Is it time to start your spring cleaning? Is your crawlspace ready?



When spring rolls around many of us start to dig into the nooks and crannies- cleaning, dusting, and organizing to get a fresh start and "air out" after the long winter. If your basement is on the spring cleaning project list, this simple basement to beautiful checklist will help you to get the most out of your basement. 

1. Work in small chunks.

Many of us start spring cleaning projects only to make it part of the way in and become overwhelmed by the volume of work to be done. When you are working on a large project like cleaning the basement it is best to work in small chunks depending on how much clutter you have in your space. Make a plan to spend a certain amount of time, or clean and declutter a certain area. Once you have hit this goal, take a break. Move away from the space and the project and work on something else. It can be really liberating to work on something small such as cleaning off the kitchen table or washing the bathroom mirror. A small and easy win that you can check off the to-do list so that it doesn't seem as daunting. 

2. Cut down on the unnecessary. 

Many of us with basements, myself included, have boxes of things that we have just packed around from one move to another. I have boxes in my basement that I have not looked in for years. As you are cleaning make it a point to ask yourself- why am I keeping this? Is this an item that you are using or have used in the last 6 months or up to one year? If you are carrying around items for "just in case" (I am thinking of that box of clothes I keep hoping will fit me again one day) maybe you would be better served just to toss those items and take advantage of the space that comes from it. 

3. Vacuum pack cloth items and extras to create more room. 

Do you have an entire shelf, drawer or box in your basement with extra bedding and linens or winter clothes? Buy yourself a box of vacuum seal clothing bags. You can pick these up virtually anywhere- Fred Meyers, Rite-Aid, Wal-Mart or even the Dollar Store. These bags can save you extreme amounts of space. I was able to consolidate an entire dresser into just one drawer! Not only does it save space, but it makes the entire area look cleaner. 

4. Check your basement for signs of water or moisture. 

Over time the hydrostatic pressure builds on the outside of your foundation walls and can lead to small cracks and moisture coming into your basement. These can lead to larger water issues down the road. Ensure that you are regularly checking for obvious signs of water intrusion to make sure that your basement stays dry and healthy and your belongings stay intact. If you have a musty smell in your basement this could indicate the beginnings of a moisture issue. 

5. Finish your basement.

No matter how much you clean, many unfinished basements always look dark and dirty due to the exposed concrete walls. Utilize our same as cash financing and take your space from basement to beautiful. Our inspectors will meet with you to design a unique and custom plan for your basement space that you will be thrilled with. Not to mention that is warrantied for the life of the home! 

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