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Expert basement waterproofing, basement finishing, crawl space repair, & plumbing company in Lincoln County, OR

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, but we also strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Basement Systems dealer in Lincoln, OR.

Services we offer in Lincoln County:

  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing solutions.
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems.
  • Basement finishing and remodeling services.
  • Crawl space sealing with CleanSpace vapor barrier.
  • Quick & efficient plumbing services
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
Job Stories From Lincoln County, OR
This homeowners testimonial is a job story on its own!
This customer wrote us to tell us how his job went and i think his wrds explained the process for homeowners so well that I wanted to shre it as a job story! He wrote:
"Enclosed and sealed off our coastal home crawl space.  Installed sump pump and backup with alarms and a dehumidifier.  We bought the house new in 2002 and began smelling a musty odor a couple years ago.  It got worse over time and we decided to either sell the house or fix the problem.  We opted to research the market and see if there was a fix available that made sense and had a good track record with similar problems.  We ultimately found John's and decided to go with him.
The damp, musty smell from our crawl space was was worse in the winter when the crawlspace had some standing water in it.   There was a French drain installed by the builder but did not remove all the water in the winter and even in the summer, the dirt floor was always damp.  
 The person who came to our place did a check of the crawl space and took pictures and humidity readings and presented his solution as well as the price proposal. Work was scheduled to start within a few weeks.  The work team showed up on time, neatly dressed and immediately started working.  They completely shielded our entry and hallways to the back bedroom where the crawlspace access was located.  This barrier stayed up during the entire process but they did take it partially down at the end of each day for ease of our access.  Work proceeded at a rapid pace as all the old floor insulation was removed along with the plastic sheeting on the dirt floor of the crawlspace.  They also removed all debris from the crawlspace, leveled the surface and created channels for water to run to the sump pit.  They inserted new waterproof barriers under all the support posts and then sealed the foundation vents with plastic covers and sealing compound.  They modified one of the vent covers to accomodate the dryer vent in that location.  Then they placed drains along the base of each foundation wall that will direct water to the sump pit.  The foundation walls were insulated and sealed at the top and then the heavy guage material was placed on the dirt floor and sealed with heavy duty tape to create a seamless barrier between the always-damp ground and the crawl space environment.  The sump and back-up along with alarms was installed and the pump was connected through the foundation to drain into the strorm water runnoff ditch in front of our home.  The dehumidifier was the last bit of installation and followed by a complete and thorough clean up of everything.  The work was completed on the estimated schedule and we were absolutely delighted with the entier team.  They were always punctual, professional and easily accomodated the "little things" that always come up during any job. We have no reason at this point to doubt that it's success and every reason to be very happy with John's Waterproofing."
Wet Basement Repair in South Beach Oregon

This homeowner called because water was seeping into their basement when it rains steadily. Our inspector Jacob was able to work with the homeowner to create a waterproofing system for their basement that would ensure that any future leaking would not be an issue. 

To start the system our crew installed a WaterGuard system that would collect any coming into the foundation from we walls or the foundation crease. Our patented system collects water as it comes in and takes it to the sump pump. 

Once the WaterGuard is completed and the cement repoured over the system to conceal it, our team then installed ThermalDry Wall. This wall system is non-permeable and inorganic so you don't have to worry about mold or mildew in the walls from moisture issues. It provides a thermal break between the basement and the cold cement walls and allows for the homeowner to finish the walls without risk of moisture. 

We finished off the system with a sump pump and dehumidifier to keep the basement at a comfortable humidity to inhibit any mold growth in the space and provide clean, healthy air to the homeowners for years to come. 


Wet Crawlspace in Siletz Oregon

This crawlspace in Siletz, Oregon was a mess when our inspector Dan went down there. The vapor barrier was torn and had a thick layer of water over the top as well as large areas were the vapor barrier was missing altogether. The sagging insulation was completely useless and the high humidity and moisture were breeding mold spores. 

Dan recommended two options to the homeowners to consider. The first was to install a drainage system and sump pump in order to ensure the groundwater problem was handled and to replace the current vapor barrier they already had. 

The second option was for the homeowners invest in a full encapsulation system in order to solve their moisture issues and prevent any further damage to the home. Not only would it solve their issues and protect their space it will provide them with superior air quality and energy efficiency. 

Our homeowners opted, for now, to choose the less expensive vapor barrier to solve the issue and to complete the full encapsulation this following year. 

Wet Crawlspace in Siletz Oregon - Photo 1Wet Crawlspace in Siletz Oregon - Photo 2Wet Crawlspace in Siletz Oregon - Photo 3Wet Crawlspace in Siletz Oregon - Photo 4Wet Crawlspace in Siletz Oregon - Photo 5Wet Crawlspace in Siletz Oregon - Photo 6
Wet Crawlspace in Seal Rock, Oregon

This homeowner called fearful of water in their crawlspace. Our inspector Daniel came out and confirmed they did indeed have water in their crawlspace and it was beginning to make some of their foundation posts damp and soft, which over time will rot the post through and can create an environment where mold can grow. 

The homeowners listed to all of Daniel's suggestions and chose to do the full crawlspace encapsulation. This included removing the damp insulation, installing a perimeter drain system and sump pump and then encapsulating the whole space with our patented CleanSpace System and installing the SaniDry Dehumidifier. This allows for the home to be dry and comfortable. 

