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Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Service cracked down on issue in Sublimity Basement

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 by Jessica Dingle


Our service team came out to a home we had previously installed only part of a system in (upon customers request) while this can save money it is also not a guaranteed way to keep the water from coming in somewhere that they system is not installed in. That was exactly the case with this home. Cracks that were never sealed or repaired (again upon request not to.) started to get larger and as the ground water came up from the ground and in through where the wall and footing meet it started to leak in through these cracks. Causing them to have to pay for our service team to come out and repair them. Sometimes trying to save a few extra dollars can cost you more in the long run.



We are still always happy to help and fix whatever issues may come up from our customers, no matter the case. So, we sent our service team out to repair the cracks in the floor and install a full waterproofing system causing all of this basements problem to disappear!

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