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Before and After Pictures from Portland
Musty crawlspace in Portland Oregon

Musty crawlspace in Portland Oregon

Before After
Musty crawlspace in Portland Oregon Musty crawlspace in Portland Oregon

This crawlspace was dirty, musty and full of stagnant wet air. Our team came in and removed the debris from the crawlspace, provided appropriate drainage and completed the system with our patented SaniDry dehumidifier. Now the air in the home is cleaner and healthier and the crawlspace is safe from mold and rot. Next week this crawlspace will receive spray foam insulation to better regulate the homes temperatures and increase energy efficiency throughout the home. 

Wet Crawlspace in Portland, OR

Wet Crawlspace in Portland, OR

Before After
Wet Crawlspace in Portland, OR Wet Crawlspace in Portland, OR

There is nothing more frustrating than when you're selling your home and find out your crawl space needs attention. This homeowner had their realtor call us for an inspection and job to be done in a timely manner. The crawl space was wet and the vapor barrier was a mess. We came out cleaned out all the debris and put in a new vapor barrier. This homeowner was relived and sold their home in no time. 

Portland, OR Basement Experiencing Water Intrusion

Portland, OR Basement Experiencing Water Intrusion

Before After
Portland, OR Basement Experiencing Water Intrusion Portland, OR Basement Experiencing Water Intrusion

We installed our Waterguard system in this basement in Portland, OR. The basement was already finished and destroyed by water intrusion. We made sure they would never have that problem again, and could refinish their basement with confidence that it will never leak again!

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Local Crawl Space Repairs & Mold Remediation in Portland, OR

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Reviews From Portland
Testimonials From Portland
I wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit my home in SE Portland recently to meet with the contractors working on my remodel.
Testimonial by Nick V. from Portland , OR
They left it looking like the grandkids could play in there!
Testimonial by Barb E. from Portland, OR
I never questioned who I was going to call to ensure this job was done perfectly.
Testimonial by Woody E. from Portland , OR

Basement Waterproofing, Basement Crack Repair & Crawl Space Repair Portland, OR

John's Waterproofing is proud to serve our area because we’re committed to customer service. Our team of professional technicians use quality products from the best manufacturers in the business. We want to work with you to find a solution that will work best for you.

Crawl spaces can easily fall into disrepair if left unchecked, accumulating debris, dirt, and in severe cases, pests and rodents. Don't let your crawl space get that far and call the experts at John's Waterproofing to get the job done right the first time and save you the headache of a major project. Our vapor barriers and thermal insulation will ensure that you seal moisture and bugs out while keeping the area clean, dry, and energy-efficient. 

Major signs of crawl space problem

  • Sagging floors
  • Condensation
  • Mold
  • Wood rot
  • Foundation cracks

Having problems with mold damage on your wooden support beams in your basement? Mold can be damaging to wood over long periods of time and be a costly project to fix. By calling the professionals at John's Waterproofing, we can catch mold problems in their early stages and repair them so that they don't turn into a larger, more expensive problem.

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Reliable Basement Waterproofing and Sump Pumps in Portland, OR

TripleSafe sump pump for installation in Portland, OR

If you're having problems with your basement's waterproofing, then it might be caused by leaky pipes, sump pump failure, or even just flooding during heavy rain. No on likes to deal with water damage in their basement, which is why we're here to help! Our specialists can walk you through all your options so that you can find a solution that will work best for you. 

We offer excellent vapor barriers and thermal insulation to keep your space energy-efficient and dry while sealing moisture and bugs out. Our TripleSafe sump pumps are uniquely designed with a primary pump, a secondary pump, and a battery operated back up pump. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve and trust your home to the local experts at John's Waterproofing!

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Expert Basement Refinishing in Portland, OR

Thinking of refinishing your basement? Then waterproofing it with the professionals at John's Waterproofing should be the first thing on your list! Whether you're refinishing your basement or not, installing waterproof walls, floors, and other great products to keep your basement dry will prevent a lot of problems further down the road. Our EverLast wall panels have lots of fantastic features such as:

  • Unlike drywall, there is no painting required
  • EverLast wall panels are 197% stronger than drywall with stud construction
  • No studs or special contraptions are needed for hanging things
  • Highly dent resistant 
  • Partition panels are finished on both sides
  • Cannot be damaged by moisture and will not support mold or mildew growth
  • The only system with a warranty against water damage

John's Waterproofing has the tools and the expertise to get your job done right the first time. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff and certified technicians use want to help you find a solution that will work best for you. Call us today for a free estimate!

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Case Studies From Portland
The customer's house was surrounded by land higher than the foundation, creating a moat effect. They had had the joist recently repaired, but in the...
Melanie called when she realized that her crawl space and basement duos walls were starting to have water seepage. Marcus went out and found that...
Customer called due to a plumber finding leaking from the foundation. Which had ended up causing a black mold breakout, ruining the longevity of the...
Press Releases From Portland
The snow melt and continued heavy rain ahs resulted in flood watches, landslides, and unbelievably s...
The snow melt and continued heavy rain ahs resulted in flood watches, landslides, and unbelievably saturated soil.... [Read more]
We at John's Waterproofing have joined with the Better Business Bureau to support the Portland Trail Blazers.... [Read more]
John's Waterproofing provides free continuing education credits for realtors, insurance agents, home...
John's Waterproofing provides free continuing education credits for realtors, insurance agents, home inspectors, appraisers and contractors!... [Read more]
Job Stories From Portland, OR
Basement in Portland, OR

When it rained heavily, Allen noticed that there would be water in his basement and he was concerned about this getting worse. He called into John's Waterproofing where an appointment was made to have Vinny come out for an inspection. Vinny suggested putting in a WaterGuard drainage system to keep water out of the basement and flowing away from the house. Allen thought this sounded like a great idea and a good, reliable solution, so that's when Lupe and his crew were scheduled to go out and start the project. 

The waterproofing entailed installing the WaterGuard XL system along with a SaniDry dehumidifier, a Super Sump, and ThermalDry wall paneling. In just a few days this was completed and now Allen has a waterproofed basement that he doesn't have to worry about.

