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Expert basement waterproofing, basement finishing, crawl space repair, & plumbing company in Clatsop County, OR

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, but we also strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Basement Systems dealer in Clatsop, OR.

Services we offer in Clatsop County:

  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing solutions.
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems.
  • Basement finishing and remodeling services.
  • Crawl space sealing with CleanSpace vapor barrier.
  • Quick & efficient plumbing services
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
Job Stories From Clatsop County, OR
Water causes Mold in Seaside, OR Crawlspace

This homeowner was concerned about the amount of water entering into his crawlspace and the damage it was causing to his foundation. Being from the coastal area, water concerns are very common. After inspection, Jacob suggested installing our patented Cleanspace waterproofing system, a Smart Sump pump with an Ultra Sump back up battery system, and Mold X.

Cameron and his team quickly began to work towards waterproofing Paul's crawlspace. They installed out patented Cleanspace encapsulation system which serves to completely keep out all moisture and act as a barrier for insulation. This was installed with a Smart Sump pump with the backup battery Ultra Sump so that if power should go out, the sump pump will continue to work. We also used Mold-X which is a highly effective cleaner for the mold contaminated beams in the crawlspace.

Now that our waterproofing system is in place, Paul no longer has concerns over water entering his crawlspace and causing water damage and mold.

Water causes Mold in Seaside, OR Crawlspace - Photo 1Water causes Mold in Seaside, OR Crawlspace - Photo 2Water causes Mold in Seaside, OR Crawlspace - Photo 3
Wet Basement-Crawlspace Combo. in Arch Cape, OR

Our crew went to a job in Arch City. The customer called our office complaining of water leakage into their basement and crawlspace combo. Our team installed a TripleSafe sump pump, a WaterGuard system, CleanSpace liner, and a SmartDrain in order to solve their current water intrusion problems and prevent future issues from occurring. This customer now has a dry and healthy basement-crawlspace combo for years to come. 

WaterGuard installed in Leaky Warrenton, OR Basement

Our crews went to a job in Warrenton. The customer had called our office complaining leaky basement walls. Our inspector, Zezar suggested installing our patented WaterGuard drainage system. The homeowner happily agreed and Delfino and his team quickly set out to stop Jake's basement walls from leaking. WaterGuard works by collecting wall seepage and draining it to the Super Sump sump pump. It is placed in the footing of the basement floor and is virtually invisible once the job is finished. The Super Sump is a full-featured system that includes all the best components available and has top performance year after year.


Jake now has a dry and healthy basement for years to come.

WaterGuard installed in Leaky Warrenton, OR Basement - Photo 1WaterGuard installed in Leaky Warrenton, OR Basement - Photo 2
Homeowners in Tolovana Park, OR Enjoy Their Dry Basement

These homeowners in Tolovana Park simply wanted to enjoy their basement all year long, but consistent water intrusion hindered this from happening. So they gave us a call and our crews went out to solve the problem. Our crews installed BrightWall paneling on all of the basement walls. BrightWall paneling intercepts any water coming in through the walls and channels it down to the WaterGuard piping system along the lower perimeter of the basement. The WaterGuard is designed to never clog up with silt or sediment as it guides the water straight through the sump pump.

Our crews also installed a TripleSafe sump pump in the basement. The TripleSafe has three separate pumps. That means that if there's ever a plumbing leak or too much water for the main pump to handle the backup pump kicks in. Together, those two pumps can remove up to 6,200 gallons of water per hour out of the basement. The third pump kicks in if there's ever a power outage since it's battery operated. The TripleSafe also has a built-in WaterWatch alarm system which will alert the homeowner in the event of a plumbing leak before any damage has occurred.

A SaniDry XP dehumidifier was also installed. The SaniDry eliminates damp and musty odors in the basement by drying and filtering the air. If the air in the basement is healthier, so is the rest of the home. Now the homeowners can enjoy their basement, no matter what season it is, for years to come. 

Wet Crawlspace in Hammond, Oregon

This homeowner in Hammond, Oregon called because he had water in his crawlspace. Our inspector Bob was surprised when he went under the home to see exactly how much water there was. This wet space was not only causing cold drafts through the home, it was beginning to rot the home's foundation. 

Bob suggested our CleanSpace Encapsulation system to take care of the water issues and create a healthy space. In addition to this, he recommended replacing the rotted posts with our Smart Jack posts. Our CleanSpace System includes a perimeter drain to collect water as it comes into the crawlspace and a sump pump to route the water too. Once the drainage is in place our crews install the patented CleanSpace, a 20 mil thick vapor barrier that is anti-microbial and designed to resist tearing or ripping. The final piece of the system is a dehumidifier to keep the relative humidity under 50%. This prevents any chance of mold growth in the space. 