As a final finish, the homeowner opted to add perimeter spray foam insulation. This will reduce the home's energy use by up to 30% a year! 

Wet Crawlspace in Seal Rock, Oregon - Photo 1Wet Crawlspace in Seal Rock, Oregon - Photo 2Wet Crawlspace in Seal Rock, Oregon - Photo 3Wet Crawlspace in Seal Rock, Oregon - Photo 4
Dry Crawl Space for Home in Yachats, Oregon

A homeowner in Yachats, Oregon called with complaints about their wet crawl space. Our crew went out to the home to fix the problem. The cleared out all the debris, including the old, worn out and ripped vapor barrier. They replaced that with a brand new vapor barrier and they installed a SuperSump sump pump. This sump pump has a very powerful pump that can pump 2,650 gallons of water per hour. It also has a heavy-duty smooth wall liner with 96 holes that allow water to flow in directly from below the floor. It also has a built-in WaterWatch alarm system to alert the homeowner in the event of a plumbing leak before any damage has occurred. Now with a new vapor barrier and an incredibly reliable and powerful new SuperSump sump pump, the homeowner no longer has to worry about his wet crawl space. 

Dry Basement for Home in Logsden, Oregon

A homeowner in Logsden, Oregon noticed a few puddles in the corners of her basement. Wanting to make sure her basement didn't completely flood, she called us. Our crews went out to the home to fix the problem. They installed WaterGuard piping system along the perimeter of the basement, where the wall meets the floor. WaterGuard intercepts the water coming down from the walls and from under the floor and drains it safely and unseen away into the sump pump. An UltraSump sump pump was also installed in the basement. The UltraSump has a battery back-up pumping system in case of power outages, primary pump failures, circuit breakers tripping or pump becoming unplugged. It also has built-in WaterWatch alarm system to alert the homeowner in case of a plumbing leak, before any damage has occurred. Now this homeowner no longer has puddles or any other water intrusion in her basement and can rest assured about keeping her basement dry.  

Healthier Crawl Space for Home in Otter Rock, Oregon

We received a call from a homeowner in Otter Rock, Oregon who had concerns about the air quality in her home. There was a musty and damp odor in throughout the house. Our crews went out to the home to help. The problem was originating from the crawl space. Air travels up so air with mold spores or other allergens from the crawl space will make its way up to the rest of the home. Our crews removed all debris from the crawl space and then installed CleanSpace encapsulation system on the walls and floor of the crawl space to prevent moisture or water vapors from coming in. This means no new mold growth. They also installed a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier in the crawl space. The SaniDry Sedona eliminates damp and musty odors by drying and filtering the air. It's the most efficient dehumidifier in the world and plenty powerful enough to keep the home's humidity levels below 55% so mold and dust mites won't stand a chance. Now this homeowner can breathe easy with cleaner, healthier air in her crawl space and home. 

Turtl Crawl Space Entry in Tidewater, OR

This homeowner was unsatisfied with how hard it was to access their crawlspace and inquired our help in solving the problem. Our inspector, Jacob suggested installing our Turtl Crawl Dpace Entry System. Ramon and his team quickly installed the Turtl giving the homeowner new benefits such as protection from entryway water intrusion and locking ability in the entryway. The Turtle comes in three different colors and is maintenance free.

The homeowner can now easily access his crawlspace and enjoys the new benefits of the Turtl.

Basement finishing project in South Beach Oregon

This customer called our office complaining about water leaking into her basement, especially with heavy rains. Our salesman recommended our patented Waterguard system to handle the water leak as well as a Triple safe sump pump and Sanidry Sedona to ensure a dry basement. He also recommended finishing her basement with a set of wall systems designed to prevent water and mold as well as provide a beautiful finished area.  

Basement finishing project in South Beach Oregon - Photo 1Basement finishing project in South Beach Oregon - Photo 2Basement finishing project in South Beach Oregon - Photo 3Basement finishing project in South Beach Oregon - Photo 4Basement finishing project in South Beach Oregon - Photo 5Basement finishing project in South Beach Oregon - Photo 6Basement finishing project in South Beach Oregon - Photo 7Basement finishing project in South Beach Oregon - Photo 8Basement finishing project in South Beach Oregon - Photo 9Basement finishing project in South Beach Oregon - Photo 10
Water Mineral Build-up in Neotsu, OR

The homeowner called to discuss the white mineral build up found in their unfinished basement and crawlspace areas. While an old Sump Pump was installed by another company, it was unable to keep standing water from being in some of the elevated spaces, and the basement had an ongoing issue with water seeping through their concrete block walls. This constant issue was leading to a white mineral build up on most of the wall surfaces. And because water could get in, when the weather heated up, all the vapor was starting to cause visible damage to the insulation that was inserted into the ceiling spaces. It was drooping, and falling apart during the humid months. 

To combat this pressing issue, John's installation crew began by removing the debris that was present. Any damaged installation and old un-maintained material was removed. The crew then removed the old sump pump and dug out the space so it would have a floor area that the crew could work in. WaterGaurd piping was laid around the edges of the space and connected to the new TripleSafe Sump Pump. With a new system in place to keep standing water at bay, the crew then installed ThermalDry Wall sheets to keep the weeping walls contained.

