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John's Waterproofing Case Studies: How Do You Waterproof a Monolithic Foundation in Colton, OR?

Monday, November 20th, 2017 by Kayla Cree


We went out to a home that had water coming into the basement, our inspector went out and inspected the water intrusion and the basement structure to find that it was a monolithic pour foundation meaning it was poured as one slab of concrete instead of separate pours. This means if we jack hammer down into the floor it could compromise the structure of the home and we defiantly don’t want to do that, so waterguard cannot be installed in this basement. 


The creator of Waterguard came up with a product to solve this issue called Drytrak. We install it above the foundation instead of jack hammering anything out of the basement and laying it below the floor. The Drytrak unique design was made just for this type of issue, it will collect and channel the water out of the basement with the same efficiency of our other systems. We then seal it off with a waterproof epoxy, the tight seal ensures no water will leak through.  

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Product: Drytrak

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