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So you think its just a little water seepage?

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 by Kayla Cree

When speaking with people about waterproofing one of the most common things we hear is "it's just a little water seepage in the heavy rains, it's really not an issue." The reality of the situation is that it is. Even the slightest amount of water seepage can cause issues. It will damage your basement over time, even if it is just a "yearly heavy rain seepage". It can cause structural damage, mold, mildew, a nasty smell and many other issues. You will never be able to finish your basement properly and be able to fully utilize the space. It will become a hazardous area over time. The picture shows a job we did that had a little bit of water seepage coming through the basement floors and walls. As we cut down to install our drainage system you can see how much more water was actually under there, and water will ALWAYS find an exit point. Where do you think that was going to be? Exactly. In their basement. Point is that even if it was just a little water seepage, it can be a much bigger problem than you think. Do you think it will ever stop until fully corrected? The answer is no. We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where we get more rain than anything else and we have vast types of wet lands, marshes, beaches, mountains, hills and slopes that all factor into where all that water travels. Unfortunately, a lot of the time it ends up in the people’s homes that were built there, causing home owners more of a headache then needed. That is why we will Always provide all of our customers free inspections and estimates. You could have an issue and not even know how severely it is damaging your home. We love that we have the ability and opportunity to help people learn about water issues and help correct the issue. Water under basement floor

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