Once completed this job was able to keep the basement dry and became an easy to access space so the homeowners could monitor their basement and crawlspace and have annual services performed so the water would stay out of their home. 

Water Seeping through Dirt Floor Depoe Bay, OR

After the bizarre weather that Oregon has had lately, the homeowner decided to check out the odd mold like smell drafting from the crawlspace. Once in the crawlspace, water was found seeping up through the dirt floor. The plastic tarps that had been down there from another company was not stopping the water buildup. Instead, water was pooling on the tarps and mold was growing on it. 

The homeowner called Johns to come and asses the damage, and luckily it was not to severe, all the insulation in the crawlspace was still dry and the water had remained on the ground level. To make sure that the water didn't turn to vapor and infiltrate the homes foundation, Johns got to work. The installation crew began by taking out all of the damaged and poorly installed tarps. Once the space was cleaned out it was ready to start the real work. Each support beam was isolated and properly sealed to keep any water from reaching the wood, we used TerraBlock and Cleanspace sheets to encapsulate the crawlspace so no water could get in. A TripleSafe Sump Pump was installed to ensure the water under the new Cleanspace would have a way to get out and away from this homes foundation. To cap of the project, the vents in the crawlspace were properly sealed off. 

Luckily the homeowner was on top of this issue before it could get worse. With a proper waterproofing system in place, and annual service to keep the system in tip top order, this home will be ready for whatever Oregon weather comes! 

Flooding in the Crawlspace - Newport, OR

Customer called when flooding was discovered in their small crawlspace. Most of the insulation had become so saturated with water that it had fallen to the ground floor of the crawlspace and was soaked through. The fact that it had fallen was good for the wood of the house, but, it would need a lot of work to be a safe environment for our installation crews to be able to move through. 

To begin, the space needed to be dried out, with the help of preliminary trenching, some temporary pumps, and a dehumidifier, the crawlspace was able to dry out and we could go in. With the space dry, all of the old insulation and debris was removed and discarded. We added in a three inch pipe around the interior walls of the crawlspace connected to a SuperSump Plus Pump to be able to combat the mass amounts of water the space was experiencing. We added in a 30 ft. discharge pipe that took the water to a safe distance away from the home. To finish the space we then installed Cleanspace to the interior so it could be a dry and clean space from here on out!


Waterproofing to prep for Total Basement Finishing - Toledo, OR

The Homeowner had a small section of the basement that was unfinished and they were ready to reclaim the space as their own. Johns came out and while no water damage could be detected we were happy to waterproof the basement. The owner had a personal friend who would be going over our work to complete their basement. We were happy to assist so that should any leaks or issues arise, it wouldn't ruin the work that would be put into the space. 

We started with adding in a SaniDry Pump and a Super Sump Pump to the space. This would allow any water to be pulled away from the home so it couldn't cause any harm. Next we waterproofed the walls with our ThermalDry wall panels and added Watergaurd sheets to the space. With the area all waterproofed our crew cleaned up and left a safe and usable space so that it could be finished to the homeowners desires. 

Here at John's we do offer the Total Basement Finishing option to any who wish to have us waterproof and create a beautiful space out of any basement. But if you should choose to use another contractor for the final work, please give us a call so we can waterproof and protect your investment. 

Crawlspace Flooded in Otis, OR

The homeowner was used to their crawlspace taking on water in the crawlspace, they had just assumed this was normal, until the crawlspace flooded and almost started to enter through the floor boards. When the homeowners saw how high the water levels were, they figured their must be a better way, and John's Waterproofing was happy to come and fix their Crawlspace with a full encapsulation. 

To be able to work, we began by pumping the water out of the crawlspace and drying it out. Once the space was workable, our crew went in and cleaned out all the debris and old insulation. We added in a Smart Drain Sump Pump which is capable of pumping out 2,500 gallons of water per hour. We also added in a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to the space to make sure all water and water vapor would have a safe way to get out and away from the home. We laid down our Terra Block and CleanSpace barriers so that the crawlspace would be dry and clean and protected from exterior elements. Due to the water damage we also replaced the posts that would rotting and those which were unsteady so their homes foundation would be safe. Our crew then did a spray foam to replace where the insulation had been and sealed it all off with vent covers and a new EverLast Door.

This home will be ready for the crazy water and the homeowner is so please to not have to worry about water damage. 

Crawlspace Flooded in Otis, OR - Photo 1
Old Home with Extensive Water Damage in Siletz, OR

These homeowners had recently purchased an old home with a lot of fixer-upper protentional. They were excited to start transforming their new home into what they wanted, but needed to get the structure squared away before they could start their portion of the work. The home had a big crawlspace with ample room to move around in. However the crawlspace entrance had no cover, and the vent areas had no cover as well, so the home had some extensive mold issues on the underside of the home. They had another company coming out to replace the flooring that was molded and beyond repair, but they needed waterproofing experts to protect the homes foundation so they wouldn't have to worry about a water problem in the future, so they called John's Waterproofing. 

