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John's Waterproofing is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Sherwood. Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Sherwood and nearby areas!

Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Sherwood, OR
Vicinity of Sw Trumpeter Dr in Sherwood
There is water in our crawlspace. It seems to be coming in through just one wall. It's very mucky.
Vicinity of SW Mandel Lane in Sherwood
Noticed water in some areas of the crawl space. Would like to get an estimate to correct the problem.
Vicinity of SW Gingko Ct. in Sherwood
Home has a daylight basement, part of which is not finished and gets water into it.
Vicinity of SW Madrona Ln in Sherwood
Getting lots of dust in our home. Need an estimate on covering our crawl space surface
Vicinity of SW Verdant Ter in Sherwood
Crawlspace of a home built in 2000 needing encapsulation and water mitigation. About 1100 sq feet of crawlspace needs to be attended to. I would like an estimate on this work and am soliciting bids from several companies to complete the work at this time. Please call or email to schedule an appointment. Thanks
Vicinity of SW Baywood Ct in Sherwood
We are in the process of selling our house and during the home inspection they said "A drainage contractor to assess crawlspace and make needed repairs to ensure proper drainage".
Vicinity of Sw Hall St in Sherwood
Water in the crawl space
Vicinity of SW Tonquin Rd in Sherwood
Newer house, but crawl space has tears in the vapor barrior and needs repaired/replaced. Some moisture getting in.
Vicinity of SW Reiser Lane in Sherwood
We need one service to address a list of crawl space issues raised in;a home inspection. They include clean up after small animals have been in the crawl space, replacement of some failed ductwork and replacement of some insulation. If your service can include everything on our list, we would appreciate an estimate for repairs. Please contact by e-mail. Thank you.
Vicinity of SW Woodhaven Drive in Sherwood
We had water damage from our dishwasher. insulation had to be removed in crawl space. Need to have that section replaced.
Vicinity of SW Division Street in Sherwood
Hello, I recently purchased a 1964 home and the home inspection indicated that the vapor barrier was incomplete under the house, so I am looking to correct this problem before the rainy season comes. The home is a single story w/1679 square feet. Can we please start with a free estimate? Thank you!
Vicinity of SW Lebeau Rd in Sherwood
Our daylight basement leaked (along the wall that is underground) at the wall/floor joint last winter for the first time in 33 years. A scenario we don't wish to repeat. We are looking for options/solutions. Thanks.
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