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Ground Saturation threatens Portland Homes

The snow melt and continued heavy rain ahs resulted in flood watches, landslides, and unbelievably saturated soil.

Silverton, OR - February 7, 2017

In this Portland neighborhood, intense ground saturation caused the hillside to give way and the road caved in and water seemed into the homeowner's basements and crawlspaces.  Eroding street Our service manager Tom Durham sent me these photos this afternoon from his last job this afternoon off of 60th avenue. Fortunately, our teams are ready and on the streets prepared to assist our homeowners. Yesterday alone we scheduled 134 appointments for individuals battling with water in their basement and crawlspace. The best time to act is not when the floods are here, but proactively when you are not trying to remove your stuff from a wet basement. 

Washed out road in Portland

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