The homeowners had cleaned out the crawlspace before our crew arrived, so they could get right to work. We laid down a TerraBlock floor insulation, this would help the home keep its relative temperature and help the family save on energy costs. We added in a SuperSump sump pump to take any water out and away from the homes foundation. Our crew then isolated each pier under the home so that they wouldn't be susceptible to water mold. We then wrapped the crawlspace with Cleanspace, which is secured along every wall, around every footing, and taped in place with waterproof tape. Since the home was old, the vents were all unique in shape, so we made custom vent covers and installed an Everlast door for the crawlspace entry point. To complete this job we added spray foam as needed. 

The homeowners were excited to have their foundation waterproofed and ready so they could go to the next step in their home project. 

Signs of Condensation Build-up in Crawlspace - Logsden, OR

When the homeowner went under the house they discovered that the wood on the underside of their home was showing signs of mold. They had a vapor barrier already installed which was still in place, but since the mold was evident, water must have been getting in still. To assist, they called John's Waterproofing. 

When we came out to inspect the crawlspace, we found that there was experiencing high levels of humidity under the home. Since the vapor barrier was still doing its job to cover the dirt flooring, our crew found that the vent covers were damp to the touch. The home was experiencing water vapors going through the vents and that condensation was making its way into the wood. We changed out all of the vent covers for new ones and added in a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier. This would collect all of that excess moisture and pump it a safe distance away from the home. 

After this installation when we checked back up on it, we found the humidity levels to be where we want them and the mold was properly taken care of. Another home Dry and Healthy!

Home has a Leaky Crawlspace - Tidewater, OR

This home had a leak in their crawlspace. After living with this issue for a few years, the homeowners were ready to tackle the problem. The water damage was starting to smell musty and to ensure their home would be safe from water damage, they called John's Waterproofing. 

Our crew came out and removed some debris from under the crawlspace, since there was ample room we installed our SuperSump pump to divert all water out and away from the homes foundation. We then laid down our dimpled drainage matting with our TerraBlock crawlspace insulation over that and topped off with our 20 Mil thick CleanSpace vapor barrier. These systems all work together to encapsulate the crawlspace. We covered up the crawlspace walls with our SilverGlo insulation which then had the Cleanspace barrier sealed against it. The home will be ready for whatever water comes through! 

Heavy Rain Causes Crawlspace to get Damp in Eddyville, OR

During the rainy season, the dirt crawlspace floor had a tendency to get very damp and muddy. because of this, there was mud caked on some of the wooden piers under the home and general debris that kept the crawlspace dirty and difficult for anyone to get into. With the though about foundation damage on their minds, the homeowners reached out to John's Waterproofing for their waterproofing needs. 

To begin, we leveled out the crawlspace since the damp mud had made some spots more difficult to maneuver through. Our install crews then dug a trench along the interior parameter and installed a three inch perforated pipe to direct water to a new SmartSump pump. This would shoot the water out and away from the homes foundation so it wouldn't have water damage. We then isolated each wooden pier and secured Cleanspace throughout the crawlspace. This would keep the water out of the crawlspace as well as create a clean and easy to check system if anyone were to go under the home. The homeowners were very pleased with their fresh crawlspace and were happy to not have to worry when the rains came through again. 

Drafty Crawlspace leads to Heightened Energy Bills in Lincoln City, OR

The home had high energy bills, during the colder months, their main floor was cold to walk on. Initially the homeowners didn't think much about it, until they learned their neighbors energy bills were significantly lower. Wanting to control their homes energy, they did some research and learned that a drafty crawlspace was a big issue. They took a look under their home and discovered that most of their old fiberglass insulation had fallen onto the floor and was a soggy and wet mess. To address this problem, they contacted John's Waterproofing. 

To begin our crew removed all of the old insulation. We inserted a TripleSafe Sump pump in the crawlspace with a discharge line leading a safe distance away from the homes foundation. We then installed a layer of Drainage matting, covered with TerraBlock Crawlspace insulation, which was then fully encapsulated with Cleanspace over the top. The walls of the crawlspace were covered with SilverGlo insulation and the Cleanspace was secured to all of the Crawlspace walls, under each foundation post, and secured with a waterproof tape.  Each vent cover was then changed out for a insulated vent cover, and we placed a SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier to help regulate the humidity in the Crawlspace. 

The homeowners were so pleased with the outcome, and called back after the cold hit to let us know their energy bill had reduced drastically and they were pleased with their new system. 

Drooping Insulation in Yachats, OR

The homeowners were in the habit of checking their crawlspace yearly, and they noticed that each year their fiberglass insulation would fall apart more and more. Eventually they had it drooping down to the floor and when it was wet out, the fiberglass would drip water since it had absorbed so much moisture. They knew this was not a good situation so they called on John's Waterproofing for a solution. 

Our crew came out and began by removing the old fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass insulation is made to be covered on all sides, like it is in a wall, when exposed to the elements, it falls apart and can be a home for mold growth and rot. To keep the water out from the crawlspace we installed a SmartSump pump in the crawlspace. We then laid down our TerraBlock crawlspace insulation on the dirt flooring. All of the walls were then covered in Spray foam to insulate it from the exterior. Each post was then isolated and sealed up with Cleanspace. Cleanspace is a 20 Mil woven vapor barrier that encapsulated the space and sealed against each wall to create a controlled area. We then replaced each vent cover and put a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to ensure the space would be dry and healthy! 

