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Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Hillsboro, OR
Vicinity of SE Reedville Creek Drive in Hillsboro
Had a rodent gnaw through our dishwasher hot water hose and flooded the kitchen with 30-40 gallons water. Looked into crawl space after drying up water from living space and discovered some pooling water under the house and insulation out of place. Would like a professional inspection of crawl space and repair recommendation and estimate.
Vicinity of NE Arrington RD in Hillsboro
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
May have moisture in crawl space
Vicinity of SW Neugebauer Rd. in Hillsboro
I have a damp area in my crawlspace and also insulation has all fallen down.
Vicinity of Ne Baldwin Dr in Hillsboro
Dirty and musty crawl space. Small puddle under there as well.
Vicinity of NE Dogwood St in Hillsboro
We have termite damage in our foundation. Looking for an estimate to fix. thanks.
Vicinity of SW Scholls Ferry Rd in Hillsboro
Crawlspace cleaning and repair, removal of torn insulation and other debris, partial repair of vapor barrier, possible addition of a new crawlspace vent and screening the existing vent. House built in 1954. Approx. 1,000 sq. ft house footprint above crawlspace. Can provide additional details. Thank you for providing an estimate!
Vicinity of SE Wenlock Ave in Hillsboro
Have 10 year old house . Think I might have had rats in crawl space and want to have a check up.
Vicinity of NE Arrington Rd in Hillsboro
I am a realtor and have referred your company out many times. Our sump pump quit working. We had water in our crawl space we were able to set up temp sump pumps to get it out and keep it out but now we need the crawlspace inspected and a new permanent sump pump put back in. Thanks!!!
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
Have two spots of water in my crawlspace, need to identify cause and solutions to fix. Thanks!
Vicinity of SE Walnut Street in Hillsboro
I have mold growing and have a team coming out to remove, however this doesn't solve the moisture problem. I just bought this home and have a lot of work to do to it, but would like help with the beginning moisture problems. Please contact me for an estimate in putting in the vapor barrier.
Vicinity of SE Sierra St. in Hillsboro
Crawl space flooding during wet years, need inspection and permanent solution
Vicinity of NW Cornelius Pass R in Hillsboro
I am looking for contractors for crawl space repair.
Vicinity of SE Fir Grove Loop in Hillsboro
I have some water in my crawl space
Vicinity of SE Fir Grove Loop in Hillsboro
I have some water in my crawl space
Vicinity of NE Carlaby Way in Hillsboro
Vapor barrier along the foundation of our apartment buildings is failing/holding water.
Vicinity of SE Anthony St in Hillsboro
My late mother's estate home has an old, decommissioned, solar heating/cooling system that needs to be removed from the crawl space. Several 50 gallon drums of water will need to be pumped out so that the drums can be cut up and removed. Additionaly, there are a great many 5 gallon plastic containers filled with water that also need to be removed along with any building litter. Newer HVAC ducts are in the way as well as pipes. Either my realtor can meet you at the property to be let in or we can get a code for the lockbox to you. Need an estimate asap!
Vicinity of NE Charlois Dr. in Hillsboro
Looking to have our crawl space encapsulated to remove/prevent moisture
Vicinity of NE Trisha Dr in Hillsboro
Need standing water removed from crawl space and trenched. Sump pump will be ideal due to high water tables in my neighborhood. I can send a quote from another company if more details are needed.
Vicinity of NW Garibaldi in Hillsboro
Vicinity of SE Homestead Ct in Hillsboro
Water in the crawlspace, was told the sum pump was not working properly.
Vicinity of NE Hood Street in Hillsboro
I need a quote for bat insulation repair in the crawl space under a 70s ranch home. Some insulation has fallen down and needs put back up, and I'd also like the space checked for moisture. Vapor barrier was in excellent condition when home inspected 3 yrs ago. The house is 30x40.
Vicinity of NE Parkside Drive in Hillsboro
1/4" water puddle in corner of crawl space
Vicinity of SE Helene Street in Hillsboro
Would like an rough estimate (at this stage) to replace floor insulation in crawlspace. I assume that will include the moisture barrier replacement as well. 1580 sf. so maybe about 1500 sf of insulated space. Please communicate via email. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
We have water pooling in our crawlspace and want to have an estimate for what it would take to identify the source of the water and fix the existing drainage so that water will drain out of the crawlspace correctly.
