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Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: ThermalDry Elite Flooring Transforms Basement in Alsea, Oregon

Thursday, January 4th, 2018 by Kayla Cree


A homeowner in Alsea, Oregon wanted to get new flooring in her basement. She hated how cold the concrete always was when she went downstairs to do laundry. And she wanted something more attractive to look at than concrete. Knowing that carpet was just all around a bad idea, she was considering hardwood flooring for her basement. But after doing some research, she learned that hardwood should never be installed on any basement floor because it absorbs water vapor from the concrete slab and swells, gets moldy and rots. Not to mention that one plumbing leak will ruin it in minutes. She didn't know what else to get for her basement floors. 


The best option for this homeowner was ThermalDry Elite Plank flooring. It has no wood at all and won't be affected by moisture or water in any way. Yet, it has that luxurious look of wood flooring. The planks have raised pegs on the bottom that suspend them above the cold, hard, damp concrete floor. This allows the floor to breathe. Water vapor does not get trapped underneath the flooring. And if there is a leak, the ThermalDry Elite Plank floors can easily be removed, dried out and reinstalled without having to be completely replaced with brand new planks. With ThermalDry Elite plank flooring this homeowner can enjoy the wood plank look, without the mold, rot or buckling, and enjoy her floors being up to ten degrees warmer. 

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