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John's Waterproofing is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in West Linn. Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in West Linn and nearby areas!

Learn more about John's Waterproofing's recent work requests in West Linn, OR
Vicinity of Crestview Dr in West Linn
Hi! We have a brand new house, with a craw space we like to turn into storage room. Would that be something you can help me with / prove a esitmate on the price range? Thanks! Allan
Vicinity of Fairhaven Dr in West Linn
Previous leak has residual mold issues/smell
Vicinity of Summit St. in West Linn
Sump pump in crawl space is not working.
Vicinity of SW Suncrest Dr in West Linn
Need a new vapor barrier installed
Vicinity of Kenthorpe Way in West Linn
May have rats in crawl space. Older home that has no insulation. Do you do insulation as well as vapor barrier?
Vicinity of Coeur D Alene Dr in West Linn
I had a irrigation line in the front yard break from the main line. It drained down the side of my house and caused water to build up under the foundation and flooded my new construction home, finished daylight basement. I have completed remediation of the water damage, and mold prevention, but I am looking into interior options for prevention of a similar scenario before I reconstruct. The floors are now bare concrete.
Vicinity of SW Mountain Rd in West Linn
Would be interested in getting a quote on a sump pump installation (with battery back up and perhaps a back up sump pump for our residence. Also interested in costing out a crawl space lining job too. Please call to schedule an appointment. Thanks, Pete
Vicinity of Walnut St in West Linn
Smelly,musky unfinished partial basement and crawlspace.Exposed dirt.
Vicinity of Derby St in West Linn
Water pooling in crawl space
Vicinity of Clubhouse Circle in West Linn
(1) Two cracks w/water seepage in foundational wall under garage in 6 ft or so crawl/storage space. (2) Small amount of water (less than 6 oz) entering same storage area overhead approx. 2 ft from foundational wall after two recent high rainfalls. Again, under the garage. Also site infested with tiny ants.
Vicinity of SW Tualatin Loop in West Linn
Moisture and mold in crawl space
Vicinity of Couer D'Alene Dr in West Linn
After purchasing our home (short sale), the housing inspector identified the following items which we have yet to resolve: - Mission vapor barrier in the crawl space - Water in the crawl space under the dining room and living room.
Vicinity of Imperial Dr in West Linn
We have a crawl space that gets wet every fall/winter. Would like a quote please.
Vicinity of Sunset Ave in West Linn
Water issues in basement. Some seepage from walls; some seepage from old concrete floor. Older home.
Vicinity of Chelan Loop in West Linn
Concerned that there may be moisture in crawl space.
Vicinity of Rogue Way in West Linn
Does your company do drainage trenching in crawlspace?
Vicinity of West A Street. West Linn, Or in West Linn
Damp crawl space with some standing and pooling water. High humidity tested 11/04 at 85%.
Vicinity of Lexington Terrace in West Linn
Heated crawl space. Unwrapped heat ducts and water pipes. Possible small amount of standing water. Spider problem.
Vicinity of West A Street in West Linn
Have a daylight basement in West Linn. Basement will seep water from cracks in foundation (hill side) with multiple days of heavy rain. Currently have tenant living in basement space. Please call or email me to set-up an appointment to look at this problem. Was refered by Frame of Mind Construction. Thank You
Vicinity of Calaroga Dr. in West Linn
Water leaked into daylight basement. Likely cause was groundwater accumulating outside of basement. Would like to get a quote.
Vicinity of SW Mountain Rd in West Linn
We have a crawl space that has water in it during the winter. There is a leak that seeps along the bottom of the foundation wall and it puts water on top of the black plastic (vapor barrier) so that isn't doing much good. Would like to: 1- fix any leaks along the crawl space wall 2- reinstall the vapor barrier - or put your white plastic encapsulation in the crawl space. No problem with water in the house or basement...only the crawl space.
Vicinity of Roxbury Dr in West Linn
Hi, I am interested in getting pricing to improve our crawl space. Thank you,
Vicinity of West A Street in West Linn
I have water in the basement and need help.
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