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Before and After Pictures from Scappoose
Cleaning out a Scappoose, OR Crawlspace

Cleaning out a Scappoose, OR Crawlspace

Before After
Cleaning out a Scappoose, OR Crawlspace Cleaning out a Scappoose, OR Crawlspace

John's Waterproofing can transform any wet, dirty, crawl space into a dry, clean, energy efficient crawl space that will last for years.

Wet Basement in Scappoose, OR

Wet Basement in Scappoose, OR

Before After
Wet Basement in Scappoose, OR Wet Basement in Scappoose, OR

This basement had water problems for many years without anyone addressing them. As you can see in the photo the walls are dirty and crumbling in some places and the floor has muddy standing water. At this point, our crew had already started digging to install our WaterGuard drain system along the basement wall. It drains the water down to a sump pump to be pumped out and away from the home. We also installed our BrightWall paneling system that makes the basement so much brighter and is easy to wipe off the walls. Always leaving a clean and fresh feeling in the basement. 

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Members of our company are certified by one of the top national radon organizations. In order to gain these credentials,... [Read more]
National Radon Defense
As part of the National Radon Defense network, our professional radon specialists have access to top-quality products and pieces of... [Read more]
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Reliable Home Repairs & Waterproofing in Scappoose, OR

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Basement Waterproofing, Crawl Space Repair & More in Scappoose

Since 1974, Scappoose homeowners have trusted John's Waterproofing to deliver exceptional service with high-quality, proven home repair solutions. Whether you want to waterproof your basement or crawl space or upgrade your home's electrical wiring, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done right. You can trust our team of friendly, highly-trained technicians to help you find the best solution for your home. Learn more about the services we offer below!

Services offered by John's Waterproofing

  • Basement waterproofing
  • Basement crack repair
  • Crawl space repair
  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Mold remediation
  • Radon testing
  • Radon mitigation
  • Electrical services
  • Plumbing
  • Insulation
  • Foundation leak repair
  • Sump pump installation
  • And more!

John's Waterproofing is proud to serve Oregon residents in Scappoose and throughout Columbia County. Call 1-844-268-0589 or click below to schedule your free estimate!

Dependable Crawl Space Encapsulation in Scappoose

Most of us have heard the old saying, "out of sight, out of mind" — and your home's crawl space is the perfect example. Not to mention most crawl spaces are dirty, musty, and damp, and in more severe cases, they may even have pests or rodents living in them. It's no wonder many homeowners avoid the crawl space! Unfortunately, these common crawl space problems don't stay in the crawl space; they can affect your entire home.

Signs of common crawl space problems

  • Foul odors in the home
  • Interior drywall cracks
  • High utility bills
  • Rodent or pest infestations
  • Condensation
  • Standing water
  • Uneven, sagging floors
  • Heightened allergies or asthma symptoms

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, it’s time to contact a professional crawl space contractor. John's Waterproofing is proud to offer crawl space repair, crawl space encapsulation, vapor barriers, and more to homeowners in Scappoose and nearby. Call 1-844-268-0589 or complete the provided form to schedule your free estimate!

Scappoose Basement Waterproofing Company

Are you having problems with a musty, wet basement? At John's Waterproofing, we believe you shouldn’t have to settle for a dirty, damp, or flooded basement. In fact, ignoring signs of basement water damage only creates bigger problems!

Common signs of basement water damage

  • Mold & mildew growth
  • Wood rot
  • Cracked or crumbling walls
  • Wet drywall or floors
  • Flaking, peeling paint
  • Damp air
  • Condensation
  • Puddles or standing water
  • Musty smells
  • White, chalky stains on concrete

We’ve been providing Scappoose homeowners with reliable basement waterproofing solutions since 1974. With decades of experience and state-of-the-art basement waterproofing solutions, you can count on our team to transform your below-grade space into a dry and comfortable area of your home.

Call 1-844-268-0589 or click below to schedule your free estimate for basement waterproofing in Scappoose, OR.

Scappoose electrical services by John's Waterproofing

John's Waterproofing offers interior and exterior electrical services for residential and commercial properties in the Scappoose area. Some of the electrical solutions we offer include:

  • Electrical vehicle charging station installation (equipment provided by customer)
  • Electrical switches, outlets & fixtures (installation & repair)
  • Electrical wiring & panel upgrades
  • Fixed & portal generator installation
  • Complete wiring for new home additions & remodels

Call us at 1-844-268-0589 or reach out online to learn more about the electrical services we offer in Scappoose and nearby cities in Oregon.

Radon testing & radon mitigation in Scappoose

Radon is a radioactive, cancer-causing gas. Because it is odorless and invisible, radon can go undetected in your home. John's Waterproofing is a qualified radon mitigation company in Scappoose. Our specialists can determine the radon levels in your home so you can have peace of mind. If your home’s radon levels exceed the EPA-recommended 4.0 picocuries per liter (pCI/L), we can provide an effective radon mitigation system.