Falling Fiberglass in Crawlspace, High Energy Costs in Waldport, OR

This homes energy bills had been getting higher year after year. They had thought it was just a price inflation but wanted to check out options to help lower the bills. After seeing one of our ads that discuss how water can damage exposed crawlspace insulation, they looked under their home. The fiberglass insulation was dropping and falling down from water moisture. Their bills were going up because every year the damage was progressing and they had been losing their insulation. They called John's Waterproofing for a solution. 

To begin our crew removed all of the old insulation and cleanout out the space. With a fresh base we installed our TerraBlock crawlspace insulation. This was then encased in our Cleanspace 20 Mil vapor barrier. This is secured under each post and along every wall to ensure the space it waterproofed. Next we added in spray foam to the crawlspace walls so that the space would be insulated on all sides. Finally to maintain a healthy environment we added in a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier. 

The homeowners were amazed to see how quickly their energy bills went down after we were done!

Basement Flooding to the Center of the Room - Gleneden Beach, OR

This basement had some poor planning when it was built, the drain was almost centered, with all of the flooring having a slight decline to this central point. Because of this, any water that made it into the basement would pool from the walls into the room. The basement had an issue with standing water trailing along the floor and because of this, the basement experienced high humidity levels which created a good space for mold spores to grow. To regain control over this space, the homeowners wanted to waterproof their basement. 

Our installation crew came out and began by digging a trench line along the interior perimeters. A WaterGaurd drainage system was then installed to collect the water and divert it all to a new point; a TripleSafe sump pump. This would then push all of the water a safe distance away from the home via a discharge line that ended at a LawnScape outlet. To finish up this job we installed a SaniDry Sedona to keep the humidity levels at a healthy level.  

Drafty Basement Turned into a Warm and Finished Space - Neotsu, OR

The basement of This home had been unfinished, it was drafty, damp, and adding to their energy costs since the temperature couldn't be regulated. The homeowners wanted to take back this space and lower their energy bills, so they decided it was time to finish their basement and use it! Since there was dampness in the basement, they wanted to protect this investment and waterproof it before they finished it, so they called John's Waterproofing. 

Our crew came out and installed a TripleSafe sump pump to divert all of the water out and away from the home. A trench was then dug around the interior perimeter so we could install our WaterGaurd drainage system. Since it was a large basement we also added some buried perforated pipes through the middle of the room to collect additional water that was under the home. The walls were then insulated and covered with our ThermalDry wall system. This would reflect heat back into the basement and act as a vapor barrier so any water that crept through the wall would be diverted down to the WaterGaurd system in the floor. The floors were then covered in ThermalDry Flooring, a non-organic material that will help insulate the floor so it is warm to walk along, and also waterproof so it will not mold. Finally, we added in a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier. This basements transformation has given it a clean and crisp appearance, and it is ready to be used by the homeowners as they wish.  

Sloped Driveway Pulling Water Towards Basement - Depoe Bay, OR

This home's driveway had a sloped decline towards the basement entryway. While it had been installed with a drainage system, it couldn't keep up with the water that it was facing. Tired of having to squeegee the basement out after heavy rain, the homeowners were ready to find a solution to their water problem. For the experts in waterproofing, they called in John's Waterproofing. 

An install crew went out and began digging up the first drainage system in the driveway. We installed a bigger drainage system to be able to keep up with the water demands. To add more protection to the home we also dug a trench along the interior perimeter of the basement and installed a WaterGuard drainage system with a TripleSafe sump pump to divert all groundwater out and away from the foundation of the home. The home will now be ready for the rain, no more squeegeeing out this home!

Commercial Building Experiencing Water Damage in Toledo, OR

This building was built partially into the ground, with the entryway sloping down to the door. The walkway had a drainage system installed, however, the building itself was just drywall over the concrete foundation/walls. With the walls being built into the groundworks, water had found a way to penetrate the porous concrete layer, and the building lower walls and baseboards were showing signs of mildew and rot. The building's owner knew they would need to find a waterproofing solution that would protect the building and their customers, so they called John's Waterproofing.

Our crew came out and began by removing the lower portions of walls, and digging a drainage trench along the interior perimeter. Once this was done we installed a WaterGuard drainage system which connected to a new TripleSafe sump pump that would divert all groundwater out and away from the building. We then installed our ThermalDry wall insulation and our Everlast Finished wall restoration system to give the building a clean, waterproofed finish. 

Unconditioned Air in Crawlspace Raises Energy Costs - Otis, OR

This home's vent covers and old crawlspace entrance had been damaged by a recent wind storm. While the crawlspace had some minor water issues before, the issues became worse after the storm, the broken wooden entry door was now a direct route for water to get under the home. With the wind blowing directly under the home, the energy costs went up and the homeowners decided they wanted to solve this issue and not have to worry about their crawlspace again, so they called John's Waterproofing. 

Our crews began by installing new vent covers and a Turtl crawlspace entrance. These would help to protect the crawlspace from the unconditioned weather outside of the home. To help with groundwater control, a SmartSump pump was installed and the space was encased in our TerraBlock crawlspace insulation and CleanSpace vapor barrier. The walls of the crawlspace were then sealed and insulated with SilverGlo paneling. This home saw their energy costs go down and now don't need to worry about their crawlspace. With our annual service checks, we will ensure it stays dry and healthy, no matter what mother nature throws its way. 