Our crews then replaced the rotten posts with SmartJacks to finish the job. 

Wet Crawlspace in Hammond, Oregon - Photo 1Wet Crawlspace in Hammond, Oregon - Photo 2
Super Sump in Astoria, OR Basement

This homeowner already had a sump pump but realized that it was not working efficiently. She also wanted to make sure her basement was waterproofed because her house was for sale. Our inspector, Daniel, noticed that there was water getting into the basement and suggested installing our patented Waterguard system and a sump pump.

Once the homeowner agreed to our recommendations Tim and his team quickly went to work. They installed our patented WaterGuard perimeter drain system which collects wall seepage and directs the water to the sump pump. Bree chose to have a SuperSump sump pump installed which has a built-in alarm system for when water levels rise too high. It smoothly and quietly pumps out up to 2,600 gallons of water per hour.

Now that our systems is in place, Bree is confident that her home will sell better and that the future homeowners will not have to worry about water issues.

Super Sump in Astoria, OR Basement - Photo 1Super Sump in Astoria, OR Basement - Photo 2Super Sump in Astoria, OR Basement - Photo 3
Moisture in the Crawlspace in Seaside

Over time moisture had been getting into this customers crawlspace causing a huge issue. Mold had started to grow all over the crawlspace. Since up to 50% of the air you breathe comes from your crawlspace, he decided to give us a call for an inspection. 

Our inspector Vincent went out to check the crawlspace and come up with a plan to fix the problem. He recommended that we do a crawlspace encapsulation with our CleanSpace system. First, we would take care of all the mold with our Mold X2 cleaner that not only kills all the mold but removes the stains left behind.  We would install our TripleSafe sump pump that has three levels of pumps to ensure any water issues moving forward would be covered, and it also has a WaterWatch Alarm that will alert you if the water rises above the range to prevent damage. Paired with our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier, and air filtration to keep the humidity down, mold and moisture cannot form. Encapsulated with our Cleanspace barrier and a new downspout for water to drain far away from the building water will never be an issue. 

Our customer was eager to have Delfino and his crew get started on his crawlspace. He now doesn't have to worry about water and moisture causing issues in his crawlspace and peace of mind knowing there is no more mold. 

Moisture in the Crawlspace in Seaside - Photo 1Moisture in the Crawlspace in Seaside - Photo 2Moisture in the Crawlspace in Seaside - Photo 3Moisture in the Crawlspace in Seaside - Photo 4
Water Pooling on Vapor Barrier in Warrenton, OR

The homeowners had a vapor barrier added into their basement a few years back. They had thought it would be an out of sight, out of mind situation, however, they decided to check on how it was holding up and once they opened up the door to their crawlspace they discovered heavy, water saturated fiberglass insulation, and pooling on top of the vapor barrier. The company that had installed it never fully sealed it. Water was coming in where the plastics overlapped and through the crevice's between the barrier and the posts. This was not a solution that they were looking for, it wasn't doing the job at all. 

Our crew began by removing all of the old and damaged material under their home and had to dry it all out. Since they had a large amount of water, we dug down a three inch perforated pipe along the interior of the crawlspace and attached it to a Super Sump Pump to help pull the water out and away from the home. We then laid down a 6 Mil Black Plastic and sealed it all up, making sure that it was attached to the home, and was secured around or under each footing as needed. 

To make sure that the home is cared for, we always recommend an annual service check up, that way we know all of the equipment is working properly and has not been disturbed. We want to make water issues a thing of the past. 

Crawlspace has Standing Water - Hammond, OR

The homeowner had an issue with standing water in their crawlspace. As the years progressed the pools of water would get bigger with each rainy season. It was time to take on the issue head on and put an end to water issues, to get the job done right, they turned to John's Waterproofing for help. 

Our crew went out and began by removing all debris from the crawlspace. We then added in a SuperSump Pump to pull all of the water out of the crawlspace and run it along a newly installed drainage pipe. With the water now being diverted a safe distance from the homes foundation, each post was isolated and sealed up with our Cleanspace vapor barrier. This woven material is tear and ripe resistant and comes with our guarantee that it will last through the years. Cleanspace was sealed up along the walls and throughout the crawlspace to ensure it would be thoroughly sealed. To finish off the project we changed out the vent covers for new ones since the old ones had been damaged by critters. 

