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Before and After Pictures from Beaverton
Cracked foundation footing in Beaverton, OR

Cracked foundation footing in Beaverton, OR

Before After
Cracked foundation footing in Beaverton, OR Cracked foundation footing in Beaverton, OR

Due to excessive moisture this foundation support is cracking and giving way. Thankfully our team was there to replace it with a SmartJack so a sinking home will not be a worry for them. 

Although we recommend a full encapsulation system this vapor barrier replacement still looks pretty good and will help a home be sale ready. 

Crawl Space Repaired in Beaverton

Crawl Space Repaired in Beaverton

Before After
Crawl Space Repaired in Beaverton Crawl Space Repaired in Beaverton

This customer called because spiders and other insects were getting into his crawlspace. So we sent out our inspector and they recommended a CleanSpace encapsulation system. We installed a TripleSafe sump pump and SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier and air purifier will keep his crawlspace dry and humidity down. Now having a CleanSpace encapsulation he will never have to worry about water or insects again. 

Musty Crawlspace in Beaverton, OR

Musty Crawlspace in Beaverton, OR

Before After
Musty Crawlspace in Beaverton, OR Musty Crawlspace in Beaverton, OR

This homeowner called because anytime we got any amount of rain her crawl space would puddle up with water and between the water and mud her black plastic vapor barrier was crumbling and being of no use. She called to have an inspector come out and do a free inspection. The inspector found water damage, mud, debris, and puddles across the crawlspace. Our crew cleaned out the crawlspace and did a crawl space encapsulation. We used a 20 mils thick woven fiber vapor barrier called CleanSpace along with a smart drain. After the customer had us to the work that next fall she didn't have any water in her crawlspace, it stayed completely dry. She was so glad to have a healthy crawlspace to last the life of her home. 

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Innovation and Excellence Award
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2019 Build Awards- Outstanding Service in Waterproofing
We are delighted to announce that John's Waterproofing Company are recipients within the 2019 BUILD Awards! Build Magazine's first program... [Read more]
The 2017 Impact Award
We received the Impact award this year (2017) at the annual basement system dealer’s convention. This award means so much... [Read more]
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Dependable Basement Waterproofing & Refinishing in Beaverton, OR

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Reviews From Beaverton
Testimonials From Beaverton
Courteous and highly responsive. Good folks to work with.
Testimonial by Will S. from Beaverton, OR
I just loved my visit with Brandon - he is so good at what he does
Testimonial by Suzan S. from Beaverton, OR

Professional Basement Waterproofing & Refinishing in Beaverton, OR

At John's Waterproofing we put customer service first and are proud to serve our area. Our team of trained technicians use only high quality materials from the best manufacturers in the business to ensure that you get only the best results. 

Finished basement with Everlast wall panels in Beaverton, OR.

Basements that suffer from water damage often show signs like wet or damp basement floors, pooling or standing water, musty odors, or even leaky basement windows. We have products that are sure to make your basement clean and dry. Our excellent TripleSafe sump pumps are designed with a primary pump, a secondary pump, and a battery operated back up pump so that you can have peace of mind, even during bad weather. Combined with our drainage systems, water can be safely be drained out of your basement and deposited a safe distance from the your foundations. 

Thinking of refinishing your basement? Then our waterproof wall panels and floors are the product for you! Waterproofing your basement before you refinish it is a wise step since it would be costly if something were to happen once it's redone. With our basement wall panels, you don't need to paint them and they will last for years to come because they are mold resistant and 197% stronger than regular drywall. 

Reliable Crawl Space & Mold Damage Repair

Disrepair in a crawl space can very often lead to more significant problems in other areas of the house like the foundations. Problems in a crawl space often are the result of debris left there from the original construction of the house or simply from water damage or wood rot. We offer vapor barriers to seal out moisture and bugs while our thermal insulation ensures that the space is energy-efficient. 

Signs of crawl space damage:

  • Sagging floors
  • Condensation
  • Mold
  • Wood rot
  • Foundation cracks

Wood rot, unlike surface mold, destroys the fibers in wood beams, weakening them and, as a result, causing the floors above it to sag. We can fix this by installing crawl space jack posts which lift up and support the beams, eventually correcting sagging floors. 