Dry Crawl Space in Portland, OR

This homeowner had enough moisture in his crawl space that it was causing mud in one of the corners. He was concerned about mold and structure damage so he called John's Waterproofing and scheduled an appointment for a free inspection. After discussing options they agreed that encapsulating the crawl space was the best idea. Shortly after, a team was out to the house to install a dehumidifier and get the crawl space dried out and encapsulated. 

Encapsulating your crawl space seals all of the vents underneath your home eliminating all moisture, allergens, and dust mites keeping your crawl space clean and dry for years and years. 

We then went and put in Spray Foam insulation to complete the project which also helps this customer consume less energy. The homeowner is very happy knowing that he no longer has to be concerned about the health of his crawl space or deal with any issues that moisture can cause.

Crawl Space in Portland, OR

When the homeowner found out his allergies were related to mold he started looking for things that he could fix or improve on in his home. He found out about encapsulating crawl spaces while at a Home & Garden Show, learned that evaluations are always free with John's Waterproofing. At this time the homeowners learned about all of the benefits of encapsulation with our CleanSpace vapor barrier and that our company is also accredited with the American Lung Association. Half of the air that enters the first floor of your home comes from underneath your house, so taking care of any moisture issues in your crawl space is important. 

Our crew arrived and cleaned, and dried out the crawl space. Eliminating the moisture and mold that was down there and encapsulated the space. Now the home owner can breathe easier and healthier knowing that the air coming into his home is cleaner.

Finish the Basement, Portland, OR

Judy saw an add for John's Waterproofing in the local newspaper and called to schedule an appointment for a free inspection. She knew there some leaking going on somewhere but was sure of the source, but knew it had to be taken care of any structural damage occurred. Our senior inspector, Jake went out, found out the leaking was happening through one of the walls. He went over the importance of waterproofing to protect yourself and your structure and Judy was on board. 

Pedro and his team of waterproofers were on the job and in no time had a WaterGuard XL drainage installed along with a TripleSafe pump system and put up BrightWall paneling for a completely waterproofed area. Judy calls in once a year and has Chase come and make sure everything is running properly and is thrilled with her basement. 

WaterGuard in Portland, OR

Elizabeth of Portland, Oregon called into John's Waterproofing because she water coming into her basement through the cement/brick wall foundation. Her basement had been flooding creating a mold issue. Daniel went out to do an evaluation and decided it was best to have Ramon come out and install a WaterGuard system with a SuperSump and an UltraSump.

The WaterGuard system redirects the water to the sump pumps and then is lead away from the structure as far as possible. Then the basement was finished off with BrightWall Paneling for continued waterproofing.

Elizbeth is thrilled that she now has a basement that she can use and that will remain mold-free.

Vapor Barrier replacement in Portland Oregon

 While we usually spend our time installing full-encapsulation systems and basement finishes, we also do a fair amount of vapor barrier replacements when someone just wants to make sure their home is up to code, or they need to get a property ready for inspection. This was one of those jobs. Elizabeth was preparing to sell her home and needed to ensure her crawlspace was up to code. 


Our crew came in and removed the debris from under her crawlspace, installed our simple smart sump and replaced her vapor barrier, and left a dry, and clean space that would no doubt pass inspection. 

Vapor Barrier replacement in Portland Oregon - Photo 1
CleanSpace, Portland, OR

Jenny, out in Portland, OR had some standing water in her crawl space and knew this was not good for her home or her health. So when she saw a commercial for John's Waterproofing on TV she gave us a call to see what could be done. After Vinny, one of our Design Specialists, went out to look around he did see standing water in some spots and suggested a full encapsulation of the crawl space with CleanSpace. Jenny agreed and got this scheduled to be done. 

Nathan and his awesome crew were out and in no time they were able to take care of the waterproofing of Jenny's crawl space leaving Jenny with no worries as to the health of underneath her house. 

Crawl Space, Portland, OR

Barbara had some plumbing updated in her home and the crawl space was brought to her attention. She needed a new vapor barrier and had some odor issues as a result. So when Barbara heard one of our adds on the radio it reminded her to call into our office to set up an appointment. Cleone took the call and got an appointment scheduled to have our Design Specialist, Vinny come out to asses the situation. He quickly saw that the vapor barrier was torn in spots and saw some evidence of water damage. He went over the process of crawl space encapsulation with Barbara and they both decided this would be the most efficient option for her. 

Foreman, Jeremy, and his crew were out to Barbara's house shortly after to get things taken care of for her. The crawl space was cleaned out, a SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier was put in to stop moisture. A SaniDry SmartSump was also put in which has an automatic float switch. The lid sump pump basin are designed to accompany the CleanSpace vapor barrier system for an airtight seal. Then Fernando and his team were out to complete the process with Spray Foam insulation. The customer now has a clean, dry crawl space and is consuming less energy as a result. 

Barbara is thrilled with the outcome and is now enjoying warmer floors in her kitchen.  

WaterGuard in Portland, OR

Our customer Josh called us stating that there was standing water in the basement of a home he was wanting to purchase. We had helped Josh out before so were happy to go out and take a look to see what could be done. Our Design Specialist Jacob went out to find water in the basement and some foundation damage. Jacob suggested WaterGuard with a new trench drain and Josh agreed. Within a few days, Tim took his crew out and installed a new discharge line, put in WaterGuard and Thermal Dry Wall. Josh now has a dry properly functioning drainage system keeping his basement dry that is virtually maintenance-free, and that he can call on us any time he has any concerns. 

Cleaning up a large crawlspace in Portland Oregon

 This customer our office requesting a quote on getting his large crawlspace cleaned and encapsulated so that he could use it as a storage area. Our inspector Daniel Mitchell gave him a bid to remove the debris and old fiberglass, replace damaged posts, ensure that he never struggled with water or humidity and that he could store home items in the space. 

Delfino Gonzalez and his team came out and after securing the space to make sure the surrounding areas stayed clean they set to work. After removing the old insulation and replacing the damaged posts, the crew set forth to finish the space. We installed our patented drainage system prior to covering the ground wit hTerra Block and then CleanSpace. Delfino and the team finished the space with 2 sump pumps and a SaniDry Sedona to keep humidity low. Fernando Hernandez then finished the space with our amazing spray foam insulation to keep the space warmer and provide greater energy savings for the homeowner. 

