Servicing your Waterproofing System Before any Major Weather Event

Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 by Jessica Dingle



The weather can be mysterious and difficult to predict, the PNW in particular has the stereotype that it can have all four seasons within a single day. While this can be a funny thing to many, as a homeowner, it also entails watching the weather and having your home ready for the events that could come.

Most of the time, this preparation isn't to difficult;

  • High wind in the forecast; put away outdoor furniture and move your car out from under trees.
  • Rain on the forecast; turn off any sprinklers, put away items that shouldn't get soaked
  • High heat warnings; lower water usage, pull out AC's if possible and be careful with heat exposure

Frozen Leaves in Oregon

However, as any Oregonian knows, every now and then our winter weather forecasts can get bleak. In 2004 we experienced an ice storm that completely shut down our airports for a few days, 2007 a flood caused evacuation efforts to take effect in some areas, in 2008 the snowfall set a 40 year record, in 2014 snow shut down a majority of Northern Oregon, 2017 was dubbed #snowmagedon, and in 2021 we experienced an ice storm that wreaked havoc for much of the PNW. As we look at the forecasts for the rest of the year, the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) are telling the people to prepare for La Niña. We are expected to have above average levels of rain, and cold.

To prepare, we highly suggest that homeowners with a waterproofing system should have a service visit before the weather hits. Whether the Winter season ends up giving us heavy rain, snowfall, an ice storm, or just water run-off from snow in the mountains, it gives peace of mind to know that your crawlspace or basement is one less thing to worry about.

Let us be a part of your weather preparedness, give us a call and make sure your home is set up for whatever mother nature has coming. 

For more information about the 2021 Winter forecast click here.  

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