We also exceptional foundation repairs. Whether its cracked floors, bowing or leaning walls, or tilting chimneys, we have the expertise and the time-tested products to give you quality, lasting results!

John's Waterproofing has the tools and the years of expertise to get you job done right the first time. Our team of friendly staff and certified technicians want to help you find the solution that will work best for you so that you can have the best results possible for your home. Call us today for a free estimate!


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Case Studies From Beaverton
The customer had originally had a SmartSump pump and the SaniDry CX dehumidifier installed back in 2008. They had a full encapsulation done to keep...
Press Releases From Beaverton
Robin Ekloff, General Manager of John's Waterproofing, told KATU he sees around 300 homes every year...
Robin Ekloff, General Manager of John's Waterproofing, told KATU he sees around 300 homes every year in Beaverton which rarely have a healthy crawl space.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Beaverton, OR
Patio Collecting Water, Causing Foundation Problems; Beaverton, OR

Tom had called for water that was traveling from under his patio into his crawl space. He had suspected that there was water damage occurring in the foundation due to this. Thankfully he had found us in time, as there was minimal damage but it was happening. Just as he had thought. 

Tyler came out and cleaned everything up, due to the built up water the old insulation was trashed. To help water filter, without it being intrusive to the crawl space, they laid down CleanSpaceDrain Matt. Overtop they laid down 6 mil vapor barrier, to completely seal the water into the soil. 

The crew also made sure to patch up the spot that was eroded by the water, under the patio, to create a tight seal. Leaving a joyous customer with knowing that the water would no longer seep in from any other crevices. 

Water Intrusion in Beaverton

This customer had water intrusion coming from the ground near her finished bathroom in her basement. She was worried that it may be causing other damage to her finished basement and wanted an inspection. 

Peter went out to do an inspection in her basement to see where the water was coming from and how we could fix it. Our crew would demo the damaged wall and we would install our patented WaterGuard system into the basement floor. Our WaterGuard system drains water unseen into the Super sump pump and out the discharge line far away from the house. We then installed our ThermalDry wall that is insulated air spaces next to the foundation wall and reflects heat back into your basement. 

The homeowner can now enjoy their finished basement without the worry of water damaging their basement again. 

Water Intrusion in Beaverton - Photo 1Water Intrusion in Beaverton - Photo 2Water Intrusion in Beaverton - Photo 3Water Intrusion in Beaverton - Photo 4Water Intrusion in Beaverton - Photo 5
CleanSpace Encapsulation in Beaverton

This customer called wanting an inspection done for his crawlspace. Insects and water were getting into his crawlspace. The insulation was starting to sag mud was getting thru the vapor barrier. 

We sent out our team member Vincent to inspect the crawlspace and come up with a plan to ensure these issues get fixed. He recommended we install a CleanSpace Encapsulation system. Along with our CleanSpace barrier, we would put in a TripleSafe sump pump that has three pumps built in one being a battery operated pump, in case of a power outage. We also installed SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier and air purification system. This customer also had a support beam uneven so we installed a SmartJack that is a steel pier that won't rot away or sink. We finished the crawlspace with an EverLast door that leads to your crawlspace and is an airtight seal and won't rot or rust. 

The customer was more than happy for Manuel and his team to get started on his crawlspace. He never has to worry about water or insects getting under his home. 

CleanSpace Encapsulation in Beaverton - Photo 1CleanSpace Encapsulation in Beaverton - Photo 2CleanSpace Encapsulation in Beaverton - Photo 3CleanSpace Encapsulation in Beaverton - Photo 4CleanSpace Encapsulation in Beaverton - Photo 5
Basement Waterproofing in Beaverton, OR

A property manager called because one of his properties had water leaking water around the foundation. He called John's Waterproofing because we had done work on another one of his properties and he liked our quality of work. Our inspector, Jacob came out and suggested installing Thermal Dry walls, our patented Waterguard system and a Super Sump sump pump.