The customer was elated with the transformation and is now a raving fan. 

Rodents in the crawl space, Portland, OR

Lydia had some rodent activity in her crawl space and she was worried that they had moved in and made themselves a home there. She had seen our John's Waterproofing Company trucks out about town and decided to give us a call to see what could be done. Shortly after our Design Specialist Carolann was out and underneath the house to take a look. Carolann found some rodent droppings and found some water issues also going on in the crawl space. She explained to Lydia what the benefits of crawl space encapsulation were and Lydia agreed this was a good idea. 

Shortly after, Francisco and his team of professionals went out to Lydia's house, cleaned out all of the damaged vapor barrier and fallen insulation that was there. They then proceeded to do a full encapsulation of the crawl space including replacing the old insulation with Spray Foam so nothing is actually touching the bottom of Lydia's home. The crew also installed a new SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier, a SmartDrain, SmartSump pump, an UltraSump pump, and the antimicrobial CleanSpace. 

Lydia is thrilled knowing that she no longer has to worry about rodents, moisture or any mold issues going on underneath her house. And, as always, we were happy to help.

Dirty crawl space, Portland, OR

Our customer Gary in Portland was purchasing a house and the crawl space had been neglected. His real estate agent suggested he call our company to see what we might be able to do to help him out. Our company has relationships with many realtors in the surrounding areas so we were able to go out to this property pretty quickly due to timeliness involved.

The major components included in the crawl space were the debris, insulation and just the fact that the crawl space had not been maintained regularly. Our crew here at John's Waterproofing Company went out within a few days and cleaned out the crawl space and all of the debris that had accumulated. A full-encapsulation is what got done for this customer. The main items installed were the CleanSpace encapsulating material, a Sanidry Sedona Dehumidifier which stops mold growth, musty odors, and dust mites, an UltraSump sump pump, a Zoeller M53 sump pump Spray Foam. 

All of these will allow the crawl space at Gary's house to remain dry and will bring clean air into his house for many many years while also being energy efficient.  

Soggy Cleanspace in Southeast Portland

 After reading our article in the newspaper about standing water, Jane knew that she needed to call and have her crawlspace taken care of. One of our inspectors properly came to her home to provide her free inspection. Jane had standing water, falling insulation, and rotting posts. Our inspector Marcus was able to give her a unique solution which included encapsulating her crawlspace with our patented CleanSpace, installing drainage, and then finishing the space with spray foam insulation. The space is now warm and dry and has clean healthy air as well. 

First Step to Finishing in Portland, OR

This homeowner knew that in the next two years he wanted to finish his basement to be able to use it for entertaining. So the first step was to waterproof the basement. Our inspector found that there were several points where water was getting into the basement. The basement also had a very strong musty smell from the dampness in the basement. 


Our crew went to work installing our patented WaterGuard drainage system. It designed to keep basements dry while being unseen. Our crew cuts about six inches away from the wall of cement out to lay the drainage and then repaves over it. The WaterGuard drains down to a sump pump. Since so much water was getting into this basement our inspector suggested installing our TripleSafe sump pump. The TripleSafe is a three pump sump that runs the pumps automatically to the level of water draining. It comes with the third pump running on a battery operated the pump in case of a power outage to save the basement from water damage. The pump then pumps the water out the discharge line to take the water out and away from the house so it doesn't continue to come in. In addition, the homeowner had us install our ThermalDry wall that is insulation for basement concrete walls. It works with the WaterGuard system and drains all water down to the drain. It also reflects heat back keeping the basement nice and warm to be comfortable to be in. 

The homeowner was so happy to be able to start moving forward with his plans in the basement. Getting the first step done of waterproofing is so important to finishing a basement. The last thing he wanted was a flooded finished basement. He also has noticed a decrease in the heating bill since the basement was not leaking the heat out constantly. 

Effects of Moisture in the Crawlspace Portland, OR

This customer was having moisture problems in her crawlspace but wasn't sure of the extent it was. She saw an ad of ours in the paper and decided to give us a call. When our inspector went out he found that there was actually quite a bit of moisture in her crawlspace. Since the crawlspace had been exposed for long periods of time to the moisture her posts that hold her floor up where also dry rotting. It was important to get the posts fixed due to sagging floors and sooner or later the post would rot away. 

Our crew went out and cleaned out all the debris from the crawlspace including the old ripped up vapor barrier that had once been laid. We started with installing our SmartJacks, they are a steel post that is made to not ever rot away. It is also adjustable so as the ground settles they can be adjusted to stop floors from sagging. Due to the water getting in the crawlspace our crew installed a drainage pipe that drains to our Super Sump. It is a sump pump designed for the crawlspace that quietly pumps the water out and away from the home. This homeowner opted to just replace her black plastic vapor barrier over encapsulation. We installed the 6 mils black plastic in the crawlspace. 

The homeowner noticed immediately how less uneven her floors felt and that the creaking was minimal. She was glad that she called because she was unaware just how much moisture was down there and the effects of leaving it. She now knows that the sump pump is handling the water issues and that she won't have dry rot anymore. 

Basement Finishing in Portland, OR

This family had been wanting to use their basement as a second living space, to have a bigger family room and extra storage space. Unfortunately, water had been leaking in from behind the stairs causing moisture problems and a very musty smell. The homeowner had tried every home remedy they could think of and nothing was working for the smell nor the water issue. One morning they heard our ad on the radio and decided to call for a free inspection. 

Our inspector went out and inspected the whole basement to come up with the perfect plan for the homeowners to utilize their basement. Our crews first started by installing our patented WaterGuard system that goes along the basement wall and will properly drain the water down to a sump pump. Our crew installed our SuperSump pump that allows high-volume pumping and has a built-in alarm that will ring in case the water level raises to high. The pump is also airtight and child safe which was important to this family. After the crew had the proper drainage system installed we also put in our SaniDry dehumidifier to help eliminate the moisture in the air and all other air impurities. Since the family wanted to use their basement as a second family room they decided to have us install our basement finishing products. We demoed the walls and installed our B to B panels that work alongside our WaterGuard system. They are moisture resistant and work as a vapor barrier to the basement walls. 

The homeowners were so pleased with their new space and how different their basement looked. They now had the second family room they had been wanting for a long time and could now use the basement for storage. 

