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Product of the week: The SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifer

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 by Kayla Cree

The SaniDry Sedona is our newer dehumidifier, as we grow and learn, so do our manufactures and distributors, they will come up with improvements on products and when we learn about those improvements we always jump on the best one there is on the market, ensuring our customers will always receive top of the line waterproofing and finishing products. The Sedona is a more compact, but more powerful dehumidifier. It was designed smaller to take up less space and can fit easily into crawlspaces. The Sedona will take 2.9 liters of water out of the air every kilowatt hour of electricity and is self-draining so you will never have to mess with it. It is top rated in performance and efficiency, not only does it take moisture out of the air but filters and cleans it as well. It will blow over 300 cubic feet of dry clean air per minute around your basement or crawlspace, keeping the building dry and under a relative humidity of 55% which is important if you don’t want mold or wood rot. It is also one of the few dehumidifiers that are energy star rated, meaning it will save you more in energy costs than other dehumidifiers. You can probably start to see why we decided to use the SaniDry Sedona in our customers’ homes and even our own!


The designers of the Sendona took a lot of time researching and designing to make it the best on the market, adding in details that make it more efficient, some of which I already named above:


  • The LCDI plug provides electric circuit protection
  • Large filter that will grab even the smallest particles out of the air
  • Humidity sensor that monitors the air and kicks on automatically
  • self-draining
  • the powerful blower installed moves a lot of air around and quickly
  • Handles on the side to make transportation that much easier
  • Quite
  • Energy efficient


 And when installed by John's Waterproofing you will have an awesome service team who will come in yearly and maintenance it, making sure it is functioning to its fullest potential. Ensuring that your investment and home are safe and that you are continuing to save money through energy costs while breathing clean dry air.


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