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Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Destructively damp Crawlspace in Vancouver WA

Thursday, September 10th, 2015 by Tamara Collins


Excessive moisture in this crawlspace led to wood rot and mold along the homes foundation supports. Due to wet and falling insulation though, the homeowners were unaware of the structural damage and health concerns they were breeding below them. 


Our team came in and removed the wet sagging insulation and went to work addressing the crawlspace issues. In order to remedy the mold along the posts and floor boards our team first came in with a mold treating solution and then proceeded to scrub and clean the surface mold. After chemically treating the mold and allowing it to penetrate below the surface we went through final remediation of the mold two days later. Now treated, and all debris removed Manuel and crew fully encapsulated the space and installed our Sanidry to maintain a constantly dry space. 

Project Summary

Certified Inspector: Jacob Bilyeu

Installation Foreman : Manuel Hernandez

Installed : Clean Space Encapsulation System

Installed : SaniDry CX

Installed : Ultra Sump

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