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Mold Problems Case Studies: Easy Breathing for Homeowner in Neskowin, Oregon

Friday, December 22nd, 2017 by Kayla Cree


A homeowner in Neskowin, Oregon was having issues with his allergies whenever he was at home. He also noticed that the air in his house seemed almost damp and kind of musty. It was getting to the point that he didn't like to be at his own house because his allergies would drive him crazy. He knew that something had to change so that he could stop spending so much money on allergy medicine. But he didn't know what to do to get better air quality in his home.


Air travels upward. So if the air in the crawl space of a home has mold spores or bacteria or other allergins that means that the air in the rest of the home also has mold, bacteria, and allergins. So our crews knew that to get better air quality in the main part of the house then the air quality in the crawl space needed to improve. After removing the debris and cleaning up the crawl space, our team installed CleanSpace encapsulation system to keep out moisture and water vapors coming in from the floor and walls. An insulated vent cover was also installed to make sure that any cold, hot or humid air from outside stayed outside of the crawl space and therefore the rest of the home. Having those two products mean that there will not be any new mold growth. Lastly, a SaniDry dehumidifier was installed in the crawl space. The SaniDry will dry and filter out all the air in the crawl space, getting rid of bacteria and allergens in the air that is going up into the rest of the house. Now that the homeowner has clean and dry air in the crawl space, the rest of his home's air quality is healthier. He can now enjoy his home allergy free every day. 

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