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You Get What You Pay For

Monday, August 11th, 2014 by Tamara Collins

We love feedback from our customers and routinely ask for it. While most of the feedback is postive, one area that customers have concern with has to do with our prices. We are not the most expensive out there but we are certaintly not the cheapest either. The adage, you get what you pay for, is very fitting. We offer innovative products with more than 23 patents and the latest tools and processes in the field of basement and crawlspace science.  Our nationally backed warranties range from at least 10 years, to a life time warranty!! A primary piece of our work is informing home owners of their issues and helping them find effective permanent solutions. Here at John's all our staff undergo extensive and continuing education in their department to be able to deal with any situation they may come in contact with. We may be slightly more expensive than some but it is because we provide superior products and service, and because we are worth it!

Please, please get a second opinion and estimates (the general recommendation is to obtain 3 bids for work by reputable contractors) and do your homework. We hope after researching your companies and options you will give us a call to complete your project.

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