Are you ready for Fall?

Monday, September 23rd, 2019 by Jessica Dingle

I can personally say that fall is my favorite time of year. The air gets a bit cooler, there are more get-togethers, and it is time again for big sweaters, scarves, and football. 

It is also the time for the rains to come. Time for heavy leaves and time to get your house ready for the coming wet weather. Here are a few of the big things to watch for in order to keep your house and lawn performing at their best this fall: 

1. Ensure your gutters and downspouts are cleaned and prepared for potential leaves. (Using a spatula is a handy trick)

2. Insulate- Putting insulation on your garage doors (even year-round) to keep your workspace insulated. 

3. Store away all your things- Now is the time to put all of your summertime toys away

4. Protect home exterior from moisture- Rake soil and bark dust away from your home so that insects are not interested in living in it. These insects feed upon the wood of your foundation and can cause serious deterioration on the exterior side of the foundation which will make it's way to the interior side over time. 

5. Ensure that dryer vents are clean and able to be closed to keep cold air out of the vents and therefore out of your home. 

6. Check your crawlspace- We highly recommend checking your crawlspace yearly in order to ensure you have no obvious pests or rodents or that you do not have falling insulation. If you are unwilling to go into your crawlspace, we offer free inspections that allow you to get an idea of what is happening in your space and what you can do about it. 

7. Maintain a relative humidity below 40% is key to keeping down spiders and other pests as well as ensuring that the insulation stays dry and functional. 

8. Repair torn screens- Torn screens  lead to bugs getting into the home 

9. Take care of your outdoor AC units. If it is an AC unit, now is the time to consider hibernating your unit. If it is a heat pump this is not required. 

10. Once you have raked your leaves, mulch your leaves. This allows for you to use them as fertilizer and weed control as well. 

11. Make sure your caulking and weather stripping are still in good working order. This involves looking around windows and doors for cracks, tears, and missing strips. 

12. Get your roof looked at. Take a look at your roof and check for broken shingles, missing flash or discolorations. If you don't feel comfortable or know what you should be looking for, call someone for a free roof inspection. 

13. Drain out your garden hoses and switch out your faucets to freeze-proof spickets. 

14. Put together a winter weather driving kit before you need the driving kit. Include jumper cables, some tools, thermal blanket, first aid kit...etc. 

15. Look for holes and gaps in power outlets, water pipes, and electrical routes for pockets of cold air that could come inside from outside. 

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