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John's Waterproofing Case Studies: Ground Garden in The Dallas

Monday, July 17th, 2017 by Jessica Dingle


Our inspector went out to check out this new construction project and was greeted with a pretty damp situation. The call for the vapor barrier came near the end of construction, as most do. There are far fewer options at new construction to deal with what is obviously a moisture issue that will affect the health of this home and, over time, the integrity of the foundation. 


During the inspection, Jacob gave the builder two separate bids. The first estimate was for our CleanSpace Encapsulation system with drainage and a sump pump. This will deal with apparent moisture issues, and eliminate mold risks. The other quote was simply for a black plastic vapor barrier. This still leaves the issue of the water and moisture lurking under the plastic but will help to keep down the moisture levels so long as the plastic remains fastened and intact. The builder chose the simple vapor barrier and we left the bid for the full system so he could give it to the potential home buyer. 

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