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We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, but we also strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Basement Systems dealer in Tillamook, OR.

Services we offer in Tillamook County:

  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing solutions.
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems.
  • Basement finishing and remodeling services.
  • Crawl space sealing with CleanSpace vapor barrier.
  • Quick & efficient plumbing services
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
Job Stories From Tillamook County, OR
Crawlspace in Pacific City, OR is Now Dry

Our crews went to Pacific City after a homeowner had called with concerns about their wet crawlspace. We replaced their old, worn-out vapor barrier with a new vapor barrier to help keep out unwanted moisture. A SmartSump was also installed in the crawlspace to keep out damp air from entering the crawlspace. The SmartSump also has an alarm built in, just in case of a plumbing leak. Along with the alarm, it will also drain away the water from a plumbing leak until the problem is fixed. The homeowner now has a dry and healthy crawlspace and won't have to worry about possible water intrusion. 

Dry and Healthy Air for Home in Neskowin, Oregon

A homeowner from Neskowin, Oregon called with complaints of his allergies acting up along with a musty, damp odor in his home. So our crew went out to the home to help with the problem. Because air travels upward, the air in the main part of the home causes the homeowner's allergies to act up and make the air have that musty odor. Our crew first removed all the debris in the crawlspace. Then they installed CleanSpace encapsulation. CleanSpace prevents any moisture or water vapor from coming into the crawl space through the walls or floor. which stops any new mold growth and kills existing mold. It also helps lower energy costs. This home had an open vented crawl space. This means that mold spores, pollen and any cold, hot or humid air from outside comes directly into the crawl space and therefore into the rest of the home. This can lead to mold, bacteria and allergen growth. Our crew installed vent covers to stop this from happening. A SmartSump sump pump was also installed. SmartSump is specifically designed for crawlspaces with the liner and lid that form a tight seal around the CleanSpace liner. It also has a built-in WaterWatch alarm system to alert the homeowner in the event of a plumbing leak so that the problem can be fixed before any damage has occurred. A SaniDry dehumidifier was also installed in the basement to dry and filter the air. Clean air in the crawl space means clean air in the rest of the home. With all of these products working together to keep the crawl space dry and healthy the homeowner's allergies dissipated and he was able to enjoy his home fully. 

CleanSpace in Rockaway Beach

This homeowner in Rockaway Beach called our office complaining that she had been dealing with a weird musty smell in her bedroom for a few weeks and thought that it was something wet in her closet. After removing everything from the closet, and finding nothing, she was puzzled. Until she opened the crawlspace door to be assaulted by the smell. That was when she called our company. 

When Bob went into the crawlspace for the inspection, the cause was evident. Moisture in her crawlspace had caused mold growth on her posts that was creeping into the walls as well. They had a sump pump in place, but it was no match for the water she had experienced in her crawlspace. Bob knew exactly what needed to be done, and our homeowner was excited to finally have her mold issue fixed and the smells gone. 

Our crews arrived on schedule and set to work. First, they removed her moldy insulation and her old torn vapor barrier from the space. Once the space was cleaned out they installed a new sump pump to keep the space dry before encapsulating the crawl space. The crews used our patented CleanSpace vapor barrier to seal and enclose her space to ensure she would no longer have to worry about mold or water issues from her crawlspace effecting her health or her home. 

CleanSpace in Rockaway Beach - Photo 1CleanSpace in Rockaway Beach - Photo 2CleanSpace in Rockaway Beach - Photo 3CleanSpace in Rockaway Beach - Photo 4CleanSpace in Rockaway Beach - Photo 5
Dry Basement for Home in Manzanita, Oregon

Homeowners in Manzanita, Oregon called us because of some concerns about their wet crawl space. Our crews went out to the home to help with the problem. After clearing out all of the debris in the crawl space, they installed CleanSpace encapsulation system on the floor and walls of the crawl space. CleanSpace prevents any moisture or water vapor from coming into the crawl space through the walls or floor. It also helps keep the floors warmer and helps with energy costs for the rest of the home. They also installed an insulated vent cover over the open vent in the crawl space to make sure any cold, hot or humid air from outside doesn't come into the crawl space. This also helps lower heating and cooling costs. A SmartSump sump pump was also installed in the crawl space. The SmartSump is designed just for crawl spaces. the liner and lid are designed to form a tight seal around the CleanSpace liner. And with its built-in WaterWatch alarm system, the homeowners will be alerted to a plumbing leak or any other leak before any damage has occurred. With these products working together, these homeowners can now feel peace of mind about their dry crawl space for years to come. 

Dry Basement for Homeowner in Oceanside, Oregon

We received a call from a homeowner who was tired of her basement consistently flooding. She just wanted to be able to enjoy her basement and not have to worry about water intrusion all the time. So our crews went out to fix the problem. They installed WaterGuard piping system along the perimeter of the basement, where the floor meets the wall. Waterguard intercepts water at the perimeter of the basement and drains it unseen and safely away to the sump pump. A TripleSafe sump pump was also installed in the basement. The TripleSafe sump pump has three separate pumps just in case one pump fails or if there is a plumbing leak and there's too much water for one pump to handle, then the second pump will kick in. The third pump is there in case of a power outage. The TripleSafe also has a built-in WaterWatch alarm system to alert the homeowner if there is ever a plumbing leak before any damage is done. Now the homeowner can enjoy her basement without fear of flooding or water intrusion. 

Garibaldi, OR Crawlspace Waterproofing

Water was seeping into a customer’s crawlspace, they had tried all sorts of external waterproofing methods, nothing seemed to stop the water from coming in. Finally, they decided to call professionals out to look at the problem, that’s when one of our inspectors was sent out to the home, He quickly identified the problem and provided a solution for the homeowners. The next day they called to schedule the work to be done.

