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John's Waterproofing Case Studies: CleanSpace Vent Cover Saves Homeowner Money in North Booneville, Washington

Friday, January 5th, 2018 by Kayla Cree


A homeowner in North Booneville, Washington had gotten fed up with his heating bill every winter. He didn't understand why it was always so outrageously high. He tried getting energy efficient windows and doors but that still didn't help very much. In order for his family not to be freezing in the winter, the heater had to be running pretty much constantly. He couldn't figure out how he could fix the problem and not have to pay so very much money just to have a comfortable temperature in his home during the cold winter months. 


This homeowner had done all he could in the main part of his home to seal in heat and keep out the cold air but that still wasn't making much of a difference. That's because the problem was underneath the main part of the house, in the crawl space. This home was like many other homes and had an open vented crawl space. Having an open vent means that any cold, hot or humid air from outside has a way to come directly into the crawl space and therefore, into the rest of the house. There was an easy solution to this homeowner's energy efficiency issues called a CleanSpace Vent Cover. This insulated vent cover seals outside air, won't ever come off, never needs paint and won't ever rot. With this vent cover, the homeowner only has to worry about controlling the temperature of the air in his house instead of the air from outside as well. Now that his house is sealed away from the cold outside air, his heating costs are much lower and it's much easier to heat his house. 

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