Crawlspace Access Points Bringing in Water - Cannon Beach, OR

This home was built on a pretty level property, where most of the water would just stand where it feel. Sadly the home also had a crawlspace entrance and vents that sat at ground level, and when the rain was heavy, this would just allow water to drain directly into the crawlspace. The water and subsequent moisture had allowed the fiberglass insulation under the home to sag with water weight and as more fell down, the homes energy costs would rise. To save money and protect the home, they called in John's Waterproofing. 

Our crew began by removing the damaged insulation. Next each vent and the access point were changed out. We fit in new vent covers that would keep the water out, and added in an EverLast Access Well and EverLast entryway to make sure that the water couldn't pour under the house. Next we installed an UltraSump pump and a SmartSump pump to keep up with the water that the home experienced. There were connected to a system that took the water out and away from the homes foundation. We then isolated each post and pier under the house so that water couldn't penetrate the wood. Then TerraBlock, a crawlspace insulation matting, was laid throughout the crawlspace and topped with our Cleanspace vapor barrier. This was sealed along the walls with anchors and we did spray foam to insulate the rest of the crawlspace. Since the water levels in the soil were high, we also added in a SaniDry Sedona to keep the humidity levels in the crawlspace at a reasonable level. 

Water Run off Entering Crawlspace in Tolovana Park, OR

These homeowners had an odd damp smell emanating from their Crawlspace. This smell permeated into the home above and the family had some rising concerns about how this was affecting the air they were breathing. When they had one of our design specialists inspect their crawlspace it was discovered that water had made some nice grooves under their home to pass through as it ran off down the hillside they lived on. This constant moisture was leading to mold spores and wood rot to their foundation. 

To help the family regain their healthy air and a clean crawlspace our crew came out to help. We installed a perforated pipe along the interior parameter of the crawlspace to move all ground water to a designated discharge line with a Smart Sump pump. This allows the water to be contained and kept where we want it so it cannot sit and cause the home damage. We then added in three SmartJacks to add structural support where the wood rot had done damage. And to finish the job off we lined the area with our CleanSpace Vapor barrier. This is sealed fully in place under each wooden pier, along each wall, and to each sheet so no water can penetrate the Crawlspace. 

The homes are was instantly fresher smelling and the homeowners were so pleased to know their home wouldn't be rotting away under their feet. 

Standing Water Causes Damage to Crawlspace - Warrenton, OR

This home had a vapor barrier that had been installed years before, but with no maintenance to keep it in place or clean, water had pushed its way into the crawlspace. Water could be found pooling on top of the barrier, and mud was throughout the crawlspace. The above fiberglass insulation was drooping and falling apart. Wanting to keep their home warm, the homeowners had called for new insulation. After going over how fiberglass is made to be encased tightly on all sides and presenting insulation options made for a crawlspace, we found the right solution for this home. 

Our crews began by going in and removing the old fiberglass insulation and old vapor barrier. We then installed a TripleSafe sump pump to divert groundwater out and away from the home to a LawnScape outlet. We then laid our TerraBlock crawlspace insulation over the dirt floor and encased the post footings with Cleanspace. Cleanspace was then placed throughout the crawlspace and fully secured along the walls. The crawlspace walls were then covered in spray foam insulation. To finish off we installed new vent covers. This home will now be dry and healthy. 

Standing Water Fills Crawlspace - Hammond, OR

The crawlspace of this home experienced annual issues with standing water. After a few years of this issue, an odd smell began to creep into the home. They had a mold remediation company come out to kill all of the mold spores that had taken hold of their crawlspace and were advised to have a waterproofing system installed so that mold issues didn't arise again. To keep water issues away, the homeowners called in John's Waterproofing. 

Our crew began by clearing out the debris from the crawlspace, we then installed a SmartSump pump to collect groundwater and divert it out and away from the home. A perforated pipe was also installed along the interior parameter to collect groundwater to bring to the sump pump. A 20 Mil thick CleanSpace vapor barrier was then installed. This was isolated around each post footing to protect against water damage and was anchored along each wall for a secured fit. To finish this project off we installed a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to ensure that the humidity levels under the home would not be conducive to mold to grow or take hold. This home is now dry and healthy! 

Molding Insulation and High Energy Costs - Seaside, OR

This home's old fiberglass insulation was falling to pieces from water weight. This water also had begun to grow mold spores that were beginning to mold the wooden foundation beams as well. To reclaim a healthy crawlspace, the homeowners called in John's Waterproofing. 

Our crew came out and began by removing the old insulation. We then added Mold X2 to kill the mold before the problem progressed. To keep the groundwater moving, we installed a SmartSump with an UltraSump pump backup. We then laid down our TerraBlock crawlspace insulation. The space then had our 20 Mil vapor barrier; CleanSpace, installed. This wraps around each post footing to protect against water damage and this barrier is also anchored along the walls. We then Used spray foam along the foundation walls to ensure this space was fully insulated. To ensure this space would stay dry and healthy we also installed a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier. 

