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Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Albany, OR
Vicinity of NW Teak Loop in Albany
Odor in closet with crawl space floor opening.
Vicinity of Beatrice Ave SE in Albany
Vicinity of NW Penny Lane in Albany
My crawlspace is wet. Not sure where the water is coming from
Vicinity of Whitmore in Albany
Buying a home in Albany that some crawl space issues came up on Home inspection. Looking for a review of issues and needed repairs/protection and options.
Vicinity of Concord Ct. S.E. in Albany
We would like to get a free estimate to check out our crawlspace, when it rains a lot, we get water in there
Vicinity of Elk Run Dr Sw in Albany
Just noticed standing water in crawl space on top of plastic. Ground is wet. Didn't notice any obvious leaks. I don't recall seeing water before, but not sure if I've been under the house during the heavy rain season. Is this something you can inspect? Thanks.
Vicinity of Willetta Pl SW in Albany
2 sump pumps noisy and not sure they are installed properly. Some standing water in the crawl space.
Vicinity of Woodbridge Ln in Albany
I have a rental property in Albany, Or. The insulation under the house needs to be replaced. It is a remodeled old victorian. I don't know if they did underneath when they remodeled.
Vicinity of in Albany
Water under the house.
Vicinity of Jackson St SE in Albany
Water is leaking into our basement, there is a musty smell, and the drains aren't functioning.
Vicinity of Ridge Ave in Albany
Need a sub pump put in a bedroom lots of crawl space thank you and water proof it
Vicinity of in Albany
We have water in our basement in the winter and need to find out the cause and solution.
Vicinity of NW Ashley Dr in Albany
Technicians installing AC in our house noted a pool of water in crawl space. We have not known this and don't know how serious.
Vicinity of NW Grandview Drive in Albany
High groundwater table, sump runs much of the time, pump located outside foundation, need at minimum alarm system if pump not working
Vicinity of Falcon St SW in Albany
Looking for a quote to have a sump pit installed in a wet crawl space.
Vicinity of in Albany
We have a brand new home with water in th crawl space. We'd like an independent assessment of the situation to understand what's going on.
Vicinity of SW Sunset Dr. in Albany
I have an unoccupied old dental office that is about 1400 sq ft. It does not have a vapor barrier. It has a crawl space only.
Vicinity of Riverside Dr SW in Albany
750 sq ft of crawlspace has insulation down in 1/3 of area, the rest is sagging badly. there is rodent entry into crawlspace somewhere, would like a quote to get it sealed off and new insulation and ground vapor barrier replaced.
Vicinity of Millersburg Dr NE in Albany
During the rainy season I get about 6 inches of standing water in the crawlspace. Probably need a sump pump system
Vicinity of in Albany
Water in crawl space.
Vicinity of Caribou Dr SW in Albany
Clay and standing water under home. Crawl space access point to tight to get under house for a average to large man.... Need new access point.
Vicinity of NW Whispering Oaks Pl in Albany
Water seeping under house from front. House on slope
Vicinity of in Albany
Hello, I am restoring a historic structure in Albany, and while I have some of the floors open for new plumbing and wiring, thought it was the best time to also have vapor barrier installed.
Vicinity of Salmon Run SW in Albany
We have standing water in our crawl space and need to know what to do to get this repaired. We need a quote.
Vicinity of NW Laura Vista Dr. in Albany
I need someone to inspect under my home and possibly replace the vapor barrier under it.
Vicinity of NW Walker Lane in Albany
We just bought a house in Albany that we will be using as a rental for a couple of years before we move up. The basement smells damp, and we know the vapor barrier is not complete. We need the basement evaluated for any improvements that would be best for moisture control. We live out of state, but will be coming up late afternoon October 18. Is it possible to get an evaluation and estimate done on that Saturday the 19th, or second best, late the 18th?
Vicinity of Antelope Circle in Albany
My husband found standing water in the crawl space under our house. We would like to get a free estimate on the damages (if any) and what it would cost to fix this problem. Thank you,
Vicinity of Vine Street SW in Albany
We have water that leaks into our unfinished basement on the south side of our house when it rains very heavily or the ground is watered. We also have water come in on the north side by a hose spigot when the hose is used. We are selling the house and need to have both issues fixed.
Vicinity of NW Westminster Way in Albany
Need a check up of the sump pump you installed in 2010 at my house. The alarm has continued going off for a week or so. I changed batteries, checked the water level in the crawl space (can't see any water at all) and am at a loss as to what is triggering the alarm. Can you schedule an appointment for someone to see what's going on?
Vicinity of Fisher Loop NW in Albany
Water pooling in areas that don't drain to the sump pump
Vicinity of in Albany
We have a crawlspace with an access hatch from outside that leaks. Our crawlspace is uneven and has multiple points of entry (from under the front porch and another side of the house due to openings that are covered up haphazardly). It's a serious mess!
Vicinity of Caribou Drive in Albany
I have standing water in my crawl space and during the winter the water level rises. Also this creates a large amount of moisture in the house and I am concerned with mold growth.
Vicinity of in Albany
We are getting a flood under our home in the crawl space. We have had the ducts replaced and are now using a sump pump we purchased at Home Depot. We need to get a pump installed
Vicinity of NW Orchard Hts. in Albany
We have a crawl space that needs to be checked and likely repaired. Possible water and noting some oders in the home when we return from being away for a long weekend. We have a dog kennel on the side of home and this may be the culprit.
Vicinity of in Albany
Under my house has been getting wet and insulation seems to be falling off the floor. Would need to fix that and the wet crawl space. Would need a price for fixing the entire problem.
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