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Photo Album: Vacation Home Trouble in Mt. Hood

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This customer called because they had a lovely vacation home that they liked to go to in the winter to enjoy the northwest winter. Unfortunately, in the Northwest, our winters bring rain and snow, they noticed water pooling around the foundation wall and decided to check the crawlspace. They then found four inches of water in their crawlspace, even with having their own sump pump. These homeowners were ready for a permanent fix to have a dry and clean crawlspace. We went out and pulled out the old vapor barrier and old insulation because it had absorbed the moisture in the crawlspace and was sagging. We installed a drainage line that will drain down to our TripleSafe sump pump. Our crews did a crawlspace encapsulation and installed our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to help alleviate the moisture in the crawlspace. The homeowner was so happy that they could finally enjoy their vacation home and know that even when away their home is protected from the harsh rain. 

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