Job review from in Corvallis, OR 97330 on 05/06/13

Overall Rating:

4.6  out of 5

John's employees spoke highly of the company, and the benefits offered. It sounds like a well run business.

Please note that the system was installed in Central Oregon at our second home on the Deschutes River, where we are dealing with a high water table issue in summer, and not at our home listed above in Corvallis. As of this writing, the water table is nearing its summer level, the sump pumps are working, and the basement/crawl space is dry.

Our Overall Service

So far, all seems well. The only negative is the installation came at a very high price.

Call Representative

A meeting was scheduled promptly. It required your representative to travel 150 miles, yet the appointment was on time.

Our Office Staff
I had no direct contact with office staff so can't really evaluate.
Sales Process

Jake's prior experience with installation of the basement system was evident. He spotted needs that a competitor had overlooked.

Our Installation Crew

This was the best part of the project. Delfino and his crew (Francisco, Aaron, Ceasar) worked indredibly hard, were polite and considerate, and provided what appears to be a good installation. I give them my strongest recommendation. How they managed to hand carry 6 yards of broken concrete up out of that basement in the time they did is beyond me.

The Cleanup Process

The site was left well cleaned.

What made you choose our company:

Jake presented a good plan, which avoided problems that certainly would have occurred with the plan presented by your competition. I took careful notice of the reviews on Angie's List, and call some of the references, which were supportive. Finally, I chose Johns as a company that had been in business for some time and had extensive experience installing the basement waterproofing system. The guarantee was an extremely important factor in my decision, and John's track record suggests that it will remain in business and stand by the guarantee should problems occur.

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