a tight seal.

They also had the SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier installed, which will regulate temperatures and pull any unwanted moisture from the air. To ensure the longevity of the crawlspace, they had the Smart Sump pump installed. So that any collected water gets pumped out.


Fernando finished the job by using the Spray Foam insulation to completely sealing the crawlspace from any form of leaks and drafts. 

The couple couldn't have been happier. We managed to finish the job and leave the area cleaner then when we came in originally.

Basement Drainage in Salem

This homeowner had just purchased an older home that they fell in love with. Everything was perfect except the basement, it had water leaking in the window and causing moisture problems. There was damage to the basement walls with cracking and some mold damage. Our crews went in and installed our WaterGuard system that goes along the basement wall and goes unseen. The water then drains into the TripleSafe sump pump, it is a three pump system that works together depending on the amount of water draining. The third pump is also battery operated that will run in case of a power outage preventing water damage. We also installed a well duct under the window that drains the water into the WaterGuard system. After getting a proper drainage system we installed our ThermalDry wall that helps insulate and keep the basement warm. It is also made of an inorganic material so it can't have water damage or moisture build up. This customer was so happy that they were on their way to have the perfect new home and not have to worry about a leaking basement. 

Prepping a Basement for finishing

This home had water coming into the back part of their basement, the homeowners had already finished the front part and were eager to get the back part finished as well, but they knew they couldn't finish it without fixing the water issue first. So they called us out to give them a permanent solution to their water issues. We installed our basement waterproofing system which included an interior perimeter drain system called waterguard, sump pump called the super sump, that is rated one of the top sump pumps in the industry right now and Thermaldry Basement wall system which helps act as a moisture barrier and insulation to keep the basement comfortable. Now, this dry basement is ready to be transformed into a dry storage area to protect the precious memories that are stored down there and a comfortable space for them to make new memories in!

Prepping a Basement for finishing - Photo 1Prepping a Basement for finishing - Photo 2
Odors Coming from Salem, OR Crawlspace

This homeowner called John's Waterproofing because she felt like 'fishy' odors were coming from her crawlspace. She was worried about dead rodents and other issues that might be causing the smell. Upon inspection, our inspector Daniel found that there was evidence of mice from the droppings, and water intrusion that was contributing the odors that the homeowner was experiencing. Daniel suggested that we install our patented Cleanspace encapsulation system, spray foam insulation, and a SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier.

Karen agreed to our suggestions and Ramon and his team began installing our systems. They removed the old fiberglass insulation because fiberglass retains moisture, and replaced it with Spray Foam insulation on the walls of the crawlspace. Spray Foam is closed celled which means that it will not allow for moisture and we put it on the walls because it works more effectively than it would underneath the floors by working with the Cleanspace system. They installed Cleanspace over the floors and walls, completely encapsulating the space from exterior effects. It blocks out cold drafts, keeps out all moisture/water, and is patented against rodents and insects. Cleanspace is a super durable, 20 mil thick polyethylene composition that when installed by John's Waterproofing, comes with a 25-year warranty. Because we sealed off the vents with the encapsulation system, we needed to install a SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier to make it a controlled environment. The SaniDry Sedona is the most efficient dehumidifier that stops mold, mildew, and odors while cleaning and filtering the air in a highly energy efficient way.

Karen is very happy with her new system and no longer worries about rodents or moisture causing odors in her house. She is grateful to have the extra structural protection as well.

Odors Coming from Salem, OR Crawlspace - Photo 1
Work Requests From Salem, OR
Vicinity of Grand View PL NW in Salem
Looking to retrofit 1941 2 story house. Attach to foundation
Vicinity of High Street SE in Salem
Hi John's team, we recently bought a home in Bush Park, Salem and are looking to get an early start on basement water remediation. We're hoping to get a quote from your team. Thanks!
Vicinity of Fairgrounds Rd Ne in Salem
Have a large basement that i would like to utilize as living space but it gets wet during hard rain
Vicinity of Croisan Creek Rd S in Salem
We have cracks in the wall and foundation of the basement. When it rains, water comes in. Please come for an assessment/free estimate. Thanks.
Vicinity of in Salem
Waterproofing and flooring options
Vicinity of Hallet Ct NW in Salem
Dryer hose disconnected under house. Some insulation falling down. Has dirt smell also.
Vicinity of Capitol St NE in Salem
We have a house that caught fire and our customer is debating on waterproofing the basement for a future home sale.
Vicinity of Maple Ave Ne in Salem
I want to moisture proof my basement so that it can be insulated and drywalled
Vicinity of Honeysuckle in Salem
Have a rental property with water in crawlspace we're in need of cleanout and replacement of vapor barrier etc.
Vicinity of Westminster Ave. N W in Salem
I am purchasing a home and the inspector found a minor amount of water on top of the moisture barrier in the crawlspace of the property. He said it is normal for the Salem and not a problem. I am new to Oregon and not familiar with this problem. Is it normal??
Vicinity of Kingwood Ave NW in Salem
We have an area in our basement that gets damp - it is directly in front of the sump pump closet. Would like estimate to see how to stop that. Thanks!
Vicinity of Lake Dr SE in Salem
I need my crawlspace evaluated and the cover of it repaired.
Vicinity of Cloudview Dr S in Salem
Water leaking into finished basement. Small amount of mold and some carpet and pad wet.
Vicinity of Doe Court NW in Salem
I have several spots in my crawl space with water intrusion. The biggest is at the low point drain.
Vicinity of Pearl Street NE in Salem
Cold air blows in on the floor vents from our HVAC--especially on the northeast and southeast side of our little Northeast Salem, OR, house. We're interested in talking with someone about insulating the crawlspace under the house.
Vicinity of Friar Court SE in Salem
Have a 2 foot diameter puddle which is around 6 inches deep in the crawl space in one corner (southeast) of the house.
Vicinity of Limelight Ave. NW in Salem
We are looking to purchase a home that has rotted wood crawlspace floor joists under the house. We want to get a repair estimate before making the purchase. Please let me know what you suggest. Thank you.
Vicinity of Ramp St NE in Salem
3 years ago we moved into this home and had mice/rats in the crawl space. All bedding material/insulation was removed, crawl space sanitized and new vapor barrier installed, however we have still had transient rodent activity since and are reluctant to add back insulation. We would like your evaluation of sealing the crawl space to ensure no rodent activity and reinstallation of insulation.
Vicinity of Mousebird Ave Nw in Salem
Water in crawl space under mobile home
Vicinity of Tillman Ave. SE in Salem
I have a basement below a garage that has a leak in the foundation wall. I would like to have someone take a look at it and give an estimate to repair.
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