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Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Foundation Leak; Hillsboro, OR

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 by Tiffany Cobb


Customer called due to a plumber finding leaking from the foundation. Which had ended up causing a black mold breakout, ruining the longevity of the fiberglass insulation in the walls of the basement. 


Firstly, the crew went and treated the mold with Mold-X. They had to demolish half of one of the walls to completely treat the space, and pull out all the affected insulation. 

Manuel had the crew dig out a trench along each of the concrete walls in the basement. So that he could lay the WaterGuard into place. Lining the wall flanges, the waterguard port, and the drain outlet in place to ensure that they are all working at full capacity. As it catches any water that may start seeping in through the concrete walls. Sending it to the SuperSump pump, to be then filtered and cleared out of the space completely. Positioning the discharge pipeline up so that the water is carried out of the space without being seen.  To finish the job, along the floor of the inside of the wall that had been torn down, they laid down ThermalDry Wall. Making sure to put it under all of the plumbing to protect it from cold or any future water damage. 

Eliminating all of the musty smells, and make sure that the foundation will be secure for years to come. Donna was very happy to have the job finished in a timely manner. Also that they cleaned the entire space, as if no work had ever been done. 

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