Gordon and his team promptly set out to waterproof the basement. They installed Thermal Dry walls, a flexible material that goes over concrete or stone walls and improves comfort and energy by reflecting heat back into the basement space. The Thermal Dry walls work with the Waterguard perimeter system by directing the wall seepage into the drain. Waterguard collects the walls seepage and directs it to the sump pump. We installed a Super Sump sump pump that has a built-in alarm if water levels get too high.


The property manager is happy with his new system and can rest assured knowing that his property's basement is waterproofed.

Basement Waterproofing in Beaverton, OR - Photo 1Basement Waterproofing in Beaverton, OR - Photo 2
Work Requests From Beaverton, OR
Vicinity of SW Denfield St. in Beaverton
The crawlspace has condensation problems, and needs to have a vapor barrier installed and possibly dehumidified. I would like to get a quote on the work.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Want to know the ballpark price on encapsulating my crawl space. It is an 1100 square foot house that is a perfect rectangle. No known issues I just want to prevent them from happening. Stay ahead of it. Please let me know.
Vicinity of Sw Pintail Loop in Beaverton
Water in crawlspace. Need to know what you can do to mitigate this.
Vicinity of SW Village Lane in Beaverton
I had critters in my crawlspace so I need to get it cleaned out and a new vapor barrier. I would like to see about replacing the existing type of insulation with the waterproof/insulating barrier you advertise. Thank you!
Vicinity of SW Waxwing Way in Beaverton
Musty smell in the basement
Vicinity of SW Farmington Rd in Beaverton
I have a crawl space that has a torn up vapor barrier and insulation hanging down. We are going to be listing our house soon and would like to have this fixed ASAP.
Vicinity of SW Rebecca Lane in Beaverton
We recently purchased a home and the crawlspace has water/moisture/draining issues. This was known to us and we are getting quotes for services.
Vicinity of SW Rebecca Ln in Beaverton
We're in an inspection period for purchasing the house listed in the address above. Our inspection noted crawlspace post deterioration due to moisture and I would like an assessment and quote for repairs. Our inspection period ends Wednesday - is it possible to get us in before then?
Vicinity of De Devonshire Dr in Beaverton
Looking for someone to come out and either push our vapor barrier back down (we had to pump a little water a couple years ago and messed it up in one corner) or talk to us about re-lining the space. We don't Email is way better to contact me. Thanks!
Vicinity of SW Burnett Lane in Beaverton
I have a sump pump installed, but I am concerned about moisture in my crawl space. My floor in a bedroom seems to be getting squeakier and softer when walked on.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Moisture barrier is in need of replacement. There is no insulation in the floors. No air seal. Radon levels are unknown, but there is nothing preventing it getting into the home.
Vicinity of Sw Wilson Ave in Beaverton
Hello, We have a home that we are moving into and the crawlspace is in need of vapor barrier repair. Was hoping to connect w/ someone from your team for a possible review of the space this coming Friday the 12th to discuss options, process and estimates. Thank you for any help, Best regards, James
Vicinity of Sw Elm Avenue in Beaverton
We have a small crack in our foundation and it is seeping into our daylight basement. We need to repair before we sell
Vicinity of SW Rydell Pl in Beaverton
Looking for an estimate on vapor barrier replacement in our crawl space would also like to explore encapsulation pricing
Vicinity of SW Liz Pl in Beaverton
Wanting to explore the possibility of leveling and finishing our basement/crawl space.
Vicinity of S.W. Hialeah Pl. in Beaverton
We sit on a water table in Beaverton, insulation has beed shredded by wildlife, it takes 5 to 7 minutes to get how water in the 2 sinks downstairs. I would like to set up a time after the second week of january please
Vicinity of SW Division St in Beaverton
We have a partially finished basement that has had a few damaging incidents and is in need of shoring up and upgrading.
Vicinity of in Beaverton
Crawl space encapsulation
Vicinity of SW Thatcher Dr. in Beaverton
Water in crawl space, vapor barrier, duct insulation, sub-flooring insulation.
Vicinity of SW Wilson Ave in Beaverton
Vapor barrier needs replaced.
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