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Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Silverton, OR
Vicinity of Hobart Rd in Silverton
Foul smell under the house that permeates the first floor when it rains. Mold and mildew in the crawl space. There is a sump pump, but the underneath of the house is still very and I doubt up to code. Thank you.
Vicinity of Mill Street in Silverton
Our basement has flooded slightly the last two years in a row, both in Novemeber and only one occasion each. The flooding occurs at the lowest point of the basement and works it's way up accross the floor. If we didn't have an in ground sump pumping into the sewer line for the washer, there would end up being about an inch or two of water filing up the basement before it subsided. The water is from hydro static pressure, it is very clean. There are no leaks in the basement walls, it comes up from the floor. We need to know what needs to be done to fix this either inside or out and how much your company will charge to fix it.
Vicinity of S Water Street in Silverton
I just had a home inspection done on a house I am buying. The inspector recommended getting more clearance, that there where areas he could not get to and no vapor barrier. Want to discuss potential cost before proceeding with house sale.
Vicinity of Kloshe CT in Silverton
Dear Sir or Madam: Our home is about six years old. In our basement, we have had moisture (and some times significant water) entering where the footings meet the foundation. We would like to schedule an appointment to see the cost of getting it fixed.
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