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Moisture down under in your Crawl Space

Monday, June 17th, 2013 by Marisol Alvarado

If you've heard of Cleanspace, you've heard "healthy crawlspace".  The exposed soil underneath your home is not only damaging to your home, it is also damaging to your health.  You don't just have to worry about water down there, there could also be mold which can be growing from moisture alone.  And then you have bugs.. they're cute aren't they?  Maybe to other bugs, most people prefer not to have them in their home.. but what about under it?  In the bug category you can include termites which again love moisture.  So you may want to think again when you peek in your crawlspace and notice it's bone dry.  Test the humidity using a hygrometer, what does it read?  If you see a number above 50% you have a greenhouse perfect for growing mold and a party house for termites.  It costs you nothing but an hour or so to have it professionally inspected.  Call John's Waterproofing and schedule an inspection.  We can make your crawlspace healthy!


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