 The crew came out to the home and installed a number of products to give this customer a full system with a transferable warranty. This system included getting a clean space encapsulation system, a SmartSump sump pump and a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier. This customer water worries are over, and they can rest easy knowing that they have a top of the line waterproofing system protecting their home at all time.

Nehalem, OR CleanSpace System

This homeowner had moisture problems in his crawl space and called us to fix the problem. Our inspector Aaron suggested installing our patented CleanSpace system, along with a TripleSafe sump pump and a SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier.

The homeowner happily agreed to our solutions and Delfino and his team set out to waterproof Paul's crawl space. They started by installing our CleanSpace encapsulation system which keeps out moisture, insects, and pests and ensures the home's health and comfort. We also installed a TripleSafe sump pump which is a three-pump system designed to withstand all pumping requirements even when the power is out. On top of that, we added a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier, which eliminates mold and mildew growth, musty odors, and lowers electricity costs over time.

Once our systems were in place, Paul now enjoys a dry, clean, and healthy new crawlspace.

Basement Waterproofing in Beaver, OR

This homeowner was dealing with unusable space in his basement because of water intrusion. He heard of John's Waterproofing at one of the home shows our company attended and knew that we could help fix his problem. Our inspector Jack suggested installing our patented WaterGuard system, along with a TripleSafe sump pump and a SaniDry dehumidifier. 


Aaron and his team quickly set out to waterproof Todd's basement and make his space usable again. They started by installing our Waterguard perimeter drain system. It is installed in the perimeter of the walls in the subfloor and collects wall seepage. It then directs the water into the Triple Safe sump pump which has three pumps designed to handle large amounts of water. It pumps the water out of the basement even when the power goes out. We also installed a SaniDry dehumidifier which takes out ten times the amount of water out of the air as a typical dehumidifier yet it uses the same amount if energy. It also automatically drains the water out of a hose, so you never have to empty it. 


Now that our systems are in place, Todd enjoys usable basement space and no longer worries about water intrusion affecting his home.

Wheeler, OR Crawlspace Restored

This homeowner called John's Waterproofing because he was concerned about the standing water in his Crawlspace causing structural damage to his home. Our wonderful inspector, Larry came up with the perfect solution to protect Dennis's home from any further damage. Larry suggested installing our patented Cleanspace encapsulation system, a Triple Safe sump pump, a SaniDry dehumidifier, and an Everlast  Door.


Dennis quickly agreed to Larry's plan and Manuel and his team set out to waterproof the crawlspace. They began by installing our patented Cleanspace encapsulation system which cover the floors and walls of the crawlspace and keeping out all moisture, mold, mildew, insects and pests. It has a 25 year warranty and helps to maintain the health of the home and save on energy costs. The team also installed a Triple Safe sump pump which has a three pump system designed to withstand all pumping requirements. In order to follow Oregon code, we installed a SaniDry dehumidifier which maintains a relative humidity and prevents mold and mildew growth. An exterior Everlast Door was installed over the entryway of the crawlspace  to help control what comes in and out of the crawlspace. It is a maintenance free door that will never crack or warp, and are basically indestructible.


Once our systems were in place, Dennis is glad that he no longer has concerns over standing water causing damage to his home.

Wall Crack Repair in Netarts, OR Basement

This homeowner called John's Waterproofing to see what we could do for a large crack that had been forming for years in the south wall of her basement. Even small cracks in a foundation can be a major problem if they leak groundwater into the basement. 


Our inspector, Jack suggested our FlexiSpan Wall System, and Peter and the team quickly went to work. They started by installing our Waterguard drainage system to channel any potential leaks away from the space and then they applied a flexible and durable polyurethane sealant. FlexiSpan will never re-crack or dry out over time. It stays bonded with wall movement and seals the crack permanently, no matter what.


June is excited that the crack in her wall no longer allows for water intrusion.

Water Seeping through Dirt Floor Depoe Bay, OR

After the bizarre weather that Oregon has had lately, the homeowner decided to check out the odd mold like smell drafting from the crawlspace. Once in the crawlspace, water was found seeping up through the dirt floor. The plastic tarps that had been down there from another company was not stopping the water buildup. Instead, water was pooling on the tarps and mold was growing on it. 

The homeowner called Johns to come and asses the damage, and luckily it was not to severe, all the insulation in the crawlspace was still dry and the water had remained on the ground level. To make sure that the water didn't turn to vapor and infiltrate the homes foundation, Johns got to work. The installation crew began by taking out all of the damaged and poorly installed tarps. Once the space was cleaned out it was ready to start the real work. Each support beam was isolated and properly sealed to keep any water from reaching the wood, we used TerraBlock and Cleanspace sheets to encapsulate the crawlspace so no water could get in. A TripleSafe Sump Pump was installed to ensure the water under the new Cleanspace would have a way to get out and away from this homes foundation. To cap of the project, the vents in the crawlspace were properly sealed off. 

Luckily the homeowner was on top of this issue before it could get worse. With a proper waterproofing system in place, and annual service to keep the system in tip top order, this home will be ready for whatever Oregon weather comes! 

Animal Intrusion - Tillamook, OR

The homeowner had a vapor barrier installed years ago, and it seemed to get the job done. However, when they inspected their crawlspace, they began to find evidence of a rodent intrusion, and their encapsulation had tears and chewed holes throughout it. The homeowners were not the only ones living in their home. To combat this issue before the situation got worse, John's Waterproofing came out. We removed all of the old vapor barriers, and cleaned up the Crawlspace. We then laid down CleanSpace, a 20 Mil woven vapor barrier with a tear resistant pattern to prevent rodents. The install crew then added in vent screens around the space so that nothing could enter via the Crawlspace vents. The entrance to the Crawlspace was also ill-fitted, and so we added an EverLast Door to the space to make sure it was properly sealed. The home will now be able to remain rodent free, allowing the home above to have healthy air circulation. 

