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Mold Problems Case Studies: SmartJack Installation In Waldport,OR

Monday, July 10th, 2017 by Tamara Collins


This home in Waldport, due to the closeness to the beach, is regularly damp and occasionally will have puddles of standing water after long rains. Over time this moisture begins to seep into the wooden support beams and creates rot, which weakens foundation posts. In addition to this, weak and rotting foundation posts can lead to sagging uneven floors which lead to a host of home issues. The ground under this home has slowly been eroding and resettling with each heavy rain. 


In order to combat the moisture rich soil and damp foundation posts, our company installed SmartJack foundation posts. These posts are specially engineered and cut to size based on your home's specific needs. SmartJacks have a thick galvanized coating to prevent and protect against rust. These posts are adjustable to ensure that they can easily adjust in the future. SmartJack® crawl space support system


These Smart Jacks in addition to our CleanSpace system, ensure that this homeowner will never have to water around and under their home again. Our perimeter drain prevents future water issues from leading to excessive moisture in the crawlspace. Any water that does come in from ground water saturation, will be directed and removed from the space with our Triple Safe Sump pump. 

By encapsulating the space afterward, this homeowner has a usable space for increased storage and a more comfortable living space for years to come. Annual maintenance will keep this space clean and ensure that water issues will never haunt them again. 

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foreman: Juan Soto

Product: Smart Jacks

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