Our Scappoose radon services

  • Radon testing
  • Radon mitigation
  • HUD multi-family radon testing

With John's Waterproofing, you don’t have to be concerned about home radon. You can count on our experts to minimize radon exposure and create a safer, healthier home for you and your family. Call 1-844-268-0589 or click below to get started with a free estimate!

Job Stories From Scappoose, OR
Pest Control Sends Customer to John's - Scappoose, OR

This crawlspace had critters using it as a home. The homeowners had a pest control come out to clear the crawlspace, but they were worried about critters coming back. They didn't want to set out poison, so the pest company referred them to John's Waterproofing for our encapsulation system. Our design specialist performed a full inspection and sat down with the homeowners to talk through out encapsulation system and how it would help them. 

Since the home didn't have a water issue, we began by laying down TerraBlock insulation over the dirt floor. We then brought in CleanSpace. This is a 20 Mil thick woven vapor barrier. It goes under each wooden post, is attached to the foundation walls, and fully sealed into place. The woven piece of this will deter critters. Each vent was then sealed up, Spray foam was applied to the foundation walls, and a SaniDry dehumidifier was installed. This system as a whole will make the crawlspace an unwelcome space for critters and protect the home. 

Nasty Wet Crawlspace - Scappoose, OR

This homeowner called because she had water flooding into her crawlspace and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. We frequently run into this question from homeowners because they don't realize that water can suddenly begin to enter a crawlspace or a basement in a number of ways, ie., high water tables, animals burrowing underground, construction nearby, roots invading the space or damaging the exterior drains or clogging the drains over time. This is why it's so important to call an expert like John's Waterproofing before wasting money on solutions that don't work. One of our highly trained System Designers was scheduled to go help this homeowner. She determined that part of the problem was certainly caused by the faulty rain drains that were emptying out too close to the house, however, just fixing the rain drains would not be enough to stop it since they had created weak spots from the added water pressure. The system designer also showed the benefits of encapsulation and since the homeowner suffered from acute allergies, was very interested in the health benefits this provided. 

Our installation crew arrived to do the work and immediately removed the old vapor barrier, fiberglass insulation and assorted debris. A 3" perforated pipe encased in a silt sock was placed in a trench around the perimeter of the crawlspace and graded to the low spot of the crawlspace, terminating in a TripleSafe sump system and discharged properly. TerraBlock, a 3/4" dense foam barrier was laid over the dirt to help with insulation and protect the CleanSpace barrier. CleanSpace is a 20mil polyester-reinforced plastic liner that is sealed at the seams and slipped under each post and up the foundation walls where it is attached with special fasteners. A SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier/filter is installed to keep the moisture level below 60deg and continuously filter the air. Once the vents are sealed and 3" of single-cell spray foam is applied to the foundation walls and rim joist, the crawlspace is now sealed and airtight, providing the home and crawlspace with clean air exchange, lower utility bills and provide extra storage space should the homeowner want to utilize this.


Old Tired Crawlspace - Sandy, OR

This homeowner called complaining of the poor condition of her crawlspace and was anxious to remedy the situation.  A System Designer was sent to the home to help her out. After arriving, he introduced himself and got right to work. He did a full inspection of the interior of the crawlspace, followed by a full inspection of the exterior of the crawlspace. With no problems outside, the solution was crafted to be in the crawlspace. 

We removed the old dirty vapor barrier and the old, falling fiberglass insulation. The crawlspace didn't require any drainage system or a sump system because water intrusion wasn't an extensive issue. TerraBlock, a high-density foam underlayment was laid on the dirt floor and over that was CleanSpace, a 20mil nylon reinforced polyethylene liner, similar to a pool liner, puncture-resistant and flexible, is laid over the TerraBlock. After sealing all the seams, it's run up the foundation walls and firmly attached. It's also used to isolate all of the posts from the moisture below. The vents are sealed and a SaniDry dehumidifier is installed to ensure the space is kept dry and filtered at all times. 

Old Tired Crawlspace - Sandy, OR - Photo 1
Leaky Finished Basement - Scappoose, OR

The new owners of this beautiful country house didn't settle for less than the best of what life had to offer and that included their crawlspace. After seeing photos at a home show they knew that they wanted an encapsulated crawlspace to protect their home. A System Designer drove out to the property to inspect the crawlspace and determine what needed to be done. The owners were surprised to learn that there were signs of water damage. Having bought the home during the summer, it wasn't caught by the home inspector. Our designer took them step-by-step through the process and gave them a proposal then and there that they were happy to sign and looked forward to the work being done. 

A few weeks later our crew removed the 6 mil vapor barrier, fiberglass insulation, and debris. They installed a 3" perforated pipe drainage system around the perimeter to collect the water and direct it to 2 newly installed TripleSafe sump pumps because of the large square footage, along with proper discharge. TerraBlock, a high-density foam product was laid over the dirt floor. This aids in insulating the crawlspace and protecting the new CleanSpace, 20mil, nylon-reinforced barrier. This is also used to isolate each wooden post and with all seams securely sealed, the barrier is anchored to the foundation walls. Lastly, a SaniDry dehumidifier was installed to ensure this home stayed dry and healthy. With all the vents sealed and 2 new Everlast doors installed, spray foam insulation was applied to the full wall of the foundation to keep the home insulated. Healthy, dry, filtered air helps the homeowners stay healthy and comfortable.


