Eagle Creek Oregon fire

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 by Kayla Cree


 Eagle Creek Oregon fire - Image 1

Eagle Creek, OR -  

For those who may be unaware, Oregon recently had many devastating fires across the state. One of those burned in Eagle Creek, OR, the fire is finally subsiding. But not without taking tons of wildlife, homes, businesses and over 37,000 acres of land with it. People will see the devastating effects for years to come and many will have to rebuild lives. Our thoughts are with the residents of Eagle Creek and all the men and woman who worked so effortlessly to help those effected and to extinguish the flames. We would like to remind our customers in the area that the air will still be smokey in a lot of areas and to be careful and aware of the air quality around you especially those with repository issues. And though the fire is beginning to be contained, it is still burning and to head any road closures and evacuation notices. Have an evacuation plan ready, Be smart. be safe.

(Photo source: KOIN 6 News)  

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