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
We have a mildew smell coming up from the crawlspace and getting stronger. No visible mold in last non-expert inspection. But we did have drainage issues last year, installed a sump pump, trench, and vapor barrier. Would like checked by expert. :)
Vicinity of Se Austin Dr in Hillsboro
Hello, I need to put insulation in the crawl space under the kitchen. Thank you,
Vicinity of NE Danbury Ave in Hillsboro
Old lining torn. Want to seal crawl space and protect from moisture.
Vicinity of SW Hillsboro Hwy in Hillsboro
Crawlspace has torn vapor barrier and home was built in 1966 and isn't fastened to the foundation
Vicinity of SE Timberlake Drive in Hillsboro
Several cracks and some moisture.
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
Water in crawlspace
Vicinity of Del Rio Ct in Hillsboro
Estimate for crawl space barrier repair. Newly purchased older home (1990) with vapor barrier concerns.
Vicinity of NE Birchwood Cir in Hillsboro
Our home has very high humidity, we are hoping a vapor barrier might help
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
After heavy rains in December, discovered puddles in one part of crawlspace. Crawlspace is dirt with plastic cover. Water is on top of plastic, but no obvious leaks.
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
My house is older. I want to improve upon the crawl space environment. It has a thin black plastic under it now. I would like to insulate and I read about this capsule you offer.
Vicinity of SE BlueBird Dr in Hillsboro
Water in crawl space
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
Partially finished basement, looking to improve water proofing and finish the remaining area.
Vicinity of Se Madera St in Hillsboro
Crawlspace floods. damage to furnace fresh air return.
Vicinity of NE Jackson St in Hillsboro
Basement flooded on Thursday at all 4 corners of the house and pooled in the center under the basement stairway.
Vicinity of Saw Easystreett Lane in Hillsboro
1 inch of water in daylight basement and crawl space, appeared suddenly on Thursday evening. Appears to have somewhat slowed as water level increased only 1/2 inch in last 12 hours. Need advice, cleanup, and possible sump pump installation asap. Please call as soon as possible. Thank you
Vicinity of NE Treena St in Hillsboro
Standing water in crawl space.
Vicinity of SE Royalstar Ave in Hillsboro
Standing water on top of vapor barrier in crawlspace under dining room.
Vicinity of NE Lincoln St in Hillsboro
Crawl space encapsulation quote
Vicinity of Ne Barberry Dr in Hillsboro
Would like to install crawl space access well.
Vicinity of NE Grant in Hillsboro
Recent inspection found water under crawl space. I need to have someone take a look.
Vicinity of SE Royalstar Ave in Hillsboro
Would like to have my crawl space inspected and find out about solutions for sealing dirt crawl space
Vicinity of SE Golden St in Hillsboro
Standing water in crawl space
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
I need an estimate for vapor barrier installation in our crawl space. within the last couple of weeks we have noticed there is some mold starting to form so there would need to be some mitigation for that included as well.
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
Need quote for crawl space repair & insulation.
Vicinity of Ne Wilcox St in Hillsboro
We have some pretty strong oders coming from our crawl space into our house.
Vicinity of SE Quail Circle in Hillsboro
Bought this town home earlier this year and the crawl space needs some TLC :) Its about 960sqft
Vicinity of SW Kirkwood ST, in Hillsboro
Hi, We are buying a house and inspection showed that there is a potential damage in crawl space since there are signs of water penetration (on water barrier). I have inspector report and can send it. Would need estimation of repair work. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
Cold floors, insulation looks tattered, water barrier looks like it has gaps
Vicinity of SW McCormick Hill Rd in Hillsboro
I am looking for a general consultation and quote. Main concerns are sealing my crawl space from pests (mice, etc), checking insulation, replacing/improving vapor barrier, and checking water pipe insulation (hot water). There was also small amounts of standing water when the home was inspected a few months back (home purchase). Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Vicinity of NE Lenox ST in Hillsboro
Water in the crawlspace.
Vicinity of SE Johnson Street in Hillsboro
Water in crawlspace this morning. Would like a quote to clean up and correct any future problems. Thanks.
Vicinity of SE Gerhard DR in Hillsboro
I saw some puddles of water in my crawl space under my house. I am concerned about what this might be doing to the home and environmental quality.
Vicinity of SE Pelton Ct in Hillsboro
We have some minor cracks and/or holes in the foundation of our home that rats have been using as a free entrance to our crawl space. We are working with an exterminator to get rid of the rats, but we need someone to come out and fill those cracks, replace the vapor barrier, and replace the insulation, as well as whatever else needs to be done to ensure that this never, ever, ever happens again. We got a quote from our pest control company and it was astronomical. We are hoping you can help us out! Thank you!!