Cold Floors and High Energy Bills - Scappoose, OR

This home had high energy bills and very cold floors. The homeowners had been working on upgrading their home to lower energy bills; replaced old windows, switching to energy efficient appliances, and they were now ready to address their crawlspace. 

Our crew went out and began with a general debris removal. Once the space was cleaned out we laid down out TerraBlock crawlspace encapsulation. We than laid down out CleanSpace vapor barrier. This is wrapped around each wooden post and anchored along each wall to create a water tight seal. One the foundation walls we than insulated with Spray Foam. Each vent cover was changed out, and this home was now properly insulated. The homeowners were ecstatic with how quickly this lowered their energy bills. 

Caked Mud in Crawlspace - Scappoose, OR

When going to sell a home, presentation is important, even in a crawlspace. A clean look goes a long way to ensure potential buyers that a home has been cared for and is in good order. One of the items that an appraiser will look over is a crawlspace or basement. Having these areas waterproofed and upkept will protect a homes integrity and life. This homes crawlspace had been waterproofed, but that was years and years ago, and before going to sell, they knew they would need to redo their crawlspace. What they had was now caked in mud, had the vent covers chewed on, and evidence of critters. 

To help them sell their home we came out and cleaned out the old vapor barrier and dried the space. We added in a SuperSump pump that would collect water from under the home and direct it out and away from the home with a newly installed discharge line. We then covered the crawlspace with a new 6 Mil vapor barrier. Lastly we installed new vent covers to help keep critters out. The home was now ready to go!  

Crawl Space, Scappoose, OR

Katy in Scappoose, Oregon is severely allergic to mold and while she was searching the internet for ways to her maintain a healthier, allergen-free lifestyle she came across the John's Waterproofing website and saw that our company is accredited with the American Lung Association so she gave us a call to see what waterproofing was all about. Kayla, in our call canter, explained to Katy that half of the air on the first floor of her home came from underneath her house and that waterproofing encapsulated crawl spaces, eliminating dust, mold, and allergens from entering the home. Katy was intrigued and soon after our Design Specialist Vitaliy was out to her house to take a look. He went underneath her house, took pictures of the water damage and debris that was down there. Vitaliy thoroughly explained what our company did and the benefits of encapsulating her crawl space and they both agreed this would be the best option. 

Shortly after, Foreman Tim and his crew were out to Katy's house, cleaned out the crawl space including removing the water-filled, sagging insulation and then installed a SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier to stop any further moisture. Installed a SaniDry XP sump pump that pumps out any continued water from the crawls space and replaced the insulation with Spray Foam insulation. Katy now has a clean, dry crawl space that runs efficiently and is guaranteed to provide her with allergen-free for may years. We were thrilled to help provide Katy with this peace of mind and we definitely appreciate our customers. 

Insulation Issues, Scapoose, OR

Katy who lives in Scappoose, Oregon called because she is severely allergic to mold and was concerned about the mold issue she knew was happening. She had already found out there was moisture in her crawl space. And sure enough, when our Design Specialist, Vitaliy went out to see her there definitely were puddles of water, moisture-damaged posts and wet, sagging insulation. 

Here at John's Waterproofing Company breathing clean dry air is a top priority. Being accredited with the American Lung Association, we understand the importance of clean air and our customer's wellness means a lot to us.

In just a few short days our top-notch crew was able to go out to Katy's house, clean out all debris, moisture, and took out all of the insulation and did repairs and moisture control to the posts. We installed a TripleSafe sump pump, CleanSpace encapsulation, SaniDry Dehumidifier, and Spray Foam Insulation. This encapsulation guarantees a dry crawl space environment which is also low maintenance and very energy efficient. 

Katy can rest assured that the air coming into her house from her crawl space is dry and mold-free. She is breathing much easier and healthier and we were glad to help. Katy also knows we are just a phone call away and will be out once a year to maintain the health and efficiency of her crawl space. 

Cleanspace Installation in Scappoose, OR

This homeowner had standing water in her crawlspace and found John's Waterproofing through the internet. She set up an inspection with Vince and he came out to her house to take a look. From what he saw, he suggested that we install our Cleanspace encapsulation system, spray foam insulation, and a Triple Safe sump pump. 

Pam agreed to our suggestions, so Ramon and his team quickly began the waterproofing process. We removed the old 3 mil vapor barrier and installed Cleanspace. Cleanspace is a 20 mil thick, 7 different layer polyethylene composition. It has a 25-year warranty and is patented against all moisture, mold, mildew, insects, and pests. Our spray foam specialist, Demetrius, then came in to install spray foam insulation on the walls above the cleanspace. These two products work together to form a solid barrier of insulation and waterproofing. Finally, we installed a Triple Safe sump pump which is a three-pump system designed to handle all pumping requirements and work even when the power goes out.

Pam is satisfied with her new waterproofing system and no longer worries about water issues.

Cleanspace Installation in Scappoose, OR - Photo 1
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