Water Intrusion in Basement; Portland, OR

The customer is actually a property management that had a renter send them a video of water coming into the basement when it rains. Which was ruining the renter's personal belongings, as they used the space as a living area and a bedroom. 

our crews installed WaterGaurd around the perimeter of the basement. Which would allow the water to filter down the walls into the TripleSafe sump pump. To then be discharged out of the space without causing any more damage to the renter's things, or the property owners home. 

All the while being discretely done behind  BrightWall paneling. Ensuring the basement stays dry and mold free. 

SuperSump Pump; Portland, OR

Cindy had some concerns with her crawl space. The last time she had been down there, there was standing water and insulation falling from the beams. Raising a red flag that her health was at risk, along with concerns of water damage. 

Our salesman went down and did find quite a bit of water. But it was not in dire need for an extreme makeover. But to fix the standing water ground they had the SuperSump Pump installed to expel the water from the crawl space. And laid a new 6 mil Vapor Barrier down to prevent water from coming up from the soil into the crawl space. 

They also made sure to clean up all the built-up debris from the falling insulation, leaving it clean and healthy for years to come. Leaving the customer satisfied with a job well done in a timely manner. 

Sketchy Daylight Basement to Clean Space; Portland, OR

The couple had called after buying a new home that had some not so pleasant secrets. Downstairs was a daylight basement, with a small crawl space attached to one side of the room. But with closer inspection, they found that the vapor barrier that was laid in the crawl space was in shambles. And the moisture from underneath had started to create a very musty smell. Causing the family some concern on if the home would be healthy enough or them. 

They gave us a call, and our salesman reassured them that everything would be fine. As the water had not started to damage anything yet. There was also no sign of mold growth. However, there was one spot that the post was starting to sink into the soil. So he recommended they get a SmartJack to replace the old post. Which will hold up the beams without sinking, due to the crushed stones that we put under it. Giving a sturdy foundation to be on, also allows it to prevent any bowing in the floorboards of the home. 

Our foreman Delfino and his crew had the task of installing the SmartJack, along with the CleanSpace to eliminate excessive water buildup in the home. With the CleanSpace ensuring that the water cant comes up through the soil, they also installed a SmartDrain at the lowest point of the area. To give any water that does make its way in, an exit. The last product they brought to the home was a SaniDry XP, which regulates temperatures and any moisture in the air. 

Giving the family the sense of safety knowing that their home is not going to have low air quality and that the integrity of the house is restored. 

Finishing and Waterproofing of a Basement; Portland, OR

Dave and his wife were having problems with water seeping from the walls. We recommended getting the full Basement Waterproofing System so that there wouldn't be any more problems in the future.

They weren't sure if they wanted it at that moment, however, after very heavy rainfall in January they decided it was time to start the project. 

Ramon and his crew went and took down the bottom half of each wall to install the ThermalDrywall so the rooms were well insulated. But if the water were to buildup, it would filter down into the WaterGuard. To then be carried down to the SuperSump pump. Discharging the water out of the basement discretely behind the Everlast panels. Also placed meticulously over the new installed ThermalDrywall so that the rooms have a beautiful finished look. 

Crawl Space Entrance Fix-Up; Portland, OR

The customer called for a simple entrance replacement on their crawl space. The other one was the original from when the home was built. They had been using plywood to cover the doorway to keep animals out, but it wasn't keeping the water from building up. Which was concerning them, as they didn't want mold growth to occur. We had the EverLast Access Well and EverLast Door installed. It has foam walls that create a tight air seal, not allowing water access into the crawl space. Giving the customers relief that there wouldn't have any water intrusion or mold growth in the future. 

Yard Drainage System; Portland, OR

The customer called due to having major seepage issues from multiple points in their basement. A large amount of water came from the window, so they weren't sure if they needed a window replacement, or if it was caused by something else. Tyler and his crew went out and showed them that their rain catching basin was full and they cleaned it out for them. Along with a new downspout extension so that the water would be averted from the windows. Ensuring that the water stays dry and clean.

Groundwater Intrusion; Portland, OR

The customer had groundwater leaking into the basement through cracks in the concrete walls. They were concerned as to what would happen to the living space they created in the basement. 

So our plan was to install a non-intrusive waterproofing system for this family. Which their best option was the WaterGuard system, that lies in a trench along the perimeter walls. With concrete over the top to create a tight seal. 

Which also leads to a SuperSump Plus pump to collect and discharge any collected water straight out of their basement without being seen. 

To finish the basement off, they also had BrightWall Paneling installed on the perimeter walls. WIth a quarter inch gap to give clearance for the water to collect behind the panels, into the WaterGuard without further damage. 

Leaving the family with a beautifully finished basement, and no more musty smells to carry up into the rest of the home. 

Crawl Space Sealing and Basement Touch Up; Portland, OR

The customer called to have their crawl space sealed, after having a radon mitigation kit installed. So to help complete the fixation of the air quality of the crawl space and basement, they called us looking to seal it all up. 

Francisco and his crew did a full encapsulation of the crawl space and did a complete basement finishing to tie both open areas together. 

For the crawl space, they installed a CleanSpace Drain Matt, that lies underneath all of the other products, to give any water that is building up a space to run in the soil without causing damage to the foundation. On top of that, they then laid down the TerraBlock to keep the water from intruding on the crawl space. To seal it, they used CleanSpace to complete the full encapsulation of the crawl space. 

The basement was a simple and quick fix after the crawl space was finished. They dug out a trench for WaterGuard to take any water and filter it down to the TripleSafe sump pump that was installed. Which will then discharge it out of their home, and off their property. 

Leaving the homeowner happy knowing that the air quality will only be better from here on out. And that any water troubles that may arise will be taken care of in a timely manner. 

Foundation Cracks; Portland, OR

Customer called for a crack they found in one of their foundation walls, which was letting water into their basement. We had a simple quick fix, which was Xypex. Its a sealant you paint on cracks and it will temporarily seal them. 

Jake explained to them that their best option would be to go with WaterGuard along the parameter of the basement, and a Paraseal which is a longer lasting sealant. 

