Critters in your Crawlspace?

Wednesday, May 5th, 2021 by Jessica Dingle



 Spider in CrawlspaceOregon has a knack for offering up multiple seasons within a single day. While Oregonians have learned to adapt to this crazy weather, our native pests have as well. Many critters search for a semi-controlled environment to help them combat the weather shifts. While bugs and vermin can create their own homes, if they should stumble upon a home that is ready to move in, they will likely take it, in your crawlspace.

The damp wood and wet dirt found in most crawlspaces attracts bugs, spiders, and the vermin which eat them. Once they are there, the critters use your insulation for bedding, leave droppings, and eventually decay just underfoot. As the air in your home circulates, it is pulling from this now infested space, and distributing it into your livable space.

So, how can homeowners stop the bugs and vermin and reclaim their clean air? The best solution is to create an environment that bugs and vermin don’t wish to inhabit; stop the moisture and water from seeping in, make it difficult for anything enter by properly sealing it, and dehumidify the space to create a dry atmosphere. For this process, Johns Waterproofing stands behind CleanSpace. CleanSpace is a part of a four-step system to treat, clean, and fix your crawlspace.


  1. Fix any water leakage problems
  2. Isolate the house from the earth
  3. Seal the vents and outside air leaks
  4. ‘Condition’ or dehumidify your crawlspace

Our seasoned installers properly seal and prevent further unwanted visitors, and our service team will happily come to check that everything continues to withstand time.

If you are looking to hear more about CleanSpace or have someone from our team come take a look at your crawlspace, give us a call! We want to help you reclaim the air flowing through your home.


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