Water Trapped on Old Vapor Barrier - Siletz, OR

This homeowner had an old standard 6 Mil vapor barrier. As this system rested under the house, it had accrued some rips and tears, allowing water to seep on top of the barrier. This led to water pooling and dirt to be carried up and settled, creating a layer of mud. To give the crawlspace much-needed waterproofing, in came John's Waterproofing. 

Our crew arrived and removed the old vapor barrier and any debris that rested in this space. A SmartSump pump was installed to direct all groundwater out and away from the home's foundation. This will help to keep the water levels down. The dirt floor was then covered in a new 6 Mil vapor barrier. The vent covers also had some signs of damage, so these were replaced to have this crawlspace dry. This system will need to check regularly to ensure no tears or rips happen. 

Water Run Off Passes by Homes Crawlspace - Logsden, OR

This cottage was nestled on the hillside and when heavy rains hit, the water would run down the hill and pass under the home in the crawlspace, leading to mud and flooding until the rain slowed down. The homeowners had tried to build a water trench along the side of their home to direct the water safely away, but this did not provide a full solution to their issue. For a thorough solution, they called in John's Waterproofing. 

Our crews came out and opted to do a buried three-inch perforated pipe drainage system, this was installed along the exterior of the home's parameter. The crawlspace itself was fitted with a SmartSump pump to collect any other groundwater and push it out and away from the crawlspace of the home. We then installed our 20 Mil thick CleanSpace vapor barrier which is installed under each wooden post and is anchored into place, to ensure the home above stays dry and healthy. This home will now be ready! 

Crawlspace Vents are Chewed by Vermin - Eddyville, OR

The homeowners hadn't put much thought to their crawlspace, until they noticed their vent covers had chew marks, and holes in them. Upon further investigation, there was evidence of critters being under the home. The homeowners had a pest control company come out to remove the unwanted guests. Worried about issues coming back, they looked for a long term solution. 

To keep critters out we used our product: CleanSpace. This is a woven 20 Mil vapor barrier. It is backed by a 25 year warranty against rips and tears. It seals under each wooden post and anchored along each wall. This tough material will keep vermin from crawling up into the crawlspace from the dirt flooring. We then replaced each vent cover so we could help keep the outside, out of this space. 

Flooded Crawlspace - South Beach, OR

Water in the crawlspace can do a lot of damage, in this home it led to rotting wood foundation posts. This caused the floor of the home to warp above said post. Needing to protect their home from damage, the homeowners called in John's Waterproofing. 

To get this home dry and healthy we began with a full dry out. Once the space was ready we installed a parameter of a three-inch perforated pipe. This collects the groundwater, moves it to a new SuperSump plus, and then out and away from the home to a LawnScape outlet. We then installed three SmartJacks to replace the old rotten wooden posts and laid out a 6 Mil vapor barrier. 

Water in Crawlspace Threatens Finished Basement in Lincoln City, OR

Often when finishing a basement, general contractors have a tendency to finish directly over the basement, not implementing waterproofing tactics. This leaves their work and the homeowners investment in trouble. Foundations are naturally porous, and water has a tendency to find a way. This basement was a nice surprise, it had been thoroughly waterproofed before it had been finished and it was holding up! However, the portion of the homes foundation that was on a hillside, had been overlooked. The water damage in this hillside crawlspace, was beginning to emit a smell that was noticeable from the basement. 

Our crew was called out to fix the water issue in the crawlspace. We began with a dig out of some of the space, the water and lead to dirt getting pushed around and made the crawlspace entry a bit tight. Once this was fixed we cleared out the general debris and installed an UltraSump pump to collect groundwater and divert it out and away from the home via a discharge line. We than laid down a 6 Mil vapor barrier and installed a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to control the moisture level in this space. This home will now be dry and healthy, no more nasty smells! 

Waterproofing Over the Years in Yachats, OR

This homeowner was on a budget, and decided the best route for them, would be to work on waterproofing their home over the years, so they could work their way up to the system their home needed. When we had been out to visit their home initially, they had just gotten fiberglass insulation installed in their crawlspace. They had been unaware that this would absorb water over the years and could be problematic.

To begin their waterproofing journey we installed a TripleSafe sump pump that would collect the ground water and push it out and away from the home via discharge line to a new LawnScape outlet. Next our crew had to replace eight rotten wooden beams with our SmartJacks to keep the home structurally sound. We than laid down a 6 Mil vapor barrier. The homeowners knew that this would last a few years and than need to be replaced. We replaced this vapor barrier once and replaced the vent covers at this time before they were ready to take on the final big step to protect their home. 

The third time we came out to help their crawlspace we pulled out the old, and now damaged fiberglass insulation. We than laid down our TerraBlock crawlspace insulation over the dirt floor. Each wooden post was isolated with our CleanSpace vapor barrier, this Cleanspace was than secured throughout the crawlspace. It is a 20 Mil woven vapor barrier that comes protected with out 25 year warranty against rips and tears. The walls were than insulated with out spray foam. 