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
Water under house in winter time.
Vicinity of SE Hacienda Ct in Hillsboro
We have a strong odor coming into the house from below the house. I have checked for water and have not found any. The smell continues to get stronger no matter what we do.
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
Standing water under the house best date for me is 3 October
Vicinity of NE Ayrshire Dr. in Hillsboro
15 year old house has crawlspace that smells like mildew and some standing water (1" in one corner). Drain to street is suspected to flow uphill from crawlspace, isn't located in lowest part of crawl space, and back flow valve from rain gutters suspected inoperative. Looking to obtain advice on root cause of moisture problem and estimate for resolution.
Vicinity of SE Maple St in Hillsboro
Would like the vapor barrier replaced, trench w/ drain, and sump pump. Start time on June 1 is good for me.
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
Need some dirt dug out of crawl space, then vapor barrier put down where dirt was removed.
Vicinity of SW Brookwood Ave in Hillsboro
We believe there is moisture under our house in the crawl space. We saw your truck at a neighbors house today and would like to have someone inspect and give an estimate for sealing the foundation.
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
My crawl space is damp. I do have a moisture barrier but it seems poorly done. I also have a low drain that seems like it could be improved based on the tv spot i saw this Saturday on KPTV. The house sits towards the bottom of slope in our block and it seems water pools in the backyards in the houses around us as a result. Concerned it's too damp under the house as a result. There is also some really old minor standing water in the crawl space that needs to removed.
Vicinity of Southeast Mariposa Court in Hillsboro
My crawl space has 4-6 inches of water. This happens when the greenway and my yard is saturated. We have never had anything done as it dries during summer but need to address the problem. Also may need some control of mold etc. from leaking in my attic. I'm waiting for the Interlock Roofing to take care of outside problem. I would like an estimate of what can be done. Thank you!
Vicinity of SE Wynnwood Dr in Hillsboro
Standing water in crawl space.
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
Musty and mold smell in the house, not sure from where it's from.
Vicinity of SE Snowberry Ct in Hillsboro
There is water seepage in our crawl space, the north side has had water puddles in it during the winter, right now it is mostly dry. South side has stayed dry, it appears to be coming up from below. Getting some dank/musty odors. Not seeing any real mold issues yet but would like to get an estimate for mitigating the water and encapsulating the crawl space.
Vicinity of NE Parkside Dr in Hillsboro
Would like to cleanup the crawlspace under our home. There are a few areas where the vapor barrier has come loose from the wall. Also few leaks have shown up on the surface of the vapor barrier.
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
Smell from under the sink like mildew so we went under the house and the plastic has been moved and white mold is present. Also, would like sump pump setup checked as it should keep the crawl space dry. Black mold on the subfloor under the sink cabinet.
Vicinity of NE Greensword Dr in Hillsboro
We are selling our home and home inspector indicated that we needed a vapor barrier installed in our crawl space. Home was built in 1985.
Vicinity of NE Copper Beech Dr in Hillsboro
I've had some water in my crawl space. I installed a french drain exterior to the house which helped out, but I don't think it totally rid the crawl space of water during heavy rains. I was curious how much it would be to install a basic sump pump system.
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
I have rotted floor joist problem, and want to repair it before it becomes worse. I'd like to know the cost to fix it.
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
Wet crawl space; mildew smell in bedrooms.
Vicinity of in Hillsboro
My crawl space has water in it. Termimix removed the vapor guard because I had Norway rats the rats ate gone but they won't replace the vapor guard until the crawl space is dry. They told me to dig a hole and put in a sump pump or put in a French drain I would like a professional to look at my crawl space to see what I need and how much it wil cost.
Vicinity of NE Parkside Dr in Hillsboro
I'm representing sellers that need a small amt of standing water in their crawlspace removed and directed to the low point drain that also needs to be unblocked. Thank you, Beth
Vicinity of NE Parkside Drive in Hillsboro
Need Estimate for sump pump in wet corner of crawlspace in back of house and evaluation of crawl space and duct work - preparing to sell home.
Vicinity of Nw Garibaldi Street in Hillsboro
In need of some crawl space repair work. I have a beam that is pushing up and making the floor uneven.
Vicinity of SW Finnigan Hill Rd. in Hillsboro
I am looking for an estimate for an excavation/foundation seal for my residential home. Thank you!
Vicinity of SE Moscato Court in Hillsboro
We have constant year-round standing water in our crawl space. Sump constantly going. FOund several builder errors and reverse flow valves put in backwards! Need a quote to get this properly resolved.
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