Damp CrawlSpace - Cloverdale, OR

These homeowners had their crawlspace waterproofed years ago by another company. The company had come in and laid down a vapor barrier, cutting out holes for the wooden piers and didn't seal it in place with tape or anything else. Since the crawlspace had an adequate amount of headspace, the homeowners had then used the crawlspace for some storage space. As the years progressed, the family noticed a musty smell drafting up through their home. When they went under the home, they realized there was standing water along some of the walls and the piers where the barrier had never been secured. They humidity levels were high, and their fiberglass insulation was drooping from the water weight. They quickly got their storage items out of the crawlspace, and began to notice mold spores on some of their boxes. 

Our crew came out and removed all of the old insulation, vapor barriers, and cleaned out the crawlspace. With a blank canvas, they got to work. Installing a pipe along the interior of the crawlspace all diverting water to a new SmartSump Sump Pump to pull the water away from the foundation. We then installed a CleanSpace 20 Mil barrier that is tear resistant and sealed it against all of the footings under the home. To complete the encapsulation we added in new vent covers and spray foam insulation. 

The homeowners were excited to clear out their home and put items back into their dry and healthy crawlspace. 

Porous Basement Walls - Pacific City, OR

This home has concrete block walls in the basement. As with any porous material, eventually water will find small ways to work through. The basement is mainly used as storage space, but the laundry room was also down here as well as a small home office. The homeowners began to notice an issue in one corner of their basement when water spots appeared. This area was wet to the touch and as the rainy season hit, a small puddle began to form in that corner and the wet walls worsened. Knowing that they had items in the basement that would be damaged by water, they decided to call for some help from John's Waterproofing. 

To waterproof the basement we began by digging a trench along the interior walls, and we put a 3 inch perforated WaterGuard to guide all water to the new TripleSafe Sump Pump we installed. These would work together to collect any water and divert it out and away from the homes foundation. To protect the walls we installed BrightWall paneling, a durable, washable, and 100% waterproof wall that will not mold or rot. This basement is officially waterproofed and protected. Should the homeowners decide to finish their basement, it will be ready for more work, but as is, it will provide and dry and healthy space for the family. 

Water Leaking in Crawlspace - Neskowin, OR

This crawlspace was experiencing water intrusion around the vent covers, exterior entrance, and around the pipes that went through the cement foundation walls. Nervous about the long term damage this was making on the home, the homeowners called in the experts; John's Waterproofing. Upon inspection we also discovered the crawlspace had high levels of humidity, which left could cause mold spores to grow and wood to rot. 

The crawlspace was relatively clean, but we removed the small amount of debris. We then added new vent covers to the crawlspace, ones that would fill the spaces and we sealed these in place so that no water would creep through the cracks. Next we changed out the Crawlspace entrance to a Turtl doorway. This would encapsulate the crawlspace entrance so that water couldn't make its way into the space. We also added in spray foam around all the pipes to block any water intrusion. To make the crawlspace dry and healthy we then added a SuperSump made for crawlspaces, to collect and direct all water out and away from the home. We then sealed the space with Cleanspace, a 20 Mil woven barrier, isolating the piers, and sealing it into place along the walls. To complete this job we installed a SaniDry Sedona to remove humidity from the crawlspace. 

The homeowners were so happy to see that they wouldn't have to worry about water in their crawlspace!

Crawlspace Standing Water in Bay City, OR

Homeowners had laid down their own vapor barrier in the crawlspace. It was laid down throughout the space well, however it was not sealed with a waterproof tape along the edges or connected to the piers and walls. Because of this, the home had condensation that was pulling water up into the fiberglass insulation causing it to get heavy with water and ultimately drip onto the vapor barrier and causing pools of water to form throughout the space. Since the homeowners had thought that the do it yourself route would be enough, they had left the space be... until they noticed how cold their floor was during the winter. They noticed their heating bill get high, and then they checked the crawlspace to find most of the insulation was falling down and muddy water sat throughout the area. Time to get professional help to solve this issue. 

To start the project, we cut the concrete crawlspace entrance so the area was more easily accessible. We then installed an EverLast Doorway here. Then bags full of the damaged insulation was cleaned out and the old vapor barrier was cleared out. with a clean base, we began to work, since the crawlspace was large, we installed a SuperSump Pump on one side and an UltraSump Pump on the opposite side of the crawlspace. That way water could go to two difference spots and be pushed out and away from the home. We ran the discharge lines a safe distance from the home. To create out first layer of waterproof protection we installed TerraBlock over the crawlspace flooring. We then added SilverGlo to the concrete walls to direct water from the walls down to the sump pumps. Everything was then sealed up and covered with CleanSpace. This vapor barrier sealed under each pier, along every seam, and up against the walls. To finish this job we did spray foam to insulate the home and help regulate the homes temperature. Their crawlspace is now dry and healthy, truly giving them ease as the rainy season hits. 

Pooling Water Entering Garage - Oceanside, OR

This homes garage was experiencing water pooling. It would pool just outside the garage door, and then make its way into the garage where it would then pool in one of the corners where the floor sloped. Due to how often this occurs there was a water stain that shows where the water would travel and the homeowners couldn't store anything in that corner of their home since the issue was so frequent. 

