Summertime Fix Up

Thursday, May 31st, 2018 by Tamara Collins

Summer is a great time to renovate and fix up your home or rental. Here is a great list provided by Rental Housing Alliance. Also, this is our slow month, making it the perfect to schedule your complimentary inspection: 


Outdoor Tasks: 

  • Clean gutters and downspouts (ensure the downspouts are far enough to not dump water on or in your foundation
  • Inspect roof and chimney for cracks and damage
  • Wash the exterior of all windows and doors as well
  • Install missing screens on windows and doors. Repair as needed
  • Fertilize the Lawn
  • Check decks and for loose boards, railings, and stairs
  • Professionally service heating and cooling units
  • Check foundation for cracks and insect damage

Indoor Tasks:

  • Test all smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
  • assess the need for blind repair, cleaning, or replacement
  • repair or replace broken or missing kitchen cupboard hardware
  • Check the attic for signs of moisture and water stains
  • Check walls for condensation and mildew
  • Ensure no rust on electric panel and circuit breakers are working
  • Clean dryer vents
  • Replace furnace filters
  • Check washer hoses for cracks and swelling



Clean drains by pouring 1/2 cup baking soda followed by 1/2 cup white vinegar into each drain. After 10 minutes flush with boiling water. 

Check your Sump Pump-

Your basement or crawl space flooding is not the best way to find out that your sump pump is not working. Our service department will come inspect and repair y


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