Why should you Finish your Basement?

Monday, November 27th, 2017 by Kayla Cree

Many people have basements that go unused, usually they think that the space is in too bad of shape to ever be restored or they are scared of the price tag on the project. But what many don’t think about is the return they get in their investment. Finishing that space opens up a number of possibilities for its use, all of which you gain something from. But before we get into that the first thing you want make sure you do when finishing your basement is waterproof it. I can’t tell you how many times we have seen and heard heartbreaking stories from home owners who just spent money on finishing their basement only to have water come in and destroy all of the hard work and money put into it. Not to mention what it will cost you to have a restoration company come out to dry the place up and take out all of the destroyed materials. There’s also the money you will spend on temporary solutions that give you false hope. This is another situation we have encountered time and time again, after installing a store-bought sump, some waterproof paint, crack sealant or whatever else is offered in your local hardware store it seems to work. The home owners don’t see water for a year or so, so they decide the problem is fixed and try to give a go at finishing the basement again. Just in time for those solutions to fail, and trust me they will fail eventually. Leaving them with the same issue again years down the road, putting them back at square one. Now after all of that hassle and failed solutions how much money do you think they save? Cutting corners is not something you want to do on a project like this.

Once the space is dry you’re ready to start the project. But wait, concrete is porous and moisture can seep through it. This can cause any carpet, wood floors, and dry wall you install to warp and grow mold. They absorb that moisture and get ruined over time. Now you’re probably wondering if it’s a lost cause to even try. If you can’t lay down flooring or put up walls what else are you supposed to do? Well there are waterproof flooring and wall systems made by companies such as basement systems that can be installed. Making sure you get the biggest bang for your buck, the waterproof systems will last much longer and still give you the look you want without the worry, and you don’t have to sacrifice comfort.

Now that you have your basement waterproofed, and your waterproof floors and walls installed your basement is ready to be created into the space you want. Now you have the option to rent the living space out, make it an awesome game room, man cave, mom cave, art studio, home theater. Maybe you work from home or have always wanted to run a business out of your home, but never had the space to do it. Now you have a new office space, and you never have to leave the house. Best part is that no matter what you decide to do with your finished basement, you just added to the value of your home. Homes with finished basements that will look as good as yours will are highly sought after. so you should have no trouble selling your home for a great price! That is, if you ever decide too. Finishing your basement the right way is a smart move that you won’t be sorry you made.


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 (Finished Basement done by John's Waterproofing)


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