High Humidity and Critters in the Crawlspace - Cannon Beach, OR

High humidity in a crawlspace can create a welcoming environment for mold spores, insects, and critters. This crawlspaces humidity had led to musty smells and signs of critters inhabiting the space. The homeowners were ready to take back their clean air and called up John's Waterproofing.

Our crews arrived and did a debris removal. Once the space was cleaned out we installed a TripleSafe sump pump with an UltraSump backup since power outages were an issue during rain storms. We then installed our 20-mill thick CleanSpace vapor barrier. This wraps under each wooden post and comes with a 25-year warranty against rips and tears. We then did spray foam along the foundation walls, this works to seal up any small holes, and also provides insulation for this space. To ensure humidity wouldn't cause any further issues we also inserted a SaniDry CX dehumidifier and replaced the vent covers. This home will now be dry and healthy. 

Old and Damage Insulation and High Energy Bills in Astoria, OR

This homes energy bills were steadily rising. The homeowners knew their home was older, but the rise was more drastic than seemed normal. To address this the homeowners looked for ways to save on their energy bills, which is how they discovered that crawlspaces can be a leading cause for issues. Since they realized that their homes flooring was cold to the touch, they reached out for an assessment. When our design specialist went into the crawlspace we found old fiberglass insulation falling from the crawlspace ceiling, heavy from water weight. 

To solve this issue we began by having the old insulation cleaned out. Once it was cleared, there was some mold spores found along the wooden beams of the home, where water had festered in the insulation. Since the mold wasn't very advanced we were able to clear it out with MoldX. Our installation crew then replaced each vent cover and the crawlspace entryway since they were not in top shape. Our crew then laid down TerraBlock, a crawlspace specific insulation. This was then fully encased with our CleanSpace vapor barrier. This material is 20 Mil thick and made of a woven material, backed with our twenty-five year warranty against tears and rips. As a final piece we added spray foam along the foundation walls, and a SaniDry dehumidifier. The home will now be dry and healthy. 

New Home has a Flooding Crawlspace in Arch Cape, OR

This new house was getting near completion, the walls were up, and just final touches were needed. The cabinets, trim, and cleaning up the landscaping. While the crawlspace had a generic 6 Mil vapor barrier it couldn't keep the water at bay and the home ended up flooding when a big rainstorm hit. The homeowners wanted to know why this was happening and that their home was protected from water damage, so they called in John's Waterproofing. 


A System Designer was scheduled to visit the home and do a thorough examination and evaluation of the problem and take numerous photos to share with the homeowner. He explained what was happening and why and how to fix it. It was decided that encapsulation was the best


To begin our crew removed the 6 mil vapor barrier and fiberglass insulation and debris and placed a sump and fans in the crawlspace to dry it sufficiently to do the work. A couple of weeks later, the space was dry enough to do the installation. They installed a 3" perforated pipe drainage system around the perimeter to collect the water and direct it to a newly installed TripleSafe sump pump, along with proper discharge. TerraBlock, a high-density foam product was laid over the dirt floor. This aids in insulating the crawlspace protecting the new CleanSpace, 20 mil, nylon-reinforced barrier. This is used to isolate each wooden post and anchored to the foundation walls. Lastly, a SaniDry dehumidifier was installed to ensure this home stayed dry and healthy. With all the vents sealed, Spray Foam insulation was applied to the full wall of the foundation to keep the home insulated. Healthy, dry, filtered air helps the homeowners stay healthy and comfortable



Real Estate Special - Hammond, OR

John's Waterproofing has a unique program designed for Brokers. Often when an inspection report is done on a residence that is for sale, one of the problems frequently found is the poor condition of the crawlspace. In this home, the inspector found water in the crawlspace and warned the buyer's broker that to be code compliant, the problems needed to be remedied. Our Real Estate Specialist arrived at the home and inspected the crawlspace, and wrote up a proposal for the broker, who then called him back the next day confirming the acceptance of the work and that it would be paid for out of escrow.


Our team of installers was sent out a few days later to fix the problems. They removed the old barrier and debris from the crawlspace and installed a full perimeter drainage system around the interior of the crawlspace consisting of a 3" perf pipe in a silt sock that terminated at the low spot of the crawlspace where a SuperSump was installed  Lastly, a new 6 mil plastic barrier was installed on all dirt surfaces and fastened to the foundation.


The new homeowner can now rest assured that his crawlspace will be dry and healthy and is warrantied for 10 years. 

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