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John's Waterproofing is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Bend. Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Bend and nearby areas!

Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Bend, OR
Vicinity of Stirling Dr. in Bend
I have a 40x30' crawl space that has an existing plastic vapor barrier. The crawl space has had significant mouse and rat activity prior to our owning the home that has contaminated the vapor barrier and crawl space, the crawls space is currently sealed from rodents. I would like to have a rough estimate on replacement of the vapor barrier. The crawl space is approx. 4' height and has good access from an outside removable panel.
Vicinity of NE Stonebrook Lp in Bend
Just moved into a new home and the crawl space needs a bit of work. Cleaning and a good vapor barrier.
Vicinity of in Bend
Want to get an estimate on insulating, cleaning, and encapsulating my crawlspace.
Vicinity of in Bend
We are looking mainly for someone to clean up the rat feces and loose insulation under our home. We would be interested in knowing what that might cost. We also have one post under the floor that someone in the past piled 2x6s up to create the height they needed. What kind of price would it be to put in a real post with a footing, or whatever you would do to make it more legit? There is a plastic barrier down there already, the rat and insulation mess is mostly on top of it.
Vicinity of Couch Market Road in Bend
Water comes into ground floor room when it rains.
Vicinity of NW Bordeaux Ln in Bend
I need someone to pump the water out of our crawl space. The soonest available would be great. thank you
Vicinity of in Bend
The CMU walls are leaking water, more than just leaching. The Concrete block needs to be waterproofed , and ready to paint. I am looking for a bid to do work, at first responsible time as weather will allow. Thank you
Vicinity of NW Crossing Drive in Bend
Would like free estimate for tomehouse west side
Vicinity of Mallard Dr in Bend
We would like the crawl space under our house cleaned and a new moisture barrier installed. We are a little south of Sunriver with a Bend address.
Vicinity of Wellington Street in Bend
No concerns, just want to possibly seal and then condition our crawl space if I can afford it.
Vicinity of Pitch Court in Bend
We are on the Deschutes near Sunriver, and had a high water table problem last summer. Our 24-inch footings were about 14 inches into the water table. Is this within your engineering expertise to fix?
Vicinity of NW Panorama Dr. in Bend
Have a small leak in my storage room at the bottom of the foundation. Need a quote to repair.
Vicinity of NW Quincy Ave in Bend
Would like discuss small amount of water leakage in basement, and whether a pump system versus a french drain is the best solution
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