About two weeks later we came out again and found that the customer had indeed wanted the lifelong solution. Tyler and his crew installed the WaterGaurd and left the customer with the reassurance that it would keep their basement dry and clean. 

Four Crawl Space Encapsulation; Portland, OR

The customer called with concerns of her home being on a hillside. And knowing that she has four separate crawl spaces to look after. She was worried that the water is running down the hillside straight into one, or more of her crawlspaces. 

Our crew went out and first cleaned out the crawl spaces. They then started laying down the TerraBlock so that when moisture starts to buildup in the soil, it stays in the soil. Once all of the TerraBlock is laid down, they then installed the 20 mil CleanSpace. When pairing the two together, the water is completely unable to penetrate and cause any form of damage. 

In two of the crawl spaces, they had the Smart Drain installed to alert of any plumbing problems. They also had to isolate all of the piers so that the foundation would not start to shift or cave in. 

And to try and regulate the humidity in the crawl spaces they recommended two SaniDry Sedona dehumidifiers. Which will also assist with temperature regulations.

The customer was impressed that we were able to encapsulate all four spaces with ease. Leaving the space dry and free of any musty smells. 

Plumbing Protection; Portland, OR

John called for water problems in the basement. Which seems to be worse during the fall due to excessive rain. The water seems to diminish during the winter, but freezes while under there. 

Manuel H and his crew went out and started the procedure. Digging the trenches along the concrete walls. They installed the WaterGuard with the flanges against the wall to allow the water to drain directly into it. The water will then travel to the SmartSump pump and go down the Discharge pipeline and out of the home. 

There was a plumbing problem in one wall, which caused the drywall to crumble. So the crew had to start tearing the damaged wall down. After they did that they installed ThermalDry inside of the wall for a thermal break to help any built up condensation. So that moisture buildup would no longer be an issue. Leaving the customer with the reassurance that there would not be any mold issues in the future. 

Basement Water Intrusion; Portland, OR

Customer called due to her basement walls starting to leak. The problem wasn't extreme, so it was perfect timing for her to find our ad in the Oregon Home Magazine

Manuel H and his crew started out the job by digging out the trench that the discharge line and WaterGuard would be placed into. ALong with installing the WaterGuard, they had the SuperSump pump installed to cycle the water out of the basement. 

This made it so that when and if the water continues to leak, it would travel down the wall straight into the WaterGuard. Which is then sent down to the SuperSump pump, to be filtered and sent out the discharge line. 

The customer was relieved that it was done in a timely manner. Also knowing that her basement would be dry and clean. 

Crawlspace from wet to dry in Portland, OR

This customer had called us because he had been doing research on air quality and just how much air comes thru our homes from the crawlspace. Up to 50% of the air we breathe in our homes comes from the crawlspace, so having a dry healthy crawlspace is a must. Our inspector went out and looked at the crawlspace, it had sagging insulation from it collecting moisture over time. Due to the high humidity and moisture mold was also growing on the posts and floor joists.  He suggested we do a crawlspace encapsulation with a drainage system.

Our crew went out and removed all the debris, old vapor barrier, and sagging fiberglass insulation. After we have the crawlspace cleaned out we did a mold treatment with a product we use called Mold X. It not only removes the mold but removes the mold stains from the wood. After we clean the crawlspace out we seal the vents shut with our vent covers and installed a drainage system with a smart drain sump pump. We lined the crawlspace with our CleanSpace vapor barrier that is 20 mil thick and is rip resistant. Our crew installed our SaniDry Sedona that is a dehumidifier which filters out air impurities and humidity. You can't hear it run and it makes sure to keep the crawlspace dry. We finished the encapsulation with our spray foam insulation that goes along the foundation of the crawlspace.

The homeowner was so happy to have the mold treated and know his crawlspace will be dry for years to come. Over the year the homeowner will also notice warmer floors and a decrease in his heating and cooling bill. After encapsulation, your home's air won't leak out of cracks and open vents. 

Walkway Restored; Portland, OR

Brendan had just moved into a 96 year old home 3 months prior. And he was soon to learn that there was water leaking into the basement under their kitchen. And the source was unknown. He found Johns Waterproofing Company online after doing some research. 

Daniel came to investigate and reassured them that it was nothing more then a downspout that needed to be fixed. And that there was only minor damage done to their basement. Fernando made sure to clean out the basement, and fix any damages that were caused by the water intrusion. His crew and him dug out a trench to install LawnScape well, which connects to the downspout and discharges the rain water from the gutters away from the yard. Stopping any sort of flooding or swamp-like buildups. 

Giving the customer a pathway that is usable once again, and curb appeal. Brendan hasn't had any problems since the installment and is happy with the outcome of a job well done. 

Neighbor Water Intrusion; Portland, OR

The homeowner called because their neighbors yard is sloping down into the direction of their home. Which started to lead the water straight into their crawlspace causing water damage. They were looking for some kind of drainage system to help filter all the water back out. So we cleaned out all the damaged products and installed the TripleSafe sump system, which is one of our most reliable pumps. It is meant to withstand flooding and any power failures. We also installed 6 mil vapor barrier to help keep the moisture buildup to a minimum. Customer was happy that the water was finally removed and that they had a trustworthy pump to keep their crawlspace clean and dry. 

Wet crawlspace in Portland

This customer called because he had seen our trucks frequently in his neighborhood waterproofing his neighbor's homes. To his knowledge, he had no water problems and his crawlspace was dry but wanted us to come to make sure. When the inspection was done they found standing water in the crawlspace in multiple spots. The moisture from the standing water had been absorbed into the fiberglass insulation and was starting to sag and mold was growing on the support beams. Our crew pulled all the insulation out and removed the damaged vapor barrier. Our crew installed our CleanSpace vapor barrier that is 20 mils thick and tear resistant. We installed our TripleSafe sump pump that has three pumps; two pumps will run depending on the amount of water draining into the sump and the third one is a battery operated pump that turns on in case of a power outage. To help keep the humidity level down we installed our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier that is the perfect size for a crawlspace. It filters out moisture, mold spores, and dust mites from the crawlspace. This homeowner was so relieved that he had us come check his space and now has a dry space. He can feel better knowing that clean air is coming from his crawlspace and water is being drained properly. 