To Fix this issue, we dug a trench on the interior of the garage and added in our WaterGuard pipe to push the water in there to a new Super Sump Pump. We also put a TrenchDrain along the driveway so that any water collected there would be guided to the sump pump and then pushed out and away from the home. By doing a drainage system along the exterior of the garage door and inside the parameter of the garage we ensured that their home would be ready for wherever the water came from. Keeping it dry and healthy!

Vacation Attic has Evidence of Unwelcome Guests- Rockaway Beach, OR

This vacation home ended up with a critter trying to live in their attic space when they weren't around. The owners had discovered traces of the critter and learned that the vents to the attic space were never fully sealed up, giving easy access to any animal that wanted to have a dry space to escape the weather. Needing help to properly seal the attic, they called John's Waterproofing. 

Our crew cleared out the attic of the critter debris and removed the damaged pieces of fiberglass insulation. We then added in spray foam to protect the homes ability to maintain a steady temperature and then added new vent covers that would keep critters out! 

Now the owners can rest easy that even when they aren't visiting this house, it wont be home to unwanted critters. 

Bowing Floors from Water Vapor - Garibaldi, OR

This home was placed on a hillside, with some great views over the valley they lived by. However, with years of water draining down the side of the hillside and passing under their dirt floor crawlspace, the posts under the home were water damaged. The homeowners became aware of this issue when they noticed some of their floor was bowed. When they went under the home they realized most of the posts that were holding up their home were water damaged and were not supporting their home, time to call John's Waterproofing.

Our crew came out and began by removing the debris from the crawlspace. Once it was cleared out we safely installed SmartJacks to the underside of the home where the wood posts were failing and added additional SmartJacks to support the damaged areas that needed attention. Our crew then added in a SmartSump sump pump to the lowest portion of the crawlspace so that water would be directed to it, and then pushed out and away from the homes foundation. we then added in SilverGlo Insulation Panels around the walls to help the home retain heat and direct water down the walls to the sump pump. For a vapor barrier we then laid down our 20 Mil woven CleanSpace which was sealed against the post footing, along the walls, and secured into place. 

Bowing Floors from Water Vapor - Garibaldi, OR - Photo 1
Home For Sale Needs to Redo The Crawlspace Waterproofing in Nehalem, OR

The sellers were looking to get their home on the market. They had the home they wanted picked out and it was time to sell. When their home was inspected it was discovered that the crawlspace had sagging fiberglass insulation and the old vapor barrier was badly damaged. Before the home went on market, the crawlspace needed to be fixed so it would prove to potential buyers that the home was well cared for and the foundation was in good condition. 

Our Realty design specialist looked over the crawlspace and no long term damage could be found. But to help the crawlspace get cared for it did need some work. Firstly we removed the fiberglass insulation and the damaged vapor barrier. Since the home didnt run into a large amount of water we laid down out TerraBlock insulation and CleanSpace, as well as SilverGlo Wall insulation. Since the fiberglass had been removed we wanted to ensure the home would be able to regulate temperatures well, and by opting for crawlspace specific insulation we would make sure no drooping, and mold prone fiberglass was put up. Fiberglass is not made for crawlspaces where one side is exposed to the elements. It works great in a wall where it is enclosed, but under a home it is a hot spot for water mold. 

The home is now ready for market and the new homeowners will get to know their foundation is safe from water issues. 

FiberGlass Insulation Falling Apart in Crawlspace - Beaver, OR

The homeowners had a big moisture problem in their basement, and they hadn't been aware of it until they realized their floor was much colder to the touch during the cold season than it had been the year prior. When they went under their home the realized almost all of their fiberglass insulation was drooping and falling down. It had become so water logged that it couldn't perform its job any more. 

To solve this problem our crew went out and removed all of the old insulation from the crawlspace and any other debris that was present. We then laid out a vapor barrier that was sealed into place. Our crew then did spray foam to the underside of the home so that their home could retain its heat and lower their energy bills. 

As a reminder, fiberglass works great when it is sealed in a wall or an area where it is covered on all six sides. It is not made to be in a crawlspace where it is exposed to the elements, this causes it to retain water and becomes a place for mold to grow. This also allows the fiberglass chemicals to fall off and get into the air you breath in your home. 

Crawlspace Water Damage in Wheeler, OR

This home was experiencing water damage in their crawlspace. There were mineral deposit stains on the concrete poured walls of the foundation, the insulation was falling down, they had high levels of humidity, and there was standing water in the lowest spot of the crawlspace. While they had a vapor barrier installed years ago, it was now caked over with mud and was just used as a spot to trap water these days. To assist so their home would be okay, they contacted John's Waterproofing. 

Our crew began by removing the old and muddy vapor barrier, they then removed all of the old insulation and any other debris in the crawlspace. Since there was a large amount of water we installed a TripleSafe Sump Pump, which pushes the water out and away from the homes foundation via a discharge line we installed. Since all of the insolation had been removed we then laid down TerraBlack floor insulation over the dirt floor. We also installed SilverGlo wall insulation, combined these will insulate the crawlspace so that the home above can maintain its temperature. We then isolated each pier and encapsulated the crawlspace with Cleanspace which is secured into place. To combat the high humidity we put in a SaniDry dehumidifier and then installed new vent covers and a new EverLast crawlspace Entrance. 

This whole system works together to help keep this home dry and heathy! 

Crawlspace Infiltrated by the Cold and Critters - Netarts, OR

This home was experiencing cold floors during the winter and when they looked under the home they discovered that their generic vent covers had been chewed through. The crawlspace was littered with evidence of mice and all of their old insulation was damaged and falling. All of the cold that was traveling under the home was directly cooling down their home. They wanted to regulate their homes temperature and wanted to stop their new critter problem before it got out of hand, so they called John's Waterproofing. 