While this project took time to complete, the homeowners were patient and so happy when they finally had their home dry and healthy! 

Cracked Foundation and Water Issues in Otter Rock, OR

This homes foundation had a lot of issues that had let to extensive water damage under their home. The homeowners had our friends over at Ram Jack do the structural repairs, but needed someone to come in and waterproof the crawlspace so they home would be protected, so they were referred to us at John's Waterproofing. 

Our crews arrived and began by removing the water saturated fiberglass insulation and the debris from the crawlspace. We than addressed the major waterproofing issue; downspouts dumping water beside the home and water pooling by the garage door and getting stuck alongside the home. We installed a TrenchDrain along the garage door, this would collect the water and run it along a new buried pipe system. This pipe system connected to the downspouts and than pushed all of the water out and away from the homes foundation and safely to a LawnScape outlet. We than went back under the home to properly insulate this crawlspace. We installed out TerraBlock insulation over the dirt floor, this was than encased by our 20 Mil thick CleanSpace vapor barrier, which wraps around each post and is anchored along the walls. Finally we added spray foam along the foundation walls. This home is now structurally sound, and will be dry and healthy!  

Crawlspace Getting Updated Before Sale - Waldport, OR

Before this home was ready to be put on the market, the homeowners needed to clean up their crawlspace. The old vapor barrier was covered in mud and dirt, and water intrusions had pushed the barrier out of place. To assist our crew removed the old vapor barrier. They then installed a three inch perforated pipe system to direct groundwater to a newly installed TripleSafe sump pump. From here the water is directed out and away from the homes foundation. We than laid down a new 6 Mil vapor barrier. This home is now set for it's new homeowners. 

Glenden Beach, OR Home has Pooling Water in Crawlspace

Pooling water in the crawlspace, this is an easy way to know that a water issue is present. This home had pooling water found in every dip in the dirt floor under their home, and the homeowners were nervous about the harm this could do to their home and the health of the air within the home. To address this issue, the homeowners called in the experts at John's Waterproofing. 
Our crew began by removing the debris from under the home. We then installed a TripleSafe sump pump to collect ground water from under the home and divert it out and away from the homes foundation. We then added in a layer of CleanSpace vapor barrier. This 20 Mil thick barrier is inserted under each wooden post and anchored along the walls to give a water tight seal. We changed out the old vent covers and upgraded the exterior plywood entryway to a Turtl entrance. This home will now be dry and healthy. 

Cracks in the Foundation Floor Causing Water Issues in Neotsu, OR

This home had been finished, and unbeknownst to the homeowners, there was a water issue pressing upwards through some floor cracks. Eventually the homeowners noticed that parts of the carpeting were smelling off and when heavy rains occurred, the carpet was wet. 

To solve this issue we began by removing the carpet, the odd smells was water mold that had begun to grow in the carpet where water was creeping through. We then installed a drainage system, this included WaterGaurd along the interior parameter, and a three inch pipe installed through the room to collect ground water. From here water went to a TripleSafe sump pump and was pushed out and away from the home. We then installed our gray ThermalDry carpet squares to give this home and dry and healthy finish. 

Crawlspace is Wet and Floods - Newport, OR

Crawlspaces that take on water quickly will show signs of water damage at a much fast rate. While this home had seemed like it wasnt bad, when the homeowners removed some large trees from their property, they noticed an increase of water in their crawlspace. 

To address this new stream of water, they had John's Waterproofing come out to do some work. Our crew began buy removing the debris from under the home. The crew then took our thirteen cubic yards of dirt to level out the crawlspace and keep it compliant with local codes. We also noticed some sagging in the above floors and installed two SmartJacks to support the homes foundation. Next we installed a discharge pipe system to collect the groundwater. All of the water then moves to the newly installed TripleSafe sump pump and than our and away from the homes foundation. To finish we laid out a six Mil vapor barrier to help keep water down. This home is now ready to handle the increased volume of water, and will stay dry and healthy. 

Below Grade Home has Foundation Wall Leaks in Toledo, OR

This home is partially built below grade, with the first floor being about two feet below ground level on one side of the home. When the home had been finished, it was expected that this wouldn't be a big issue, and the interior had been finished with drywall and carpeting, no waterproofing solutions installed. However, the homeowners began to notice that the edges of the carpet were damp to the touch and the drywall was a bit squishy in some places. To solve this issue and have a dry and healthy home, John's Waterproofing was called in. 

To begin we pulled up the carpeting and removed the lower portions of the drywall to expose the poured foundation. The walls were damp to the touch and had been allowing water to creep inside. We then installed a WaterGuard drainage system around the interior parameter. This collects the water and pushed it to a newly installed TripleSafe Sump pump. To keep the walls dry, we installed a radiant barrier to insulate the walls and overlaid it with ThermalDry Wall panels for a clean look. To finish off this project we installed ThermalDry floor panels, to ensure this home will remain a dry and healthy home. 

