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John's Waterproofing is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Corvallis. Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Corvallis and nearby areas!

Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Corvallis, OR
Vicinity of in Corvallis
We are experiencing groundwater seeping (flowing) into our basement during periods of record rain. I am hoping to meet with you next Thursday or Friday in Corvallis to show you the problem and get an estimate to remedy the problem. I have photos and a floor plan I can share with you via e-mail if you send me your address.
Vicinity of in Corvallis
Wet crawl space, need drainage and sump pump, vapor barrier installation.
Vicinity of NW Harrison Blvd in Corvallis
Interested in getting quotes for both water in basement issues and seismic retrofit on our 1938 house.
Vicinity of in Corvallis
Planning to finish basement in 1910 house. Currently a blank slate. The basement fairly dry; however, there are some signs of water coming in at corners. We are very handy and have finished rooms, created new bathrooms, remodeled kitchen... but do not have as much time anymore. Want to come up with some tasks for us and others for contractor to get the best bang for the buck.
Vicinity of NW Cypress Ave. in Corvallis
Needing to have a sump pump installed under the crawl space of our Corvallis home to remove some standing water under the house. Thanks
Vicinity of NW Rolling Green Dr in Corvallis
White mold under house and at spots outside of crawl space. Did have problems with water in crawl space during winter time rains. Drain under house has been cleared. Would like an estimate to treat mold.
Vicinity of NW Jameson Dr. in Corvallis
Wet crawl space floor, plastic messed up
Vicinity of in Corvallis
Need to get an estimate/inspection on a basement/foundation leaking issues
Vicinity of NW Boxwood Pl in Corvallis
Hi, I have a two story house total 2100 sq ft. The crawl space is used as a plenum where the gas furnace forces air through ducting with a return back through the crawl space. The crawl space is perhaps 30" from a rough concrete base. During the winter I get condensation on the windows throughout the house. Is there a coating to completely seal the crawl space from moisture? There is no standing water but it gets damp. Thanks.
Vicinity of NE Conifer Blvd. in Corvallis
Manufactured Home needs some under belly vapor barrier repairs. If you don't service the Corvallis area could you refer me to someone that does this type of work. Thank You
Vicinity of SE Linda Street in Corvallis
Get water in crawlspace during winter rains. Am interested in quote to put in drain system and sump pump in crawlspace and also to replace existing vapor barrie and whatever else you may suggest.
Vicinity of SE Thompson St in Corvallis
Gutter drains are clogged. Found water sitting against foundation. Back door concrete pad is directing water toward foundation. Checked on sump pump and found it had failed and there was an inch of standing water atop visqueen. I've replaced sump pump but water remains atop visqueen. Foundation looks wet in spots inside crawlspace. Some crawlspace insulation is falling down.
Vicinity of SW Grand Oaks Drive in Corvallis
Water pooling in crawl space
Vicinity of SW Hollyhock Circle in Corvallis
Water in crawl space may be related to poor drainage in small yard or ?? May need foundation, or drainage, repair. House 7 years old. Rodent problem being corrected.
Vicinity of NW Sumac Dr in Corvallis
We have just purchased a house, and during the inspection, we found that there is routine, significant water intrusion into the crawlspace. We want to determine the best way to mitigate this water intrusion.
Vicinity of NW MOnroe Ave in Corvallis
I have a basement without a vapor barrier and dirt floors in an old house that smells really musty. Interested in proposal for vapor barrier etc.
Vicinity of NW Glenwood Dr in Corvallis
We are interested in getting our house crawl space encapsulated. We would like the floor, side walls, & cealing done, the last to hold the insulation better to the floor boards. We understand you have a foam substance that is applied first & then plastic sheeting. Could you send or bring some information on the materials used?
Vicinity of NW Jameson Place in Corvallis
We have a sump pump that runs frequently in the rainy season. We also have very bad power. Already had several outages this year. One caused a lot of damage. I need to investigate a battery backup system now.
Vicinity of SW Whiteside Drive in Corvallis
I have water that leaks into a daylight basement along the back wall.
Vicinity of NW Sylvan Dr in Corvallis
I just purchased a house and would like to clean up and weatherproof my crawl space. Thank you
Vicinity of Ames Creek in Corvallis
I have a home in Sweet Home with a crawl space that is in need of sealing. Do you work in Sweet Home?
Vicinity of in Corvallis
Basement is currently flooding, would like consultation on how to fix, its seeping in through wall cracks and floor
Vicinity of Cori Ct in Corvallis
In the lower half of my crawlspace, some water will accumulate to about an inch down there. If it gets any higher it will roll off into a drain. The water doesn't get high enough to the support beams which are raised on cement blocks, but I'm concerned and want to know how much it will cost to stop the water from sitting in the crawlspace.
Vicinity of in Corvallis
I would like an estimate for the installation of 140' of inside foundation wall gutter system with sump pump in my crawl space.
Vicinity of NW Elmwood Dr. in Corvallis
Undetermined source of water leakage along one basement wall. House built in the 70's. Original sump pump on the same side. Walk-in-basement on opposite side of house. Optional Cell Phone:
Vicinity of in Corvallis
The house that we just purchased has a lot of water in the crawl space (about 12in right now with all the rain and snow). We would like to get a quote on trying to get it waterproofed and a sump pump put in.
Vicinity of NW Clover Pl in Corvallis
I would like to schedule an estimate & inspection this week for a house I am in the process of buying. It is a short sale and the timelines for closing are very tight, so the inspection needs to be done this week if at all possible. Please let me know when would be the soonest we could set up an appointment. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Corvallis
This is for a 1908 home in Corvallis, currently a rental. It has a 1200 sq ft half basement. Tenants called last night to say there was water in basement. Checked it out, no apparent leak, but it looks like water is seeping thru the wall in places. As of last night total water was maybe a cup or two (total) in 3 places. Thanks.
Vicinity of NW Royal Oaks Dr. in Corvallis
Water perking up from cement crawl space in one area (10'x10')of house. Space is use as plenum for heating system.
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