Foundation Walls

Foundation Wall Problems in Portland and nearby in Oregon

If you have bowing, buckling, or cracked walls, we can help!

Know the signs. These cracks can all be symptoms of potentially-serious structural issues. If your foundation walls have Horizontal, Diagonal, top or bottom Shearing cracks, or are buckling or bowing inwards, give us a call!

Have you noticed cracks in your foundation walls? Do you have uneven, bowing walls and sticking doors and windows? If so, you may have a serious foundation wall problem.

John's Waterproofing specializes in providing quality foundation wall repair. Our trained professionals can diagnose the cause of all types of foundation wall problems and provide you with a long lasting solution that will stabilize your home.

If you have issues with bowing, buckling or cracked foundation walls in your home, call us today at 1-844-268-0589 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help you. We offer free estimates in Portland, Eugene, Salem, Beaverton OR, Vancouver WA, and throughout the surrounding areas.

  • Bowing Walls

    Bowing Walls

    Bowing walls are being pushed inward, usually by expansive soils or hydrostatic pressure. Expansive soils push against the wall due to water or frost effects. Hydrostatic pressure is when underground water applies inward force against your wall. Common symptoms of this problem include horizontal or stair step cracking along the foundation wall, diagonal cracks in the corners, inward bulges, and walls leaning in at the top or bottom. Any of these issues can severely impact the structural integrity of your foundation.

    Over time, bowing walls can lead to serious damage to the home and impact property value. We solve bowing walls by using wall repair products such as our carbon fiber wall straps, which secure the wall to stable soils further away from the home. With these products, we can prevent further inward movement and potentially return your wall to its original position.

  • Wall Cracks

    Wall Crack

    Wall cracks come in a variety of types, including horizontal or vertical cracks running the length of the wall, stair step cracks, and diagonal cracks in corners around doors and windows. Foundation wall cracks are generally caused by the natural shrinkage of concrete as it cures, foundation settlement, and expansive soils. Though a small crack may not be cause for concern, any significant crack could be an indicator of structural problems with your foundation.

    We use different solutions to repair different types of wall cracks. Cracks in walls on living levels are sometimes caused by sagging crawl spaces, which we fix with our crawl space support jacks. Our experts will identify the cause of your wall cracks and provide you with the right solution.

Restore your foundation walls in Greater Portland

If you're having problems with damaged foundation walls in your home, call the experts at John's Waterproofing today. We offer complete foundation repair services to ensure that your home is safe, stable, and maintains its value.

Call us today at 1-844-268-0589 or contact us online to get started with a free estimate! We proudly provide foundation wall repair in Portland, Eugene, Salem, Beaverton OR, Vancouver WA, Gresham, Lake Oswego, Hillsboro, Bend, Springfield, Corvallis, Albany OR, Longview WA, and throughout the surrounding areas.

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