Waterproof and Insulate your Basement Walls

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 by Jessica Dingle

SiverGlo Wall SystemToday our crews sent me a photo of a SilverGlo Wall system. This thin insulative material is used as a finishing material. When the homeowner is wanting to finish the basement this is part of the system that we offer. For homes that have water intrusion issues, the system will include our patented water guard perimeter drainage system to keep water out of the finished space as well as a sump pump to direct the water away. Wall systems vary depending on the customers finishing requests and usage. For this system or homeowner installed the SilverGlo walls so that they are able to frame the walls and finish with your traditional sheetrock building. Others may choose to use our bright wall panels and others still may instead choose SilverGlo and Everlast walls to ensure a completely inorganic surface. 

This is all a matter of preference, but we have materials to fit every need and budget. 

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