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A Cold Winter Season Hits the PNW, are your Homes Pipes Prepared?

The cold weather can really take the PNW by surprise. Is your home protected from the freeze? Falling insulation and unconditioned spaces can lead that cold to your pipes causing them to crack, break, and have issues.

Silverton, OR - December 26, 2021

The PNW likes to keep people guessing, will we have a Snowmageddon, or just a general wet and cold Winter season. While it was a nice surprise to have snowfall on Christmas day, this cold can threaten your home for under a home, many exposed water pipes can be found. This can be in the crawlspace or basement, and when they get too cold, this could mean trouble. Since people are not generally expecting temperatures to drop low, this can mean our home is even more susceptible to damage from the cold. 

In general, many contractors like to shove fiberglass insulation on the underside of a home, and just secure it by tying it up with some twine. However, since fiberglass isn't made for being exposed like this, it can carry a lot of moisture weight, attract critters and end up dropping and falling apart, leading to those pipes being exposed to the cold. this is why when we waterproof under a home we like to use crawlspace-specific insulation and use waterproof insulation for basements as well. Insulation is a great way to lower energy bills and regulate your home's temperature. 

It is also common to see a basement or crawlspace that isn't sealed up, that cold and unconditioned air can overtake this space, and a frozen water pipe can suffer. From cracks to breaking, having an issue with your waterline can become a large problem. For this reason, we like to fully encase a crawlspace or basement, no one needs their home to be damaged. 

While we hope you get to enjoy the snow and cold weather, we also hope you take a moment to check under your home, if you have questions about anything feel free to reach out. We are happy to look throughout your crawlspace or basement and get you a free estimate so your home will be dry and healthy! 

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