Our crew came out and removed the damaged insulation and cleared out the debris under the home. We then isolated each pier and laid down our TerraBlock crawlspace insulation which would help maintain the homes temperatures. This was then covered with our CleanSpace Vapor Barrier, a 20 Mil woven waterproofing material which was secured under each pier, and to each wall. The homes old vents were replaced with new vent covers that would keep critters out. This crawlspace is now safe from exterior intrusions. 

Noticing Signs of Water Damage in Basement - Hebo, OR

When at a home show in Portland these homeowners decided to stop at our booth. They read through a pamphlet and noticed many of the issues that come with water issues in a basement, were happening in their basement; musty smells, crystalline deposit on concrete, condensation, and cracks in the foundation walls. With these issues on their mind, they wanted someone to come inspect their basement to see if they needed to worry, so we set up a free estimate appointment to walk through their basement with them. Upon inspection our representative was able to find some water issues that should be addressed and pointed out to the homeowners where water damage was beginning to seep into the exposed wood beams in the basement. 

To solve this issue our install crew began by digging a trench along the interior of the basement and installing our WaterGuard system to divert all of the ground water to a newly installed TripleSafe sump pump. This would then divert all water out and away from the homes foundation. To keep the water on the walls contained we installed our BrightWall panels. Once those were fully installed and secured we added in a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to control the humidity levels from the condensation. When our crew left it was looking bright, clean, and most importantly dry. The homeowners were so pleased that their home was protected from water damage.  

Signs of Critters in Crawlspace - Tillamook, OR

This home had high humidity levels in its crawlspace. and a great environment was made for little critters to live in. The old insulation was weakened by the humidity and being torn apart and used by little critters. The home hadn't gotten to a level of infestation but defiantly needed some work to take control over the area. To find a solution, John's Waterproofing was called in. 

Our crew began by removing the old insulation and clearing out the crawlspace. We then installed a SmartDrain to divert groundwater out and away from the home. The space was then covered in TerraBlock crawlspace insulation to help the dirt floor maintain its heat. Each wooden post was then isolated and sealed off from water with our CleanSpace vapor barrier. This 20 Mil thick tear and rip-resistant material encase the floor and seals along each wall. The walls were then covered in Spray Foam and each vent received a new custom cover to keep the unconditioned air out! To finish this off, we installed a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to control the air to moisture content. 

Unfinished Basement has Water Intrusion - Cloverdale, OR

This unfinished basement provided storage and was frequently used by the homeowners. The walls were stacked with storage shelving and the family kept their firewood down here as well. However, the home was having some water problems which was increasing the basement's humidity levels causing water damage to the storage items and making the bottom of their woodpile a bit damp. To get some help, they called in John's Waterproofing. 

Our crews began by digging a trench to insert our WaterGaurd drainage system. This would collect the groundwater and divert it to the newly installed SuperSump pump plus with a backup UltraSump. From here the water is pushed a safe distance away from the foundation of the home to a LawnScape outlet. We also added in a SaniDry Sedona to control the humidity levels of this space so that the home can be dry and healthy. 

Water Damage to Crawlspace Foundational Support - Pacific City, OR

Water damage can really mess with the foundation of a home, especially if left unchecked. This home's wooden posts had soaked up a lot of excess water over the years, and rot had taken hold. The home's floor was bouncy in spots, and doors were no longer sitting evenly in their frames. To get their home safe, they called in John's Waterproofing. 

Our crew came out and removed the old debris from the crawlspace and to make this home structurally sound we had to replace one of the twenty-eight-foot-long beams under the home, and install twenty-four SmartJacks. With the home stable and all of the rotting wood removed, we then encased the crawlspace with our CleanSpace vapor barrier. Each post was isolated and then its anchored to the walls. The walls then had spray foam and a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier installed to control the water issue and keep this home dry and healthy. 

Exterior Vent and Entrance Damaged by Critters - Neskowin, OR

This home had signs of critters creeping under their home. The vent covers in place were chewed up and the crawlspace entryway was a board screwed into place that had chew marks along with it. Every now and then, the homeowners would hear scratching or chewing from under their homes. When they looked in the crawlspace, they didn't see any signs of an infestation and decided they needed to seal off the crawlspace before things escalated. 

To help them out, our crew began by clearing out the debris from under the home. We then installed a SuperSump pump to collect groundwater and divert it away from the home. We then installed our CleanSpace vapor barrier, which seals under each wooden post and anchors to each wall for a nice waterproof seal. Each vent cover was replaced and we installed a Turtl crawlspace entryway so that critters would stay out. To top off this project a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier was installed. Goodbye and good riddance to the critters trying to live under this home!

Home For Sale Needs to Waterproof the Crawlspace, OR

As a home gets ready to go onto the market, one thing that comes into consideration when looking at the selling price is how is the crawlspace or basement maintained. The home's health steams from under the home where its foundation is based, and water is not a good sign. 

This home was going onto the market, and to get the asking price that the sellers wanted, they needed to ensure the home was cared for. Our crew came out and installed a three-inch perforated pipe system around the interior perimeter to collect the groundwater and direct it to a newly installed SmartSump pump that then pushed all of the water a safe distance away from the home to a new LawnScape outlet, The space was then covered in a 6 Mil vapor barrier. This home was now ready for the market.  

Water Running down into Garage and Basement - Oceanside, OR

This home had a decline in their driveway which lead to the garage and basement and created a pathway for water to travel directly into this space. While no major flooding was present, it did cause concern as some musty smells began to develop. To keep their home mold-free and dry, the homeowners called in John's Waterproofing. 

