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No more falling insulation in Springfield Oregon

This crawlspace was a nightmare. Between the water and falling insulation, the entire space was cold and sending drafty air up through the floor boards constantly. Our team came and removed all of the debris and installed our patented clean space along with Silverglo wall insulation. Since then the homeowners have experienced greater heating and cooling efficiency and no more cold spots.

Wet Crawl Space in Elmira, OR

This homeowner never knew why she sometimes could smell an earthy musty smell in her home. She saw our ad and decided to call us for an inspection. Our design specialist recommended a crawl space encapsulation with your CleanSpace vapor barrier. Our crew installed our 20 mils thick CleanSpace vapor barrier that is rip-resistant and prevents mold growth. After getting an encapsulation the homeowner couldn't smell that musty smell anymore. She also said there was a noticeable difference in temperature of the home.  

Alvadore, OR Wet Crawlspace

CleanSpace can transform the wettest, dirtiest, nasitest crawlspaces into a bright, clean and dry place. 

Tall Crawlspace in Florence Oregon gets New Posts

This spacious crawlspace in Florence was a nice storage area. Too bad it was filling with water all the time. This client opted for just a sump pump, new vapor barrier and new posts to replace the ones weakened by the water and moisture in the crawlspace our SmartJack system is a great product to use to replace traditional wooden posts. It can adjust to almost any size and is made out of galvanized steel that won’t mold, rust, or break.

Wet basment in Marcola, Oregon

This homeowner called us frustrated that her basement had leaked yet again, and she just couldn't handle it anymore. This has been a problem for her the last few years and just getting steadily worse. Our crews came in and installed a perimeter drainage system so that water would no longer be an issue for her. 

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