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Crawlspace Encapsulation in Eugene, OR

This customer called with concerns of water in their crawlspace and had seen us at a home show. They called for their free inspection with one of our design specialists. When our design specialist went out he found water and moisture in the crawlspace, when left untreated it can cause mold and wood rot problems to your crawlspace. He suggested a crawlspace encapsulation system to be installed to eliminate water and moisture in the crawlspace. Our crew went out and cleaned all the debris and old worn vapor barrier out. We installed our CleanSpace vapor barrier that is 20 mils thick and rip-resistant. To help keep the water from pooling in the crawlspace we installed Smart Sump and a new discharge line to make sure the water that is pumped out does not come right back in. We also installed our SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier that keeps humidity levels down which stops the moisture and also filters out mold spores, dust, and other allergens. This customer was so happy that they now have a dry and clean crawlspace and peace of mind that the foundation of their home is protected for years to come. 

Puddled Crawl Space in Eugene, OR

This crawl space had puddles all over and the insulation was absorbing the moisture. The crawl space was so wet our crew had to do a dry out. After we dried out the crawl space our crew installed an encapsulation system. Our CleanSpace vapor barrier protects against moisture and mold. Along with our Smart Sump that is the perfect size for a crawl space. This homeowner never has to worry about puddles in her crawl space again. 

Wet crawlspace cleanup in Eugene Oregon

This homeowner called to inform us that she peeked into her crawlspace access and she saw standing water and there was a "funky" smell. Jacob was quick to come out and provide a free inspection and confirmed for her that there was standing water throughout her crawlspace. He informed her that the smell as caused by bacteria in the standing water and the mold beginning to grow under the home. 

Knowing that she had to get this taken care of quickly before it got worse, Nancy immediately scheduled to have Lupe and his team come out and handle the problem. The team dried out space, removed the mold, and installed a perimeter drain and sump pump to ensure she would not struggle with water issues again. We also placed a dehumidifier after we put up our patented CleanSpace crawlspace liner. We then finished the space with spray foam insulation to provide better heating and cooling year-round. 

Basement Finishing in Eugene, OR

These homeowners had leaky basement walls and called John's Waterproofing to help them. We suggested finishing their basement with our Thermal Dry Flooring and Everlast Wall Panels. Thermal Dry flooring has raised pegs underneath to create an airspace and keep water from getting into the basement. EverLast walls are neutral-colored wallboards that are immune to mold and moisture damage.

Vapor Barrier Replacement in Eugene, OR

This customer had standing water in their crawlspace due to a certain area not draining to the sump pump correctly and causing damage to the vapor barrier. We went in and installed a new pipe to help drain the water to the sump pump. Along with a new vapor barrier for a clean and dry crawlspace. 

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