Our crews dug a trench around the interior of the perimeter of the home and installed our WaterGuard drainage system which directs water to the newly installed SuperSump pump which then diverts all water out and away from the home to a new LawnScape outlet. For the garage door opening of this job, we installed a driveway TrenchDrain to collect the water and keep it moving to the new waterproofing system. The smell went away, and this home is now kept dry and healthy. 

Water in Crawlspace leads to Mold and Falling Fiberglass - Rockaway Beach, OR

This home had a standard 6 Mil vapor barrier installed, but it had been a welcome environment for some critters. Without the space being encapsulated, there were signs that critters made it under the home and chewed their way through the vapor barrier in multiple spots. Each crewed hole led to a pool of water in the crawlspace. This water had infiltrated the fiberglass insulation which was above and the water weight caused it to sag and droop. By the severity of the damage, this issue must have been present for a while and had just gone unchecked, leading to mold growing by the old insulation. 

To start this job we removed the old vapor barrier and all of the old insulation. Our crews then had to perform a thorough dry out of the space. Once we had a dry space, a mold expert came in and handled the mold, it was too severe for us to take on. We then went in and installed a 3-inch perforated pipe along with the interior parameter that would collect the groundwater and direct it to a newly installed SuperSump pump and then push the water away from the foundation of the home to a LawnScape outlet. We then installed new vent covers, upgraded the crawlspace entry to a Turtl entrance, and laid down a new 6 Mil vapor barrier. We will check this home annually, to ensure it stays intact!  

Finished Basement has High Humidity - Nehalem, OR

This home had a finished basement, that had been waterproofed from the exterior along the foundation. The homeowners began to notice that there was condensation building up along the windows and were getting nervous about water entering the space. The windows were above the ground level so they didn't have waterproofing around them. To solve the issue, in came Johns Waterproofing. 

To keep their basement protected, the windows were all upgraded and sealed up for any air leaks. We then added in a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to ensure that condensation could not build up again in the basement. This space was now dry and healthy. 

Falling Insulation, Rotting Wood, and Pooling Water - Beaver, OR

This home had some high levels of water intrusion. Because of this, there were wooden posts rotting, the fiberglass insulation was water heavy and falling apart, and water was present more often than not. To address these issues, John's Waterproofing was called in to help. 

Our crew began by removing the old insulation and clearing out the crawlspace to give way to a clean workspace. The floor was then covered in our TerraBlock crawlspace insulation, and each rotten post was replaced with a SmartJack to give the house proper structural support. The space was then encased with our 20 Mil CleanSpace vapor barrier. To keep this area insulated fully the foundation walls were then covered in spray foam. This home is now dry and healthy. 

Water Seeping into Crawlspace - Wheeler, OR

This crawlspace foundation had water seeping into it. Water could be found pooling on the dirt floor, and water stains were present around the vent covers and entryway. To keep the home safe from water damage, John's Waterproofing was called in. 

To begin our crew cleared out the debris from this space. With a clean start, a TripleSafe sump pump was installed. This works to collect the groundwater and divert it away from the home's foundation. We then changed out the old vent covers and installed a new EverLast door system to create a waterproofed entryway that could withstand time. To help this home improve its energy efficiency, we laid down a layer of TerraBlock crawlspace insulation. The wooden posts were then isolated to protect them from water damage with our CleanSpace vapor barrier. CleanSpace was then laid throughout the crawlspace. SilverGlo crawlspace insulation was attached to the foundation walls and the CleanSpace was anchored to the walls. The last piece to protect the home is a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier was installed to keep the humidity down so mold would not be able to grow. 

Upgrading a Crawlspace - Netarts, OR

Five years ago we had installed a SuperSump pump and a 6 Mil vapor barrier. To ensure it stayed in place and was in good shape, we performed annual maintenance on the system. However, 6 Mil vapor barriers are susceptible to tears and rips, and this system was now ready to be changed out. To keep their system protected for a longer period of time, they opted to upgrade their system. 

Our crew began by removing the old 6 Mil barrier. We then used out 20 Mil CleanSpace vapor barrier to isolate each wooden post and sealed it in the space with Cleanspace. This anchor to each all are made of a thick woven material that comes with our twenty-five-year warranty to ensure it keeps your home dry and healthy. We will still perform annual service visits to keep the system in tip-top shape, but this vapor barriers longevity is much better than the standard 6 Mil option. 

Business Waterproofs Basement and Adds Storage Space - Hebo, OR

As this company grew, they realized they needed more space. While buying a new building and moving their operations wasn't yet feasible, they opted to waterproof the basement and tap into the space they already had. To ensure this was done properly, they called in John's Waterproofing. 

Our crews came out and began by digging a trench along the interior parameter and installed a WaterGuard drainage system. This collected the groundwater and directed it to a newly installed TripleSafe sump pump. From here the water was taken out and away from the home to a LawnScape outlet. We than installed BrightWall paneling to the foundation walls to ensure that any water that crept through the walls was directed to the drainage system. As the final piece, to keep humidity levels down so mold wouldn't be a threat, a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier was installed. This basement was now a safe, dry and healthy space for the company to use. 

Water Runs Down Exterior Stairs into Basement - Tillamook, OR

Exterior entryways to a basement can be very convenient and nice to have, however, if water can creep to these stairways, it can become and easy access point for water damage to find its water into this space. This homes stairway collected water, and allowed it to seep into the basement, causing flooding at the bottom of the stairs as well as inside the basement near the doorway. The homeowners had been using a shop vacuum to handle the water, but they noticed a musty smell was still evident in this area due to the moisture still sitting along the walls. To solve this problem, the homeowners called in John's Waterproofing. 

Our crew came out and began by digging a trench. This traced along the interior parameter of the basement. The entryway had a TrenchDrain installed to allow water to fall into the new drainage system. The remained of this had out WaterGuard system installed. These will work to collect the groundwater and push it towards a newly installed SuperSump pump with an UltraSump pump back up should a power outage occur. The drainage system was then sealed up and smoothed over making the basement dry, healthy, and clean.

