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John's Waterproofing is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Tigard. Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Tigard and nearby areas!

Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Tigard, OR
Vicinity of SW Kameron Way in Tigard
We have a sump pump in our crawl space and would like to have some annual maintenance performed on it to make sure its ready for the rain season ahead.
Vicinity of SW Bell Ct in Tigard
We need to have our crawlspace cleaned out and re-insulated. We have had animals (raccoons) going in and out in the past. No water problems, as far as I know.
Vicinity of SW Chelsea Loop in Tigard
We aren't sure if we have a sump pump or if it just isn't working. Would someone be available to come take a look? We either need one installed or fix the one we have.
Vicinity of Sw Bulrush Ln in Tigard
My crawl space is flooding and some more problem.
Vicinity of SW Lucille Ct in Tigard
1910 house, new owner, crawl space fills with water frequently and house is musty. Likely need sump pump, french drains, pest spray.
Vicinity of Sw Waverly Drive in Tigard
Remove and replace vapor barrier
Vicinity of SW Ash Drive in Tigard
Might need sump pump. Maybe general crawlspace improvement too, depending on your recommendations (new barrier, cleaning up hanging insulation, add lighting, etc).
Vicinity of SW Wellington Place in Tigard
Hi, I have just discovered some puddles of standing water a couple of inches deep on the floor of our residential home's crawl space/basement and would like to please have an estimate of what/where the problem is and options to fix it. There is a pump there but perhaps it is plugged or not functioning. Thanks!
Vicinity of SW Tewkesbury Dr in Tigard
There was standing water in a corner of my crawlspace.
Vicinity of in Tigard
We had an estimate to fix our water leak from Tera Ferma Foundation at 130K and want a second opinion as that seems very expensive
Vicinity of SW Kimberly Dr in Tigard
Looking to get quote on crawl space clean up and encapsulation. It took on water over the past few weeks (looks to be from neighbor's recent landscaping). Did research and seems encapsulation is preferred solution. Thanks
Vicinity of SW Twin Park Place in Tigard
I believe I need a sump pump to remove water that comes into my basement with heavy rain or snowfall (when it melts).
Vicinity of SW Colony Creek Ct in Tigard
Crawl space has 4 inches water.
Vicinity of SW Pine ST in Tigard
Water is seeping into my basement
Vicinity of in Tigard
Water pooling in crawl space identified during home inspection. We are buyer and need quote this week. Prefer 1/24 afternoon.
Vicinity of in Tigard
Would like to finish our basement and create a staircase to that space from inside our home so we can access it better.
Vicinity of Sw Cattail Ct in Tigard
For the last heavy rain and saw the ware built-up around the vent. Concerning the water might be in the crawlspace.
Vicinity of in Tigard
Water in crawl space
Vicinity of SW Tuscany Street in Tigard
We're selling our house and inspection found evidence of water accumulation in the crawlspace. Probably happening during winter. Need an inspection and identification of drainage problem.
Vicinity of SW Scheckla Dr in Tigard
Need quote for encapsulation crawl space
Vicinity of SW Leeding Lane in Tigard
Flooded crawl space
Vicinity of SW London Court in Tigard
Home Inspection revealed water in crawlspace. Need to 1. remove water, 2. Install a trench and/or french drain inside the crawlspace. 3. Repair the non-functioning low point drain that is in the wrong location, 4. Add new vapor barrier, etc. 5. Possibly add sump pump.
Vicinity of Sw Snapdragon Ln in Tigard
Water seeping through cinder block foundation in basement area.
Vicinity of Sw Shore Dr in Tigard
I need an estimate and quote for a sump pump in the crawl space. Thank you.
Vicinity of SW Burnham Court in Tigard
Water penetration through cracks in foundation wall and water coming into garage through cracks in floor.
Vicinity of SW Cabernet Drive in Tigard
Need to have a drop ceiling installed in my basement
Vicinity of SW Thurston LN in Tigard
I'm interested in encapsulating my crawl space.
Vicinity of SW Liden Dr in Tigard
I have water in the crawl space.
Vicinity of Sw Alderbrook Cir in Tigard
Crawl space
Vicinity of SW Katherine St in Tigard
We are in the process of buying a home that has a leaking basement and need to know how much it will cost to fix
Vicinity of SW Walnut Terrace in Tigard
Looking for a crawl space drainage quote. We had a home inspection report stating there is water pooling.
Vicinity of in Tigard
My crawlspace is wet and dirty.
Vicinity of Sw Dawns Ct in Tigard
Good morning, I recently had my carpet removed and new floors installed. The floor seems colder. I' d like to get an estimate for insulation in crawl space... under the floor joists.. Johns waterproofing has done work previously including placing a sump pump. Thanks, cece
Vicinity of in Tigard
Basement water
Vicinity of SW Tamera Ln in Tigard
I have water getting in my crawl space when heavy rains come.
Vicinity of SW Oak St. in Tigard
We were told by our home inspector during the purchase of our home(Dec.2011) that there is a vapor barrier, but it should be replaced. no issues that I know of, just needs updating.
Vicinity of SW North Dakota Street in Tigard
I have a crawl space with vents. I was looking for a solution to seal my crawl space and understand it as well. I have a situation where the is an original 1800sf home and in 2000 the previous owner added an additional 1800sf. I feel we have rodents or animals in our crawl space.
Vicinity of SW Chesterfield Lane in Tigard
Active moisture penetration was found. unable to determine if it is coming through or under foundation. Need estimate by Wednesday, 11/13
Vicinity of SW Fischer Rd. in Tigard
I would like a quote for installing a vapor barrier in the crawlspace of my home. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Tigard
Clean up and waterproof the crawl space.
Vicinity of SW Cabernet Drive in Tigard
Need an egress window installed in a concrete basement wall in order to put a bedroom in a basement.
Vicinity of in Tigard
I'm pretty sure that I have a mold problem in my crawl space. I've also have animals crawl in below the house.
Vicinity of SW St. James Ln. in Tigard
We have a large space under our house that we would like to waterproof & also use as storage. Our home is 10 years old.
Vicinity of SW McDonald St. in Tigard
Our basement bedroom has developed a strong wet smell.
Vicinity of SW Tearose Way in Tigard
Looking for quote for crawl space.
Vicinity of Sw Chelsea Loop in Tigard
Found standing water in depression surrounding foundation vent (outside). Vent was closed but some water has leaked into crawl space/insulation, and under vapor barrier. Water is from dog-run area and has sewage smell.
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