Natural spring leaking into basement

This customer called with concerns for their basement wall and the water leaking into the basement. Their basement wall sits against their neighbor's hillside and water is coming from a natural spring leaking into the wall creating the perfect space for mold and water damage. Our crew went in and put in a discharge line and our patented WaterGuard system that goes around the basement and drains the water unseen. The  SuperSump pump that has high volume pumping and a built-in alarm that goes off when the water level rises about pump capabilities and is compatible with our WaterGuard system. Due to extreme water damage, we took out the whole wall and installed our ThermalDry wall that helps keep heat in the basement and is made of inorganic material that stops mold and mildew growth. This customer was so relieved to know that water from the natural spring will be properly drained and won't be causing damage to their basement. 

Crawlspace Encapsulation and p

This homeowner had installed their own sump pump in the crawlspace of their home because they had found water. Over time she had started to notice a musty smell in their home and couldn't find the source of the smell. She finally decided to give us a call and have an inspection done on her crawlspace. Our inspector went out and found standing water in the crawlspace that wasn't draining to the DIY sump pump. While doing the inspection he found mold growth on the foundation wall and floor joists. With continuous exposure to water and moisture in the crawlspace, it takes a toll on the posts and some of the wood posts were starting to rot. Our crew went in and replaced the rotting posts with our SmartJack that is adjustable and made of steel.  We replaced the old sump pump with our TripleSafe sump pump; this pump has three different pumps that will adjust to how many run due to the water level. The third pump is battery operated and will run in a case of a power outage. After the installation, we seal the crawlspace with our CleanSpace vapor barrier that is 20 mils thick and has tear resistant. To further ensure that the crawlspace stays dry and moisture free we put in our SaniDry XP dehumidifier that filters out moisture, mold spores, and dust mites. This homeowner felt so relieved to know that they were breathing clean air in their home and the foundation is protected. 

Musty Smell in the Basement in Portland

This customer called complaining of water leaking into his partially finished basement and you could notice a musty smell every time you entered the basement. Our crew installed our patented WaterGuard system around the perimeter of the basement that will properly drain the water into our TripleSafe sump pump. Our TripleSafe sump has two pumps that will run to drain the water while the third pump is battery operated and will come on in case of a power outage to help prevent water damage. Due to the leaking water coming from the wall, it had caused water damage to the sheetrock, insulation, and wood. We installed our B to B panels that are moisture resistant and well insulated to keep your basement warm. Along with waterproofing the basement, we installed new rain drains so that the water would drain out away from the house to help ensure that water wouldn't drain down into the foundation of the home. This customer was so relieved to have his storage space back without a worry of water or moisture damage. He also didn't notice the musty smell anymore coming from the basement. 

Everlast well install in Portland

This customer called about water getting into her crawlspace and wanting to look into other options into fixing her crawlspace. We went out and replaced her crawl space access well to give better protection and more durability. Before it was a short access that could rust and had a dirt bottom. The door was not properly sealed shut and left the crawl space vulnerable to water, leaves, and pests. The EverLast system is made with long-lasting materials that will never rust, corrode, support mold growth, or rot. No ugly eyesore in your yard. It is finished with river rock to avoid puddling and mud against your foundation. The customer was pleased with how well it blended with her landscape and knowing it was going to last the life of the house. 

Everlast well install in Portland - Photo 1Everlast well install in Portland - Photo 2Everlast well install in Portland - Photo 3
Basement Finish in Portland, OR

This customer called because water was leaking into their basement when it would rain. They wanted a forever solution to the water problem and called us for an inspection. We sent out our inspector to take a look and see what we should do. 

Our inspector recommended installing our patented WaterGuard system that goes around the perimeter of the basement unseen and collects water and drains it to a sump pump. We would install our TripleSafe sump pump it has three pump system that protects you from pump failure to much water, and power outage. Along with our patented WaterWatch Alarm that goes off when the water rises above the pump level to prevent damage from occurring. For finished walls, we put ThermalDry Wall up first that reflects heat back into the basement and works with our WaterGuard system. BrightWall paneling went up for a nice basement finished look.

The customer was so happy that they didn't have to worry about water damage occurring to their basement. They can now enjoy a finished space for their home.  

Basement Finish in Portland, OR - Photo 1Basement Finish in Portland, OR - Photo 2Basement Finish in Portland, OR - Photo 3
CleanSpace in Portland, OR

The homeowner knew he needed an inspection of his crawlspace and gave us a call. When our inspector Bob went down he found puddles of water all over the crawlspace. 

Bob recommended we do a CleanSpace Encapsulation system to completely seal the crawlspace. We installed a TripleSafe sump pump that has three levels of pumps and a battery back pump that runs in case of a power outage. With our patented WaterWatch Alarm that will sound off if water rises above the capacity of the pump to warn you of an issue before damage occurs. Along with our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to keep the humidity down and clean air so moisture and mold can't occur. 

This homeowner was so eager for Lupe and his crew to get started. He now has peace of mind that his home is getting clean air and his crawlspace is dry. 

CleanSpace in Portland, OR - Photo 1CleanSpace in Portland, OR - Photo 2CleanSpace in Portland, OR - Photo 3CleanSpace in Portland, OR - Photo 4
Basement Puddles in Portland

During the Fall these homeowners started to notice puddles on their basement floor. Every time we would get heavy rains water would leak into the basement and create puddles. They gave us a call for an inspection. 

Our inspector Brandon went out and recommended installing our patented WaterGuard system that goes around the perimeter of the basement. Water then drains unseen into the WaterGuard and runs to the TripleSafe sump pump that has three pumps one being battery operated in case of a power outage. It comes with the patented WaterWatch that sounds off an alarm if the water rises above the operating range of the pumps to alert you before damage occurs. It then pumps out a new discharge line we installed. For a nice finished look, we installed our BrightWall paneling. 

Now, these homeowners will never have to worry when the next heavy rain hits to find puddles. They can enjoy a dry basement for years to come.  

Basement Puddles in Portland - Photo 1Basement Puddles in Portland - Photo 2Basement Puddles in Portland - Photo 3Basement Puddles in Portland - Photo 4
Leaking Window in Portland, OR

This customer called because they had water coming into their finished basement. They wanted an inspector to come out and find where the water is coming from and to fix it. 