Structural Repairs to Manufactured Home in Pacific City

This manufactured home was set up on wooden foundation posts, but was otherwise open to the elements with no defining foundation walls. Because of this it was easy for water to creep under the home, and this had led to rot taking hold of the wooden beams under the house. The homeowners noticed they had floors bowing, and doors and windows that no longer sat properly in their frames. To get help, they called in John's Waterproofing. 

Our crew ended up replacing the 28 ft long beam under the home and replacing all twenty-four  wooden posts with SmartJack posts. The SmartJacks provide a waterproofed solution for the home, and added support so the home could be structurally sound once again. While we recommend that this space has foundation walls added in and encased to be waterproofed, the homeowners opted out of this. 

High Humidity in Crawlspace in Neskowin, OR

This homes crawlspace was not air-tight. It had air creeping in around pipes in the foundation walls, and the crawlspace entryway was just an old piece of wood that was swollen with water. Because of these issues, the crawlspace suffered from high humidity and this damp environment was worrisome for the homeowners. 

To address this issue our installation crew air sealed throughout the crawlspace, and replaced the old entryway with a Turtl entrance. We then added in a SuperSump pump to collect ground water and divert it out and away from the home. The space was then sealed up with our CleanSpace vapor barrier, a 20 Mil woven material which is anchored along the walls and inserted under each wooden post. We then installed a SaniDry dehumidifier to ensure this space would be dry and healthy. 

Getting Basement Remodel Ready - Tillamook, OR

This homeowner was ready to remodel their basement for more living space but didn't want to risk water damage after the expense of the remodel and their contractor encouraged them to call John's Waterproofing for advice. A System Designer was sent to the home to offer free advice and a proposal.  He explained to the homeowner that it was not uncommon for a basement to be dry for years and suddenly flood due to torrential rain or new construction in the area or even insects or animals burrowing and creating waterways. He explained how John's Waterproofing could give them a lifetime warranty on the patented  WaterGuard System in that, so long as the pump was operating, the WaterGuard would gather the water and direct it to the pumps.  


The homeowner was sold so an Installation team was scheduled for the job. The crew got to work right away, breaking out 6" of concrete around the perimeter to install the WaterGuard. It was placed on top of the footing in a bed of gravel and inspection ports were strategically placed and terminated at the SuperSump location. Well Ducts were installed at the below-grade windows and a ThermalDry insulation wall system was fastened to walls and both were inserted into the flange at the back of the WaterGuard to insure any wall seepage or window well overflow was directed into the system. Homeowners also invested in a SaniDry XP to keep the air clean and dry.


Now this homeowner could invest in his basement remodel with confidence that it will stay dry and healthy.

Uneven Floors and Doors Won't Close - Garibaldi, OR

This homeowner was suffering warped floors and doors that wouldn't close properly.  An inspection by one of our System Designers showed that there were posts that didn't touch the piers and various odd items that had been stuffed under hanging and unsupported posts to shore them up.  The solution was SmartJacks. SmartJacks are made of Zinc-plated and galvanized steel components to prevent rust. Installation is quick and they immediately lift sagging floors and they last a very long time. A bonus is that, if needed, they can be adjusted should a pier sink into the dirt over the years, making them an adjustable solution to work with. In addition, we cleaned up a large amount of debris under the home and installed a new 6mil plastic barrier to protect the home from water damage. 

Hanging Insulation in Crawl Space - Nehalem, OR

At John's Waterproofing, we work hard to build the best solution for the homeowner. Though we always recommend CleanSpace Encapsulation for the best result, we have other great solutions if they don't quite fit the homeowner's budget. This homeowner decided to have us do a PPP or Pipe/Pump/Plastic to solve his water problem and avoid damage to his crawlspace.


Our System installers were dispersed to do the work.  The old barrier, hanging insulation, and all other debris were removed from the crawlspace. A 3" perforated pipe drain system was installed around the perimeter and graded to the lowest point of the crawl space where a SuperSump and UltraSump battery backup was installed to gather the water and discharge it out and away from the home. Then a new 6mil plastic barrier was installed on the floor of the crawlspace and attached to the foundation walls to ensure that any water seeping in via the footing or wall was captured and removed by the perforated pipe system. The new owners were happy and thrilled with the warranty!

Upgrading To Meet Heavy Rain Demands - Rockaway Beach, OR

Usually, when we are enlisted to do a Real Estate transaction for a Broker on a crawlspace it means a Pipe, Pump, and Plastic job but in this case, a savvy buyer decided his new home should have an encapsulated crawlspace so he was happy to take credit from the seller for a PP&P and pay for the encapsulation upgrade. 


Our Installers made a beautiful trip to the coast for this job.  They got to work right away removing the old barrier, fiberglass insulation, and assorted debris. The vents were sealed and a 3" Perforated Pipe drain system was installed around the perimeter and graded to a TripleSafe Sump system at the low point of the crawl space. TerraBlock was laid on the dirt floor of the space for insulation and to protect the CleanSpace barrier. The posts were isolated and the CleanSpace 20mil, the nylon-reinforced barrier was laid on the floor and fastened to the walls of the crawlspace, and the posts were wrapped tight. All seams were sealed with specially designed tape to ensure that the moisture from the dirt couldn't penetrate the space. A SaniDry dehumidifier was installed to make sure the space stayed dry so mold couldn't grow and the air was filtered regularly for optimum health for the family. Lastly, a 2.5" single-cell spray foam was applied to the foundation wall and over the sill plate and rim joist, further ensuring that the moisture couldn't penetrate the space.

