Crawl Space Encapsulation

Protecting Against Radon with Crawl Space Encapsulation in Portland & Nearby

Our crawl space encapsulation offers many benefits and is compatible with radon mitigation systems

A before and after look a crawl space encapsulated by John's Waterproofing

From dirty & dangerous to clean & safe. Encapsulating your crawl space makes it ready for a radon mitigation system and provides other benefits, too.

Is your family being exposed to carcinogenic radon gas? This invisible, odorless radioactive gas emanates naturally from soil and rock. It makes its way into buildings through construction joints and cracks or gaps in foundations.

Because radon is the leading cause of lung cancer after smoking, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends that all homes be tested for radon.

If a radon test shows concentrations of 4.0 piCi/L (4 picocuries per liter of air) or higher, the EPA recommends that a radon mitigation system be installed to reduce exposure levels.

Crawl spaces are especially prone to high radon concentrations

If your home has a crawl space with a dirt floor, there’s no barrier to prevent radon gas from accumulating in the crawl space and permeating into the air you breathe indoors. A radon mitigation system will include a durable air and moisture barrier to completely cover the crawl space’s dirt floor.

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An encapsulated crawl space provides protection against dangerous radon gas. Contact the experts at John's Waterproofing to learn more about our crawl space encapsulation services in Oregon. Schedule a Free Estimate for crawl space repair in Portland, Eugene, Salem, Beaverton OR, Vancouver WA and the nearby Greater Portland area.

How does radon mitigation work?

  • To prevent radon gas from accumulating in a basement or crawl space, large-diameter plastic pipe is installed to create an airtight pathway between the soil beneath your house and the outdoors.
  • Most mitigation systems include an inline fan that extracts air (and radon) from the soil and blows it outside, where it diffuses harmlessly into the atmosphere.
  • Radon mitigation in a crawl space involves many of the same sealing techniques that are used in crawl space encapsulation.   

Get the most for your money - Combine encapsulation with radon mitigation

When John's Waterproofing encapsulates your crawl space, you get a fully sealed crawl space that’s ready for the air extraction piping of a radon mitigation system. But you also get much more. We completely insulate the rim joist, and we insulate crawl space walls with rigid foam. We install airtight covers over vent and door openings. If necessary, we can permanently dry out a damp crawl space with a waterproofing system and crawl space dehumidifier. These extra steps are worth taking because of the extra benefits they provide:

  • Protection from mold & moisture damage.
  • Lower heating & cooling costs.
  • Improved comfort & indoor air quality.
  • Elimination of insect & other pest problems.
  • Improved home resale value.
  • Longer life and easier service for crawl space components (ductwork, HVAC equipment, water heater, etc.).

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