Water coming into side door at local store

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Water coming into side door at local store - Image 1


When I went to the store this morning, I couldn't help but notice the water coming into their side door. The heavy and constant rains in Oregon cause water to pool and stay stagnant in lower areas. For this particular store the low area was along the side door. (On the other side of this door is all of the store's stock). Any boxes or stock on the ground will now be soaking wet and hopefully not destroyed. Another contributor to this large puddle of standing water, is downspouts that are pouring straight down from the building and not directed away from the structure. This means all the collected rain water from the roof is being dumped directly onto the ground in front of the door. (Even more than what was already collecting due to the low spot.

Judging by the mold on the door and the walls, this is not a new problem for this shop. Over time this water on the metal will create rust, eroding the walls and weakening the entire store. The water coming into the shop will also increase the potential for mold growth in the store. Mold leads to poor indoor air quality as well as potential loss of inventory for the store.

Fortunately we can fix this problem! By addressing the downspouts and providing some exterior drainage solutions, this could be prevented. I left my card and a brochure. Let's hope they use it.

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