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John's Waterproofing Case Studies: CleanSpace Vent Cover Saves Money for Homeowner in Vida, Oregon

Thursday, January 4th, 2018 by Kayla Cree


A homeowner in Vida, Oregon was getting quite frustrated with how difficult it was to get his home at a comfortable temperature. It was either way too cold or way too hot, depending on the weather outside. He couldn't afford to constantly be running his heater or air conditioning all the time but he didn't know what else he could do to control the temperature in his home.


A lot of houses, such as this one, have an open vented crawl space. Having an open vent in the crawl space means that any cold, hot, or humid air from outside can come directly into the crawl space and therefore, into the rest of the home. To fix this problem, this homeowner had an insulated CleanSpace Vent Cover installed to seal the open vent closed. The vent cover won't ever rot or need paint, will never come off, and are completely insulated. To get control of the indoor environment of the home the homeowner had to stop letting uncontrolled outdoor air in. Now that the outside air is staying outside, this homeowner can now live comfortably in his house without spending all his money on his heating and cooling bills. 

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