Our inspector Eric went out and found the water had been leaking from the basement window. Water was coming from outside to the window and leaking down the wall to the basement floor. We installed our patented WaterGuard system along the perimeter of the basement floor. To fix the window leaking we installed a window well drain that goes under the window and drains the water to the unseen WaterGuard system. To which drains the water to the Super sump that pumps the water out and away from the house. 

This homeowner can now enjoy his finished basement knowing that water isn't leaking into his basement for years to come. 

Leaking Window in Portland, OR - Photo 1Leaking Window in Portland, OR - Photo 2Leaking Window in Portland, OR - Photo 3Leaking Window in Portland, OR - Photo 4
Basement Flooring in Portland, OR

This customer called seeking help for their semi-finished basement. While working in the basement it was discovered that water had been leaking in for some time. The flooring had water damage and needed to be replaced. 

We sent Eric out to do an inspection of the basement and see what we could do to help. Our team first started with installing a Window Well Duct drainage system, where the water drains down from the Well Duct into your basement drainage system.  We pulled up the damaged flooring that was there and replaced it with ThermalDry Elite Dark Walnut flooring that is water resistant with inorganic materials that won't absorb water; Which means they won't swell or rot. They also can increase the temperature of the floor by ten degrees. We also installed our SaniDry XP that keeps the humidity down and filters the air of mold spores and allergens. 

Our homeowner can now enjoy their beautiful finished space without worrying about water damage or a leaking basement window for years to come. 

Basement Flooring in Portland, OR - Photo 1Basement Flooring in Portland, OR - Photo 2Basement Flooring in Portland, OR - Photo 3
Basement Wall leaking in Portland

These homeowners called because they had water leaking from the wall in their finished basement. The water was causing damage to the finished wall and carpeting. So they gave us a call to see what we could do before further damage occurred. 

Our team member Vincent went out to inspect the damage and where the water was coming from. He recommended that we install our patented WaterGuard system along with our TripleSafe sump pump. Our WaterGuard system drains into the sump pump unseen. While the TripleSafe sump pumps the water out to a safe area away from the house with its three-level pumps that have a backup battery operated pump. With the damaged wall we would demo the half that was effected and install Everlast Wall Restoration for a nice finish. 

The homeowners were thrilled to have the problem fixed and not have to worry about water damage again. Along with a nice finish with the EverLast Wall Restoration in the finished space. 

Basement Wall leaking in Portland - Photo 1Basement Wall leaking in Portland - Photo 2Basement Wall leaking in Portland - Photo 3Basement Wall leaking in Portland - Photo 4
Wet Basement in Portland, OR

Water was leaking into this basement causing structural damage to the cement above and under it. This customer needed quick help to get back on track with their home improvement plans. So we sent out one of our team members right away to inspect his basement and determine how we could fix the problem. 

AJ went out and inspected the basement and suggested we put in our patented WaterGuard system that goes around the perimeter of the basement that drains water unseen safely away. We would also install our Super sump pump that will remove water out of the basement far away from the house. Along with our FloodRing water tank protection system to ensure a watertight seal that contains flooding and an alarm that alerts you if there is a leak. We finished the walls off with ThermalDry wall that keeps moisture and mold out and helps keep heat in. 

He happily agreed to the plan of action and Timothy and his team went right to work. This costumer no longer has to worry about structural damage happening to his home again due to water. 

Wet Basement in Portland, OR - Photo 1Wet Basement in Portland, OR - Photo 2Wet Basement in Portland, OR - Photo 3
Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon

This customer called complaining about water damage in their basement and that they have a hybrid crawlspace area too that collects water that trickles into their basement. Jacob came out to inspect and suggested our full Cleanspace System in the crawlspace as well as drainage and wall systems for the basement. The homeowners were so excited about having a healthy usable space they jumped on the suggestion. Our crews removed all of the wet insulation as well as the torn and dirty vapor that was currently in the crawlspace. Our crews installed a smart drain and perimeter drainage system to prevent catch the water and keep it out of the space. They then finished the space with TerraBlock to provide an extra layer of insulation in the space prior to installing our Cleanspace system and Sanidry Sedona. The crews finished the crawlspace with Spray Foam insulation around the perimeter walls. This will save our customer an average of 30% on their heating and cooling bills over the course of a year. The basement needed a fair amount of work as well. Our crew came in and installed our patented WaterGuard system and finished with walls with BrightWall panels to create a polished finished space. 

Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 1Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 2Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 3Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 4Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 5Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 6Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 7Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 8Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 9Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 10Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 11Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 12Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 13Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 14Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 15Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 16Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 17Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 18Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 19Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 20Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 21Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 22Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 23Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 24Waterproofing Combined Space in Portland Oregon - Photo 25
Tight Crawlspace Access in Portland, OR

This home in Portland, Oregon had a basement and crawlspace combination under their home. They both needed waterproofing. We Waterproofed the basement and installed Thermaldry tile flooring since they had planned to finish the basement. Now that the basement was set, the homeowner was able to finish the basement and put up drywall. After they were finished they called us back out to finish the crawlspace section. This presented itself challenging. The access to the crawlspace was a strange one, they had covered it with drywall. It was very small and high up on the basement wall the homeowners had cut out a small space in the drywall so that the crawlspace could still be accessed. Our crew managed to get in the crawlspace though and get the job done! Once the crew got into the space it was not very large either, they installed Cleanspace and Thermaldry wall in the small area to ensure this space would stay dry and clean behind the drywall. The whole space was now waterproof and will stay that way for years to come!

Tight Crawlspace Access in Portland, OR - Photo 1
Water found in Tigard Crawlspace

This homeowner in Tigard, Oregon was concerned about a water and moisture problems in their crawlspace. They had heard about Cleanspace from a neighbor and called up John's Waterproofing for us to inspect and give them an estimate. 


The team promptly set to work to install a drain matt which lies underneath the CleanSpace vapor barrier. This system also increases energy efficiency and comfort, saving money on utility bills, and creating valuable storage space. The team also installed Spray Foam Insulation, offering high R-value, stability, and durability. Spray Foam insulation does not absorb moisture or deteriorate over time, and it prevents major heat loss.


After the project was completed, the homeowners have a home that is energy efficient, and they no longer have to worry about water problems affecting their foundation or air quality. 