Repair for Home Sell - Seal Beach, OR

When a home is being bought/sold, Brokers and/or homeowners need a quote fast to perform crawlspace repairs.  These typically involve removing general debris and the old vapor barrier and doing what we refer to as PPP or Pipe, Pump, and Plastic.  A perimeter Perforated Pipe drain system is installed and graded to the low spot where it drains to a Super Sump Pump and discharged to either a rain drain or underground out in the yard or sometimes hillside depending on the topography of the yard.  Lastly, a new 6mil Plastic barrier is installed with 18" overlap on all seams as per code and runs up the wall of the foundation to assure that any water intrusion from the wall or footing is directed to the drain system. The homeowner was very happy with the job and the discount that is offered for a Real Estate Sale transaction. 

Reclaiming A Homes Clean Air -Seal Rock, OR

This homeowner found John's Waterproofing booth at a Home and Garden Show and was fascinated by what she learned about the company and CleanSpace. As she and her children suffered from allergies, she was very intrigued and wanted someone out as soon as possible.


Our System Designer was dispatched a few days later and did a thorough examination of the crawlspace and exterior of the home.  They sat down and put together a plan for remedying the water issue with a complete cleanout of the crawlspace, including all debris and the old insulation. Once completed the exterior vents were sealed and a perimeter drain system was installed to gather and lead the water to a SuperSump and an UltraSump Battery back up to ensure continued operation in the event of a power outage. Next, the floor was covered with TerraBlock, a high-density foam barrier that aids with insulation and protects the CleanSpace barrier. The posts are all isolated from the moisture and the CleanSpace 20mil, nylon-reinforced plastic barrier, was laid out. All seams were sealed and the barrier was run up and attached to the foundation walls. A SaniDry dehumidifier was installed to ensure that the space stayed dry, thus killing all existing mold and preventing any regrowth as the air was continuously cleaned. With over 50% of the air in your homecoming from the crawlspace, keeping it dry and healthy protects your home and family. 


The homeowner reported that their breathing improved greatly in a very short time.

Crawlspace Flooded and Dirty - Seal Rock, OR

This homeowner had a plumbing leak in his crawlspace and the plumber discovered that water had been flooding the crawlspace over the years causing damage to the foundation of the home, for a waterproofing solution, the homeowner was sent to John's Waterproofing. 


Our System Designer arrived at the home and was greeted by the homeowner and went right to work; measuring the home and inspecting the exterior for possible contributing factors that could be causing or adding to the problem. Afterward, he sat with the homeowner to share his findings and presented a solution to suit the homeowner's budget while addressing the major issues that were found.


Our experienced crew came to do the work. First, all the old barrier and debris was removed from the crawlspace and a perforated pipe drain system was installed around the perimeter of the inside of the crawlspace and graded to push the water to the SmartSump that was installed at the lowest point. The discharge line was attached to the downspout pipe after making sure it was flowing satisfactorily.  Next, a new 6mil plastic barrier was installed on the floor, covering all the dirt and overlapping 18" and fastened up the side of the foundation to ensure that any water intrusion from the wall or footing would find its way to the drain system. The homeowner was impressed with the professional and hard-working crew and loved the 10 yr warranty! 

Basement/Crawlspace Combo - Depoe Bay, OR

This homeowner had a basement/crawlspace combo and both were wet and needed help.  John's Waterproofing was called to help. Our System Designer arrived and did a full examination of the crawlspace and found it wet with insulation failing and a vapor barrier that was dirty and failing to cover the floor of the crawlspace. After measuring the space and taking several pictures of the crawlspace damage he went on to examine the basement where he found water seeping in through what we refer to as the cold joint or where the footing meets the wall. After taking several photos and measuring the space, he sat down with the homeowner to explain to him what was going on and how John's Waterproofing could fix it and keep both spaces dry.


A few weeks later our Installation team arrived to do the work. Starting with the basement WaterGuard was laid around the perimeter. WaterGuard is an award-winning drain system that is laid in a bed of gravel that is in a trench that is jackhammered open on the footing of the basement and concreted over leaving it virtually invisible. The WaterGuard terminates at a TripleSafe Sump Pump and discharge was directed to an exterior rain drain. BrightWall was chosen to cover the walls making the basement light and bright and assuring that any water intrusion from the walls would be directed into the WaterGuard. Next was addressing the crawlspace. They cleaned the debris, old insulation, and barrier from the crawlspace. The floor of the crawlspace was higher than that of the basement so around the perimeter a 3" perforated pipe drain system was laid, terminating at the basement wall. A hole was drilled to let the water flow into a WellDuct that was tucked into the WaterGuard so it would properly drain to the TripleSafe sump and be removed.  A new 6mil vapor barrier was laid and overlapped properly and attached to the walls to assure any water intrusion from the walls was captured and led to the drain system.


Now this homeowner had a warranted system to keep his crawlspace and basement clean and dry.

Muddy, Messy Crawlspace in Siletz, OR

This home was getting ready to be sold. Before putting the home on the market, the homeowners did a full look over their home. One point which they wanted to tackle before moving forward, they knew they would need to keep the crawlspace clean and dry. While an old vapor barrier was in this space, it was encased in mud and hadn't been changed out in a very long time. So, they called in John's Waterproofing. We arrived and pulled out the old vapor barrier and cleaned out the debris from under the home. We then installed a perforated pipe to collect groundwater, diverting it to a newly installed SuperSump pump. From here water is pushed out and away from the home. We then laid down a new 6 mil vapor barrier. This space is now dry, healthy, and clean for its future homeowners. 

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