Dry but Dirty Crawlspace - Netarts, OR

Homeowners found our booth at a home show and were intrigued with the information regarding encapsulation, especially because several members of the family battled allergies. Upon inspection, there were no signs that the home was suffering water intrusion however, the old vapor barrier was displaced due to other contractors doing work in the crawlspace and the fiberglass insulation was failing and falling from the floor of the home and the space was littered with construction debris left behind by various workers.


Later that month, our installation crew arrived to do the work.  To begin, our crew removed the 6 mil vapor barrier and fiberglass insulation and debris. TerraBlock, a high-density foam product was laid over the dirt floor. This aids in insulating the crawlspace and protecting the new CleanSpace, 20mil, nylon-reinforced barrier that is laid over the TerraBlock, and all seams are sealed. This is also used to isolate each wooden post and is anchored to the foundation walls. Lastly, a SaniDry dehumidifier was installed to ensure this home stayed dry and healthy. With all the vents sealed, Spray Foam insulation was applied to the full wall of the foundation to keep the home insulated. Healthy, dry, filtered air helps the homeowners stay healthy, comfortable, and save on energy bills. The homeowners were ecstatic that their air was clean and fresh! 




High Water in Crawlspace - Bay City, OR

When a home is built near a high water table, this leaves a lot of water going into the crawlspace. This home had regular flooding, while they had a simple vapor barrier to try to keep water out of this space, they were ready for a lasting solution. To handle the mass amount of water, they opted for full crawlspace encapsulation. 

To begin this project, we cleaned out the debris and old vapor barrier. Once the space was clean and cleared out, a perforated pipe system was laid around the interior parameter which lead the groundwater to a newly installed SuperSump pump with an UltraSump backup. The assist with insulation and protect the vapor barrier we installed TerraBlock over the dirt floor. The wooden posts were then isolated and the entire space was encased with our CleanSpace vapor barrier. This is also anchored along the walls. The walls were then sealed up with Spray Foam. We then sealed up the vents with new covers and a new EverLast entryway. The final piece was a SaniDry dehumidifier to keep this space clean and healthy. 

Pooling Water in Below Grade Garage - Oceanside, OR

When homes are built into a hillside, it is common to see water creep in from the below-grade side of the foundation. This home's basement space was also their garage, and the hillside of the space was experiencing water intrusion. This manifested as pooling water whenever heavy rains were present. To protect their garage and keep this space dry, they reached out to John's Waterproofing. 

Our crew arrived and dug a trench along the three walls in this space, where a WaterGaurd drainage system was installed. The walls were then covered in our BrightWall panels, providing a waterproof, easy-to-clean system that would direct all moisture on the walls down into the drainage system. Water traveled along with the pipe system to a TripleSafe sump pump and out and away from the home. The garage of This home will now be dry and healthy. 

Perils of Fiberglass Insulation - Beaver, OR

The homeowner here was battling rodents and even larger animals who were tearing up and nesting in the fiberglass insulation in the crawlspace. At John's Waterproofing, we know the negatives of fiberglass insulation as it pertains to using it in crawlspaces and why we refuse to use it. Critters and insects love it and they will pull it down, make their homes in it, and rats and mice will urinate in it, and when you consider that over 50% of the air you breathe in your home comes up through the crawlspace....yuck! Additionally, once it begins to fall away from the sub-floor, cold air can get up and between the floor and the insulation so its R-value goes down considerably. 


A System Designer met with the homeowner and dropped down into the crawlspace to survey the damage and took several photos so he could show the homeowner. He also discovered that the vapor barrier was not 6 mil plastic as required by building code but rather clear plastic. Clear plastic, because it lets light through can actually allow plants to grow and why it's no longer allowed.  He explained all to the homeowner and built a proposal to repair the problems.


The crew came out later and went to work pulling out the old barrier and all of the insulation, repairing the screens in the vents where the critters were getting in, and laid a new 6mil black plastic vapor barrier throughout, overlapping it well and attaching it to the foundation walls. Lastly, they attached SilverGlo rigid insulation board to the foundation walls to help keep the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and help lower utility bills.

Falling Insulation and a Musty Smell - Beaver, OR

This home had an odd smell emanating from the crawlspace, they knew that the smell was not healthy, and called in John's Waterproofing for assistance. Upon inspection, the system designer found falling fiberglass insulation, heavy with water weight and harboring mildew due to the amount of water that it had absorbed. 

To solve this issue, all of the old insulation was removed, once removed it was found that the mildew had just been in the old insulation, and had not yet reached the wooden portions of the home's foundation yet. We then cleaned up the rest of the crawlspace and laid down a new 6 mil vapor barrier. This home's musty smell is now gone and cleared out. 

A Full Encapsulation In Two Parts - Netarts, OR

This crawlspace was experiencing pooling water and the homeowners wanted to stop this before the damage occurred to their home. The homeowners wanted to do a full encapsulation to solve their water issues, and opted to split this job into two different parts. 

The first time our crew arrived we cleaned out the space. We removed the old insulation and muddy vapor barrier. With a clean area, we then installed a three-inch perforated pipe system. This collected the groundwater and diverted it along to a TripleSafe sump pump, where the water is then pushed out and away from the home. We then laid down a layer of 6 Mil and installed new vent covers to help protect the home. 

A few years down the road, when the 6 Mil vapor barrier was ready to be replaced, we finished the encapsulation. We removed the old barrier and laid down TerraBlock insulation. We then used our CleanSpace, 20 Mil woven vapor barrier, this was inserted under the wooden posts, anchored along the walls, and secured in place. The walls were then insulated with Spray Foam to truly keep this home dry and healthy. 

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