Water found in Tigard Crawlspace - Photo 1
Clean Space Encapsulation in Portland Oregon

This crawlspace in Portland Oregon was complete with standing water and falling insulation. She struggled with water coming in from her open vents and the falling insulation was making her home drafty.  Lupe and his team came and installed our patented CleanSpace Encapsulation system in the crawlspace and the Triple Safe sump pump. This ensures that our homeowner never again has to deal with an unhealthy and wet foundation and can enjoy a safer healthier home for years to come. 

Lupe and his team came in and set to work. The work began by removing Sally's falling wet and moldy insulation. They sprayed and removed the existing mold in the foundation wood with Mold X so that she would no longer have mold moving forward with her new system. Before our crew began work they dried out the space providing a clean work environment to not leave any existing problems that may impact the function of the new system. 

Once dry, our team installed our patented CleanSpace Encapsulation system with Terra Block to insulate from the ground up. Our 20 mil thick CleanSpace provides a thick and reliable waterproof vapor barrier. Her system also includes a Triple Safe sump pump with battery backup to keep groundwater at bay. The Sanidry dehumidifier creates an ideal relative humidity year around to ensure healthy breathable air is flowing up into the home year around. Our crew completed the space by insulating all the perimeter walls with spray foam insulation. 


Clean Space Encapsulation in Portland Oregon - Photo 1Clean Space Encapsulation in Portland Oregon - Photo 2
WaterGuard System installed in Portland, Oregon

The Homeowner called because they had damp walls and musty odors. This left the homeowners not wanting to be in their basement, robbing them of valuable space. Our inspector, Bob, came in and provided them with a free estimate, recommending our patented WaterGuard system and gave them an option to finish the basement walls. Excited to finally be rid of the problem, our homeowner happily agreed.


Manuel H. and his team quickly set to work to create Alan's new basement space. The team went through and installed out Waterguard perimeter drain system. This system ensures that if water does get in to the basement, it's routed into a specific location and directed to our TripleSafe sump pump as opposed to reaking havoc on our homeowner's basement. After ensuring water would no longer be an issue, the team installed BrightWall panels to create a beautiful and bright finished space.


After completing his basement transformation, Alan was over the moon. He was now able to better utilize his space and felt like his home was healthier for his family and thier visitors.

WaterGuard System installed in Portland, Oregon - Photo 1
Finished walls hide a larger issue in Portland

This home owner knew they had musty smells and guessed they might have some moisture issues. (Aside from the one very obvious window leak. They did not expect what they found behind their drywall. Our crew installed a waterguard drainage system and will also be installing a wall system to ensure water will not get to the finished walls in the future. 

Finished walls hide a larger issue in Portland - Photo 1Finished walls hide a larger issue in Portland - Photo 2Finished walls hide a larger issue in Portland - Photo 3Finished walls hide a larger issue in Portland - Photo 4Finished walls hide a larger issue in Portland - Photo 5Finished walls hide a larger issue in Portland - Photo 6
The tunnel in Portland OR Raleigh st

This job was unique. This home had a basement with an attached tunnel that led to a tool shed. Upon entering the tunnel you were able to see areas where the water came in through tiny cracks along the wall and top of the tunnel. The basement was more of the same, as well as the garage. Considering the house was in preparation for sale, the owners new the problem had to be addressed.

Our company came in and installed our Waterguard system, Drain mat, and a French drain system to address any water that may seep into the home. We also installed Thermadry Flooring and an Egress Rockwell to add a finished beauty to the system.

The homeowners wrote us this lovely letter to talk about their experience with John's Waterproofing Company:

"We are writing to express how completely satisfied we are with all the John's Waterproofing folks who have guided us through the process of finding a solution to our basement woes. It was only months ago that we could be found washing and drying towels after sopping up water from the basement bedroom and garage floors. Since the new waterproofing system has been completed, we have endured several stretches of rainy days without any problems. We couldn't be happier!

Your staff has been especially helpful in so many ways. Jacob Bilyeu deserves a special thanks for conceiving the system that would capture any water seeping through the walls and floors of our basement bedroom, the tunnel leading down to our garage and the garage itself. I have happily explained to family & friends how the network of Thermal Dry, Water Guard & Drain Mat in the basement bedroom collects water that may seep into the bedroom conveying it to the French drain & Drain mat under the tunnel floor, down to join water that collects in the Water Guard on the perimeter of our garage, and out to the gutter. Your technicians have been most helpful in showing me how to flush the system from two access locations; information I will pass on to the new owner of the house. Of course Egress Rockwell adds beauty to the egress window installed by Lifetime Windows.

We also wish to express great appreciation for the flexibility of scheduling that John's showed which allowed us to arrange for All-American Concrete, Lifetime Windows and our carpenter who did the framing in the basement bedroom to fit us into their busy schedules in order for us to get our house on the market in a timely fashion. Allowing our multiple contractors to have access to a John's Waterproofing representative while doing their part of the project was a critical step in interfacing all efforts. For her efforts and cooperation we must especially thank Marisol for helping to make it all happen!

The men who labored hard to prepare our house and install your technology deserve credit as well. Manuel and his crew did great work and took the time to explain how the system would work once completed.

After searching the internet for methods of trying to achieve a dry basement we settled on John's philosophy of directing water that manages to find its way into a house. We will make an effort to share that information with other homeowners who seek the same solution as we did. A good start will be our positive report to Angie's List. Thanks to you and all of your staff for what appears to have been a very successful job! Let it rain."

This house now has a beautiful basement room, capable of withstanding the elements and an amazing warranty to go with it. What was once a problem area is now a unique and beautiful feature of the home.

Finishing a basement in Portland Oregon

Shawn had a wet basement in his otherwise fabulous Portland home. Our team came in and installed a partial Waterguard system. While this took care of the water coming into the basement, it was not a full solution. During one of our proactive service appointments Shawn complained he still had some damp areas in his basement and odor issues. Our service technician recommended finishing the Waterguard system, and installing a Sanidry dehumidifier to reduce the moisture in the basement.  Shawn could  finally finish his basement remodeling and add more living space to his beautiful Portland home. We also gave him information about Total Basement finishing and our line of products designed specifically for basement environments.

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